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Easter Basket Ideas for Baby, Toddler & Kids 2019

Listen up, Agents of the Easter Bunny! Yes, that’s you , mom!(and dad!)

The time has come to get your shizz together..if you’ve already got your basket sorted, pay no attention, move along, swiftly…you’re already cooler than us. But if you’re like the rest of us, and only now about to embark on your annual scramble to get some half decent goods together now – then this one is for you! In fact, so if you’re looking for goods that are not a complete waste of your money, and wont end up as useless junk on the heap of other useless junk on your mantle, then listen up!!!

What’s more is that if you’re just in need of..(Read more…)


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Sugarbird Gin Eggs: Making Easter Fun For The Adults Too

Did someone say gin…In Easter eggs?! Now THAT’S an Easter egg hunt I can definitely get into! Thanks to Sugarbird, a creatively entrepreneurial brand, all the adults have a lot more to look forward to this Easter!

Now, I may have been living under a self enforced rock for the past two years when it came to the gin wave that swept the world, thanks to back to back pregnancies. But I definitely spotted those those gorgeous gin Christmas baubles Sugarbird brought out over the festive season! It was their first bespoke product and it took the market by storm! (Apparently, they sold around 7 TONS of the stuff! Yes – TONS!!) If you missed those baubles, you totally should be sorry! But don’t worry, this Easter you can get in on the action with..(Read more…)

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Reflections on my Breastfeeding journeys with Tommee Tippee

Motherhood is quite a trip, eh? Its an amazing, awe-inspiring & incredibly humbling experience. It has you daydreaming one moment and then can bring you to your knees the next. Its fulfilling and beautiful, its soul stretching and possibly the hardest gosh darn thing you’ll ever do in your life as a woman. And if I think about it, nothing personifies this more so, than breastfeeding!

Now, as a full time working mom who breastfeeds, with a genetic predisposition for (milk) oversupply, it always leaves me so gobsmacked as to how married to my breastpump I am. We’re like freakin Siamese twins – we go nowhere without each other. In fact, there are times when it feels like.. (Read more…)

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Winner of the Love to Dream Giveaway…

Hola, wonderful people of cyberland…yes, yes, don’t be alarmed – I am actually posting TWO days in a row. Don’t worry, the sky is not about to fall nor is mercury in retrograde. Its just me popping in to announce the WINNER of our awesome little Love to Dream giveaway! That’s right! If you were one of the smart little buggers who checked out my review of their Swaddle UP, and entered the giveaway, best you listen up!!

The lucky fish of our Love to Dream giveaway is…(Read more..)

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Life with Four Kids

Sooo…number one question I’ve been asked since baby number four born? That’s right, you guessed it, “So how is it with four kids?”, “How are you coping with four?”, “what’s life like with four?”….you get the point.

Now with Remy-James being 2 months already, I have SOOOO much I want to share with you (honestly, just so much – Im bursting at the seams already) but such is newborn life that I don’t ever get the time to put ink to these thoughts, and when I do happen upon that rare free moment, the mental perspicacity is never there to truly paint an accurate picture of my thoughts. (and on the super rare moments that the stars align and I actually have both, I realise my tits are rock hard & I need to pump…That’s so very hashtag breastfeeding life for ya!) Needless to say, Im currently sitting with two hard knockers as I type this and figured, with so much still to share but so little time, this is the best place to start: How is life with Four Kids.

Now, I almost get it. I can kind of understand why people ask this: because, I suppose most wonder, how on earth could anyone cope right? Now, in the …(Read more…)

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Ahh, Swaddling, one of the cornerstone tricks in the motherhood trade. And love it or hate it, it’s a little skill you’ll inevitably have a brush with during the newborn days with baby….Now, I’m not gonna lie. I definitely have a love-hate relationship with swaddling.

*Shock, horror, disbelief*

Yes, t’is true. I do.
Now, I know all about the solid benefits of swaddling, and I have love for it purely because when in the time of need, swaddling can truly work magic. However there’s also a very small list of reasons why i’m not always a fan of it. And I know, I’m not alone in that. So when Love to Dream asked me to try out their Stage One – Swaddle UP, I was open to seeing if it could swing me. And now, after trialing it, I can honestly say (read more…)