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I was nominated for a Liebster Award!!!


Liebster-Award-620x465Whoop whoop! Im utterly chuffed to announce that the lovely Ruth of Backpacking Diva has graciously bestowed a Liebster upon me. A massive thanks goes out to her for deeming my blog worth a read, nevermind a Liebster.

And for those of you who haven’t yet hear of

Backpacking Diva, I suggest you go check her out here. “She’s on the loose from her desk”, galavanting around the globe, and has been kind enough to share all the gorgeous sights and glorious food she’s experiencing with all of us, via her blog. She’s yet another travel blogger who’s jetsetting ways inspire me to work extra hard to save, for more travelling with our ever expanding adventure team. Aka family.

BTW, If ya didn’t know, a Liebster award is given to new or up and coming bloggers who have less than 600 followers, and essentially encourage them to keep going. And can only be given to other blogger by bloggers who have already received this award. There are a set of rules that you have to follow though, should you choose to accept it. Pretty much like the Matrix’s blue and red pills.

The rules do kind change depending on what site you’re reading, but I shall (mostly) stick to Backpacking Diva’s rules. So yes,its very much like a chain letter…except you wont like die or anything, should you choose to not accept. At least, I don’t think you will. hmmm….Mostly, it’s a nifty little way of generating some traffic for your blog and getting a little more exposure, as well as for your nominator, not forgetting the other blogs that you shall be paying it forward to as well.

So no, you don’t have to go shop for an awards night outfit, nor do you have to prepare your academy award speech. You can just stay in your jammies, or soiled trackpants, maybe do a double air punch, and then go celebrate with some ice-cream…or bubbly..or both.

Now before I go off into my little head, pondering just how bubbles mixed with ice cream would taste, let’s go over the rules, shall we?

    1. Thank your nominator and be sure to link back to their site in your post.

    2. Answer their questions in your post

    3. Nominate 10 other bloggers who have less than 600 followers (and I suppose who you feel are definitely worth a read)

    4. Ask them 10 of your own questions

    5. Also (so this may not be Backpacking Diva’s rules exactly, but they are part of the Liebster rules else where, and if you think about what we’re trying to achieve with this award here, I think it’s a good idea/rule.), also you need to fully read a post and then comment on one of their posts…

So to answer Backpacking Diva, here goes:
1. Have you had any life changing experiences while on the road?
Yes, on my lone-travels through a country a good few years ago, I learnt that my heart was in fact capable of falling in love(contrary to what I started to believe). Not just care- about-you love, but the heart-pound-right-out-of-my chest kinda love. Thanks to that, I discovered a new level of me. It prepared me for an out of this world kind of love a few months later back home, that honest to God swept me off my feet and had my thoughts wrapped up in him all day. For the first time ever, it was electric between the two of us, anytime we just slightly close to each other. It was so palpable, and clear it was heaven sent, and totally mutual. Less than a month later we were talking marriage. So now almost seven years of happy marriage and two kids later, I would certainly say we weren’t wrong and that was definitely life changing!

2. What is the one travel cosmetic or luxury item you just can’t live without?Urrggh..bit of a toss up now a days, I think. Before I would’ve said Revlon Colorstay lipstick. But now that Im mostly always in need of some sleep – thanks, kids- I would say concealer. To conceal just how little sleep I actually got last night.  Especially on the plane, as I inevitably end up NOT sleeping at all, thanks to having to prop up 1 x sleeping star-fish toddler.

3. What’s your favourite way to experience the local culture when you arrive in a new country (eg. Food, art, music)
Befriending a local and then finding out where they eat. That’s always a surefire way of experiencing the local tastes. I remember us being disappointed meal after meal out in Venice, until a local advised us about a certain spot. Finally!!! The ravioli I was expecting to be served all this time!!
Also hubby and I prefer to travel like locals. We forego the expensive taxis, etc and travel which ever way the locals do. That way we get to spend more time with the locals as well, and one gets a better feel for the heartbeat of the city or village one is in.

4. Besides your camera and smartphone, are there any travel gadgets you just can’t live without?
Im not so much a gadget freak, and not sure if you could call it a gadget, maybe more of a tool, but I would have to go with the local area map of wherever I am. If we’re on foot, I could get you there first time, on time, no problem. As long as I have the map. Hubby however, is in charge of subways and buses.

