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Our hot date at NV-80 Grill & Bar



So in keeping with the “date-nights-during-the-day” vibe of our last date, hubby and I were fortunate enough to steal away again on a cold but sunny Saturday afternoon a good few weeks ago. As any parent would agree, these “just the two of you” times are so rare, that when you get it, you don’t want to waste it on half-assed service or “meh” food. The way, and the where you spend it has got to tick all the boxes and be worth your while. So when we chose NV-80, it certainly didn’t disappoint!

This is the latest offering from the brothers Naldo and Victor Gonçalves (hence the first part of the name, “NV”), who are the same masterminds behind the fine dining favourite of our’s, Pigalle ( who doesn’t love Pigalle?!) The “80”, is apparently a throwback to the 1980’s when the two started doing business together.

A view of the awesome bar

A view of the awesome bar

Being a sunny but cool winter’s day, we decided to make ourselves comfortable in the romantic and stylish indoor dining area. But, if the weather was warmer, you could make your meal an alfresco one on their cool balcony. Im thinking sundowners there in summer!(Baby sitter permitting, of course. Reality check. Ahem..) And then there’s that sexy bar. It does make for a very chic centre piece.

Spacious interior: Relaxed elegance, sprinkled with tall palms

Spacious interior: Relaxed elegance, sprinkled with tall palms

NV-80 truly has a very relaxed ambience, whilst still rather sophisticated, serving fine dining. The menu echoes a few of the Gonçalves’ favourite dishes, and their prices are also fairly reasonable: entrees starting at R50 (Or 12 if you consider thats their starting offer for freshly shucked West Coast oysters) Steaks/grills at R120. The seafood selections start at R80 -yes, you read that right! In fact, why not just go have a look at the lunch menu, yourself over here. They also have a dinner menu.

More of that come-hithery bar

More of that come-hithery bar

Its worth a mention that they have a rather impressive offering of local wines. However, I was in the mood for a cocktail instead, and with the help of our friendly waiter, I found one that I was happy with. So, with a cocktail and a beer in our respective hands, we kicked off with super comfort food yumminess in the shape of garlic bread.

Yum garlic bread to whet the appetite

Yum garlic bread to whet the appetite

We were a bit on the babysitter clock unfortunately, so decided to skip starters – a tragedy in my book, I know. Especially that Hawaiin prawn soup I had my eye on, but such is our reality. Not so bad after all, if think about it: I was sitting in a swanky new hot spot, with tall palms sprinkled around me, a refreshing cocktail in my hand, being served by a very attentive and efficient waitron…AND sitting across from my hot date, who was smiling back at me…with no baby on my hip, diving into my plate, turning my saucy veg into art work on the tablecloth. And no toddler who really needs to go potty right now, but inevitablyrefuses to use the public restroom. Because its “not nyshh,mommy”.

So having to skip the starters? I could totally deal. Especially since the mains we chose were just so damn good!!

Hubby's grilled salmon

Hubby’s grilled salmon

We were a bit boring this time, and both ordered the same thing. But we were both in the mood for salmon, and were so glad we ordered it – because I was NOT going to share mine… with anyone. It was glorious salmon done to a turn, served on a bed of flavourful veggies. It was so good, that I devoured it in a record time, that may have been a little unbecoming of a lady…I practically inhaled it. *shameful face*. But its their fault for making it to perfection.

And more salmon: The yumminess up close & personal

And more salmon: The yumminess up close & personal

14089748535470We rounded off with cappucinos to rev us up for our little powerball beasties at home, and relunctantly called it a day.

What you need to know:

  • Opening times: Sunday – Thursday: 11:30 – 15:30; 18:00 – 22:30Friday – Saturday: 11:30 – 15:30; 18:00 – 23:30
  • Tel: 021 439 7112/4
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @nv80grillandbar
  • Email: (Please note though that they only do bookings via telephone.)
  • Address: The Point, 76 Regent Road,Shop 8, First Floor,Sea Point, 8005,

    Cape Town

Yes, you read right: Its in a shopping centre. Stay with me here…Now Im not really a fan of restaurants in malls. I normally give hubby a look of disbelief that’s peppered with mortification, whenever he suggests a mall-based eatery for our dates. But this time, I honestly couldn’t agree more with NV-80’s description as it being an oasis of a restaurant, that once inside, you feel so far removed from its shopping centre location.

Oh and in case you were wondering about dessert, seeing that we were blessed with so much sun on that winter’s day, we also skipped dessert in lieu of icecream and a morantic walk on the Seapoint Promenade. Which only means, we simply HAVE to come back for that prawn soup starter, and proper quality time to be spent on their dessert menu! Cant wait! Volunteers for babysitting, anyone??



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5 thoughts on “Our hot date at NV-80 Grill & Bar

  1. I love these so much. You guys are killin’ it and we know all about the babysitter clock. I’m pinning this for the future.

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    On Wed, Aug 27, 2014 at 3:54 PM, The Milk Memoirs wrote:

    > mommabeartrax posted: ” So in keeping with the > “date-nights-during-the-day” vibe of our last date, hubby and I were > fortunate enough to steal away again on a cold but sunny Saturday afternoon > a good few weeks ago. As any parent would agree, these “just the two of > you” times ar”


    • Marysolblomerus, I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying these kind of posts and then beyond thrilled that you find them worth a pin!
      NV80 really is a great laid back spot with grrreat food…however, their decor alone is enough to make me come back! Holler back if you ever do get a baby sitter sorted -n hit up NV80! x


  2. Fabulous review friend! Looks divine, always keen on finding new and interesting places to dine, thanks!


  3. Trax! I would like to officially congratulate you for being nominated for a Liebster award!! All the details are now updated on my blog at I’m sorry it has taken me so long to pass on your nomination, I have been so busy globetrotting I have had trouble sitting still long enough to do anything blog related! I’m looking forward to seeing some more posts from you soon 🙂

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