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Birth Photography: My guilty little internet pleasure


Powerful and moving image: Swiped from Birth Photography Community's Facebook cover page. You need to go visit their FB page!

Powerful and moving image: Swiped from Birth Photography Community’s Facebook cover page. You need to go visit their FB page!Like, now!

We all have one. Admit it. No matter how busy you are. No matter how tired you may be(from your full workday, to the super sprint of getting home to your overly-energetic smallies, then squeezing in quality time with them, suppertime, bathtime and then the homestretch of bedtime). That little guilty pleasure you quickly indulge in, when you need an instant pick-me-upper or when you just want to switch off a bit. You know, something to make you feel like you’re NOT a slave to the daily grind of the routine. For some its Dilbert cartoons, for others its Youtube videos of cats or tv series (Game of Thrones, anyone?). Or maybe its some FB stalking, whatever floats your boat. For me, it has become scrolling through birth photography pictures.

I just cannot get enough of it. Every single time, Im blown away by the amazing shots that these talented and very select few photographic professionals have managed to capture. Simply blown away. Every. Single. Time.

Have you even seen these kind of photographs? If no, you really have to…And no, these are not crotch shots that would better serve as educational material. I’m talking about the raw and beautiful emotions that could only be found at a birth, tastefully and professionally captured. The unique and incredibly soulful life event that could never be re-created ever again – that baby is only born once – beautifully documented. And these photographers manage to capture not only the true essence of that baby’s entrance into this world, but all the other finer details of the day. Details which often either fade away with time, as memories do, or were never even noticed to begin with.

But with the aid of these skillful professionals, who are truly so respectful of the birthing space – for both natural and c-sect – one can truly hold onto those beautiful memories forever. One can revisit the euphoria over and over. A bit of history is immortalised. It could also serve as a wonderful keepsake for that same child one day. Whatever the reason a mother chooses to have a birth photographer, it is simply undeniable how awesome these photographs are.

Now I’ve been FB stalking the Birth Photography Community for some time now, and I insist you do too – some seriously amazing moments caught by birth photographers from across the world. (really, go check out their FB page now!) However, there is one  particular South African-based photographer that Im most keen about. You may think Im a little biased about her ( and one day I’ll share with you why), but the truth is, she is just excellent at what she does. Im often brought to tears by her very emotional and stunning photography.

Birth Photographer Pro: The lovely and postively radiant, Marysol Blomerus

Birth Photographer Pro: The lovely and postively radiant, Marysol Blomerus

Check out Cape Town Birth Photographer, Marysol Blomerus, so you can start to understand what Im talking about. Her work is amazing. Go ahead, just look! You can thank me later.



Contact deets of Blomerus Photography

Click for larger image:Contact deets of Blomerus Photography

What you need to know (other than the details in the image above):

  • Facebook: She has a very busy FB page, with lots of updates, sharing sneak peeks. (But always with the strict permission of the family)
  • Website: Click here to find out more about her work.

What do you think of Birth Photography? Would you ever consider using this service? Im keen to hear your opinions and comments.



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5 thoughts on “Birth Photography: My guilty little internet pleasure

  1. It is just so beautiful the way you write your blogs, you can almost feel the passion put into what is being said.

    As someone without a kid of my own I too look forward to one day coming to the site for some great advice and to share some of my own experiences.

    Ohh! And as for the baby pics, she’s a real talented photographer. Will sure save the details with hope that one day she will also help capture OUR moment.


    • Oh and yes, Silungile, she is incredibly talented. Do yourself a favour and hold on tight to her contact deets – you wont be sorry. In fact, if you have any preggo friends, do THEM a favour and share her deets with them.x


  2. Silungile, I am absolutely humbled by your lovely comment.i am completely flattered that you think my blog is worth a revisit for your personal use one day. You put a big fat smile on my dial. Thank you.


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