5. If you could learn one new language what would it be and why?
I would have to go with French. It’s the most widely language internationally. And everything just sounds better. Love it. I remember watching these two taxi drivers having a go at each other in Paris, and being utterly amused by just how charming they still sounded. Lol
However, if time was limited, I would go with Italian or Spanish, as they seem to be much easier to learn and pick up.

6. Presuming you had enough room in your luggage, what types of souvenirs would you take home from your travels?

I love souveniers that eventually become part of our home decor. It’s often been pictures that we’ve taken ourselves that we single out, and becomes a very personal connection to that time and place for us. But local artwork is definitely on our radar, and if I’m feeling brave enough, pottery. Sometimes Ive been lucky enough to find local music that’s worth buying the “old school” cd for, as opposed to buying it online. Or for kids, we like wooden handmade toys.

7. How do you stay in touch with friends and family while on the road?
We’re old school. So even though we’re both in IT, we’re the least techno-minded IT ppl ever. So when we travel we’re hardly ever on social media. I’d like to think its because we’re too busy experiencing the place and each other and the kids. So we tend to kick it old school by often sticking to telephone and postcards, with the very odd email. I remember us hiking 2kms to the nearest payphone in very rural Rawai (Thailand), with 2 litres of water strapped to our backs each, just to call home to find out if my brother’s daughter had been born yet. Every single day that we were there. At almost 40’c temps, with no shade or tuk tuk in sight, boy did that kid keep us in shape!!

8. What is your favourite type of accommodation on the road?
Before, we used to be whatever goes. Seriously. For example, as part of our honey moon we did a kickboxing camp, where we used the basic camp accomodation- sharing it with a few reptiles that came out of the whole in the wall to visit us so now and again. But these days, with kids, we don’t do anything less than really comfortable accommodation of proper beds and bath/shower, either hotel or motel, with all meals included. We still do enjoy self catering though, as long as the bedrooms are comfy, and the facilities are cool. But given a choice….

9. Are there any international culinary experiences that you have now incorporated into your own cooking regime?
Not really, but:
There was that Gypsy soup and corn bread I had out in Sante Fe,New mexico – I tried my hand at it only a few times. But can still clearly remember the bursting flavour of the soup and the soft warm cornbread.
And of course, Green Thai curry- I used to make it all the time before I went there. After that I don’t really bother much, because it will just never live up to that standard in my mind.

10. If you could travel to anywhere on earth, all expenses paid, where would you go?

OMGOSHHHH…ok, so we would fly on over to NY,NY, so my hubby could get what Im on about every time I gush about it, and then catch that Yankees game I missed. Then hop over to Seattle where we could discover the awesomeness and fun that is Seatlle with my niece who just moved there. (Thereby, helping her to settle in at college.) Then we would fly down to Houston, Texas to catch up with my sister and family. From there, we would catch a three day cruise down to Mexico. Disembark, and explore a cenote or two, watch the divers of Alcopulo, and catch a tan and cocktail at Cabo or Cancun.Sis and family included, of course. From there we would jet off to Japan, get some incredible shots of us as a fam in the Bamboo forest, take in a bit of Disney Land, oriental style. Visit Kyoto, and experience the untouched architecture. From there, we scoot on down to NZ to visit my sister-in-law and family, and finally meet our latest nephew. I would go on, but we could be here all day.

Now, of the bloggers that I currently read, most of them are already bloggers that have been around for a quite while, so I do not have 10 nominations as such. Only four…Also, nominees, please forgive me if you ALREADY have 600 followers – I do apologise if this is so. I know you’re awesome.

So without further ado, the nominees are:

And I do urge you to go check them out, people!

My questions:

1. Why did you start your blog?
2. How long does it take you to get one post out?
3. Where would you like to see your blog be/positioned in about 2 years?
4. How do you make time to write your blog posts?
5. What are the dreams youd love to pursuit, outside of work and children?
6. How much do you think life changes once you have children? (explain)
7. What is your idea of a perfect date?
8. What is something that you wish everyone knew about you?
9. What your approach to discipline in your home with your kids?
10. What is your dream holiday getaway? Go wild, its YOUR dream anyway!


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  1. Congrats friendo, i am so proud of you!

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  2. I loved reading and learning more about you! Congratulations. And so honored to be nominated. I need to get on writing my answers 😉 -M

    Marysol Blomerus

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