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Kid friendly spot: Tables at Nitida


For those of you who are living under the same rock that I was up until July last year, and still dont know of the lovely eatery called Tables at Nitinda: firstly slap yourselves, then make your way on down to this gem of a place tucked in the Durbanville Winelands area, nested within the Nitida Wine Estate.

Got kids? Perfect! With the generous lawn that gives way to a cute little jungle gym and swings, your kids will be kept entertained and hopefully burn off some of that amazing toddler energy.

    Just look at that lawn!Doesnt open greeny grass areas just make you wanna do cartwheels?Or is that just me?

    Just look at that lawn!Doesnt open greeny grass areas just make you wanna do cartwheels?Or is that just me?

The layout means you’ll still easily be able to keep your eyes on them,while you enjoy your scrumptious meal. Except of course if your tot is still as small as our’s. Then of course, your lunch-date is more like a game of tag, in who gets to eat ‘n drink ‘n soak up the chilled-out ambiance that is so Nitida first, only to have your exhausted partner wheeze out to you,”your turn”. Then its off with you to go scurry up the jungle gym,and save your toddler from herself. All while yelling a couple of futile half sentences like “…don’t you.., if you do that then…,will you just…OMG”..

TAG! You're it!

TAG! You’re it!

By the way, I used to feel like we were the only fools who had to do this every time we ventured out to some restaurant as a family. Always so jealous of other parents who could seemingly just chill ‘n enjoy a meal while their angelic tot would either

    a)be quite content with the coloring-in activity at the table, or
    b)obediently play safely on the play equipment- not like some sorta redbull extremist tot.

If you feel the same as us, then fear not, at Tables you’re in good company. Plenty of young and fashionable couples playing tag,(maybe you’ll even get to hear one or two of those familiar “its your turn” squabbles), and plenty of mini redbull extremists on the jungle gym to be found. 🙂 Ahhhhh…You’ll start to feel quite normal.

Awesome space for kiddies to just run

Awesome space for kiddies to just run

They also have another small kids play area with blocks and puzzles and toys, amidst the dining tables, so that you can keep your eye on your tots should they choose the less physical sort of entertainment.

They have great hospitality, and clearly have an eye for simple quality.
And to boot, Tables at Nitida have some kick-ass food! The menu is not large, but, by God, is it good!

I’ve had (I think) a lamb dish, previously on a mommies lunch date last year(dont judge the memory, it was last year, and I had preggy brain). Whilst, its a little too fatty for easy mess-free eating, it was seriously tasty! But then again, that’s just me, and I suppose lamb is fatty to begin with.
However, I’ve previously also had their green thai curry, which was simply droolishess. And with the truly generous portions that they serve,you’d wish had a bigger stomach to finish it.(Then agen I was preggers then,maybe I was just short on space at the time) So go try it for yourself, I’ll bet you won’t be sorry. Hopefully, its still on the menu! Because, by the looks of it, they seem to keep their menu fresh and change it up a bit so time and again. (Lest I’m mistaken?)

There’s also a vegetarian dish,Imam’s Delight, which is eggplant-based, and according to both my mommy lunch dates, is truly divine…By the way, the one mom swears by this meal as having brought on her labour. Which could very well be true as there is another eggplant dish that’s famous for bringing on labour. Watch this space for that recipe.

We didn’t get to try their apparently divine cakes, due to overloading on some really good food, but I’ve heard its great and not to be missed. And last but not least, from our last family lunch there, hubby’s take on the Sirloin, was that it got two thumbs up!

The kiddies menu is quite nice, with lots of options that should satisfy any tot. That’s IF they ever come down from the play area.

So, If your looking for a chilled-out venue, with really good food, that’s well presented, and maybe a glass of wine,while also needing your kids to work off some steam, then be sure to visit the friendly folks of Tables at Nitida.

Trying to carrol my less than relunctant model for that perfect mommy-daughter shot...fruitless efforts.But just LOOK at that view!

Trying to carrol my less than relunctant model for that perfect mommy-daughter shot…fruitless efforts. But just look at that view!

Things to know:

    -For directions look here.
    -Trading hours:

      Mon to Sat 9am – 4pm | Sun 9am – 3pm
      Closed: Christmas Day | Day of Goodwill | New Years Day

    -Contacts: t: 021 975 9357 • c: 071 853 2653 •

Btw, I was preggers everytime I went there, so I can’t comment on their wines. Seems I will have to remedy that! Soon!
Let me know if you’ve been, and what your take on Nitida is. I’d love to hear from you! Better yet, you could get me excited and recommend a wine (or cocktail) I should try next time!


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