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Unique and Fun Online Gift Shopping with UncommonGoods

You, know, I used to be real good at nailing the perfect gift – gifts that were truly unique to the giftee. Whether they were for birthdays, Christmas, I-love-you’s, thank-you’s or just-because gifts, they were usually the type of gifts that were so perfect (if I may say so myself), that one actually had like a tangible sense of satisfaction when one handed that little sucker over. But somewhere along the line, life got busy- real busy. My mind got crammed with all the to do lists and pressures of parenting and adulting, that the gifts…Well, the gifts didn’t quite rock on the richter scale much.I mean, yes, the gifts I give are still and always will be from the heart, but sometimes you’re looking for that special one, you know? That’s not quite your garden variety of gifts. So when I was introduced to UncommonGoods, suddenly I felt like I got my gift giving mojo back!

Well, I can’t really take all the credit for that because
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Going from two to three (and how we make it work)

 I feel like I’m supposed to stick a stake a ground and speak about this great and mighty tectonic shift in our realities..this move from two kids to three. Because yes, there has been this monumental shift in our lives- in our home- we’ve added another child, and are now officially outnumbered. Although, my mom may argue we still have a spare arm bwtn mike and myself.  But in truth,and at the risk of sounding clichéd,its as if we are as it was always meant to be ….as if she’s always been here.

Maybe it’s all in my head that Continue reading


The Blur of Newborness

Cloud nine, is where you put me, baby!

You know it’s coming, you know what you’re in for – especially if youre not a first timer. And even more so if this is your third time around. But you’re never truly really prepared and whenever you try to quantify it for someone else who has not quite walked this path yet, it becomes tricky to actually explain where all your time goes. How the clock has ticked over a solid 24 hours and you’re still in jammies, and not sure if you’ve even left the room other than for the bathroom yet. But that newborn blur is real.

And such is the life once you welcome that little babums into your world; Feeds bleed into one another, as Continue reading


Hello baby!! Introductions…

So much for the latest preggo update posts I had in draft, the home birth prep posts, or even our latest maternity shoot shares I had planned for this week and all rest for the next… Instead,today,Im taking a very quick timeout from the deep,dark  motherhood trenches of newbornness (so in truth I have no idea how cohesive or readable this post actually is), and am introducing you to our brand new daughter…And really, in the light of day, it’s all that matters in any case,right?. So…

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Flashback Maternity Photoshoot: When We Three Waiting To Be Four..

By good golly gosh…I cannot believe that this shoot was taken almost fours ago already. I also cant believe I just used the expression “golly gosh”. But life is filled with unbelievable tihngs. Unbelievable and also sometimes magical. And for those of you who follow me on Instagram, would know that we’ve just recently done our official maternity shoot for baby girl number three this past weekend – which by the way, I’m suspecting was pretty magical as well. (cant wait to see it!Eek! Excuse my excitement, but it’s no secret that I love photography!)

Marysol – Cape Town’s premier birth photographer– not only captured this recent one, but also did our last maternity shoot back in 2013. And we couldn’t have been more Continue reading

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Final Few Weeks of Preparation

36 weeks

Guys. I’m going to level with you – the nightmares I’ve had about this birth have made me feel a little anxious about this birth. And not like in the way of “oh, my gawd, birth is terrifying” – because if you knew me, or have followed along on this blog for any decent amount of time, you’d know that I only have happy thoughts and googoo eyes about birth. In fact, I see labour as one big day of celebration, happy dances and joy.

I know, not what you would normally hear – in fact, one of my dearest friends said at Continue reading


What the Hell Happened to My Sleep?! AKA: When Good little Sleepers go Bad

Guys, I’m not entirely sure how it all happened, but we went from revelling in the sweet triumph over one of parenting’s greatest feats – babies and toddlers who happily sleep through the night for 10 to 12 hours straight – to suddenly eating the dirt of pure defeat now with kids that fight night time sleep like they’re getting paid to do it.

And there’s us- Mikey and me- left feeling even more drained than normal.

What I think might have happened was that, as each night passed with Continue reading