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What went down at the Positive Birth Movement Event last Saturday


A great day out in Glencairn at Viper Lounge

A great day out in Glencairn at Viper Lounge

First off, what a bad ass venue they had for the event: The Viper Lounge, out in Glencairn. Imagine that, a bunch of midwives,doulas,mommas and preggos, hanging out, talking about the most empoweringly feminine act of all life events…at a biker hangout…LOVE it.Huge props to the awesome staff of Viper Lounge for hosting us all so warmly. But I suppose if you heard the beautiful stories of strength, determination, courage and never-say-die attitude that came from that bunch of women, I’d say they were pretty badass themselves. And so a good match for the venue!

Second off, I was a little late for the event. Now some buds of mine would roll their eyes at that statement of mine- as in, whats new? But having to drive from the one coast to the other, while trying to pry your two littlies off each one of your legs, does tend to eat up the time. Also the guilt of leaving them on a Saturday morning, after a full week’s work to do a bit of galavanting as such, does tend to weigh heavy on one’s feet. So dragging them comes naturally. However, leaving my beasts in more than capable hands, helps heaps in getting me out the door. I left them at home with their Dad, so not just “more than capable” hands, I left them in fantastic hands. So off I sped, and fortunately still caught some of the most interesting birth stories. Then again, WHAT birth story isnt?! I simply LOVE a good birth story! Dont you?

Sharing: Everyone giving their full attention and interest

Sharing: Everyone giving their full attention and interest

Connection to your unborn child, th epunch drunk love thanks to labour's endorphin rush, under a full moon and other wonderful birth tales.

Connection to your unborn child, th epunch drunk love thanks to labour’s endorphin rush, under a full moon and other wonderful birth tales.

I heard heart wrenching tales of women who were psyched for natural birth, only to be faced with breech babies – despite spending half their pregnancy inverted. (Love the determination of a mama!) Of women who’s rough birth experiences breathed new fire into them to go onto become researchers in the field. Of women who are so in awe of birth, that they are interested in finding ways to better support pregnant and birthing women. And also heard some beautifully romantic birth stories. One particularly enjoyable tale, that was told very animatedly- full moon and all!

14084533640390Mothers or not, each had a beautiful story and reason for being there to share. I honestly got to meet a few very lovely and interesting ladies. Got to chat with quite a few doulas and was so intrigued by their journey into doula-ness…( doula-ship? doula-hood?) 🙂

After getting to mingle a bit after the event, it was wonderful to hear how upbeat everyone was. Even some who came in feeling a bit gloomy at first, admitted that they were now leaving feeling more positive about their situation. Which is exactly the point of movements like this: To inform, share, empower and uplift!

Also very important to note is that this is for all women, no matter the turn your birth takes/took. So that’s surgical or natural.Its about getting to know and understand your options and your rights. About being in control over YOUR body and YOUR child’s birth. And certainly also about empowering yourself with knowledge to leave the birth not feeling like you were dictated to about YOUR OWN DAMN BODY!

So I would like to say well done to Angela the Midwife, Joy King and co. (apologies for not getting all the organizers names. Didnt write it down- silly me!) for the start of something awesome in Cape Town.

This, the very first event, had no particular theme, except to share your story. The future monthly events, however, will each have a different theme as prescribed by the international Positive Birth Movement Community.

Interested in getting involved?
How does one get involved?…Easy peazy, just come along and share your story (and watch this site for more deets,maybe)…Even if you’ve never given birth and are just interested. Or maybe you’re a dad who’s supported/witnessed your child’s birth. ..Why not come share? Some fresh perspective is always welcome. Don’t be shy, they really do make good on their promise of being a very approachable group.

Awesome way to spend Womens Day: Their  strength, tenacity and humour were inspiring.

Awesome way to spend Womens Day: Their strength, tenacity and humour were inspiring.

So if you missed the first one, no biggie, come catch the next one in September.
Watch this space for deets on the date,venue and time. Or you could even head on over to their FB page and get the details first hand.

Hope to see you at the next one! Are you interested in going? Or maybe you know of similar events happening in or around your area. Then please feel free to share it here, and give it some air time. Spread the word. Spread the love. Never enough of it out there!


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