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The chemistry between me and this ice cream was real! (New hangout for you and kids)


Full shot of the cream store.

Full shot of the lab…errr…ice cream store.

So in my quest to find and bring to you the finest Halloween pumpkins and decorations that Cape Town offers, I stumbled across an awesomely delicious mad scientist discovery….Say hello to N2Ice Cream Lab!!

I was on my way to the Emporium Mall’s Food Lover’s market and King cake, when I was greeted with the awesome sight of two “scientists” complete with lab coats behind a counter with “smoke” puffing up in the air around the one. And then…I saw ice cream exchange hands.

The mad scientist getting busy with my ice cream order

The mad scientist getting busy with my ice cream order

Whaaaa’?? I was totally intrigued. Could this be some new ice cream hangout for my big beasty and I? I had to go look.

Besides, Halloween shopping makes for hungry work. I totally deserved this break. The fact that I only just started the work is besides the point.

The coolness factor of their stand alone, was enough to make me try some.
At the back in full view,you find the periodic chart- and this one you will WANT to memorize! It depicts the size of your order, then your choice of flavours, and finally your choice of toppings. The additional elements at bottom of chart are the current month’s guest flavours.

Periodic table of yummines

Periodic table of yummines

I went with a vanilla. (Sooo cautious, I know. But Vanilla rocks, dude. I don’t care what you say.) Unfortunately they were out of regular vanilla (they are clearly popular already), but they did have the Banting vanilla (October’s guest flavour). I gave the lab assistant the sceptical eye when he suggested it. Banting icecream? That’s like having a muslim pope, innit?
But let me be the first to say, it was actually so damn good, I couldn’t tell the difference.

I hesistantly agreed to the “sin free, sugar free” Banting version and ordered extra melted barone over it – because, lets get real here: Im at an icecream dealer, I ain’t thinking about my thighs,I’m here for a sugar fix! But truthfully, I didn’t need it. That was some seriously good ish. With or without the bar one.

So for those who are Banting it up, why not pay them a visit! And for rest of us,I can only imagine how good the real deal is.

Caution: Seriously fun ice-cream chemistryin progress

Caution: Seriously fun ice-cream chemistryin progress

The whole process doesn’t take too long. You order your size, flavour, and toppings, pay, then watch how they quickly churn up all the fresh ingredients in the ice cream machines, and be entranced by the groovy clouds of liquid nitrogen engulfing your churning icecream, as the liquid nitrogen process happens. All in a matter of one minute (or so), right in front of your eyes. Boom. You now have a hand full of yumminess. The tub also probably only lasted as long in my hand. But that’s their fault for making it so tasty!
One awesome bowl of superfast indulgence.

One awesome bowl of superfast indulgence.

You’ve gotta check it out. And I’m pretty damn sure your kids are gonna love it. Ice cream is ice cream you might say, but none make it look this cool.

What you need to know:

    Phone: 084 516 1818
    Address: 10 Sandown Road, Parklands, Inside the
    Emporium Shopping Centre (by Food Lovers Market)

By the way, don’t you just like how the name makes ice cream sound all so scientific, and intelligent….almost healthy! Almost.

Location, location,location: Situated conveniently right next to play area, with surrounding seating

Location, location,location: Situated conveniently right next to play area, with surrounding seating

Last thing, they also have a decent play area for the kiddums. Nothing too risky that would have you constantly dashing up and down from your seat as you enjoy your icecream. But also just enough to keep them busy. Annnd its nicely situated from the seating: central, so you can always see them, and very close by, so you’re still in ear shot and almost arms length of them.

Have you ever had icecream this cool? Would you be interested in it? Holler back if you know of any ice cream joints who are doing innovative things. Or maybe you’re just as excited about N2ice cream as I am, them let me know.


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