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Just want you to know : A short letter to my eldest beasty

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Meeting and greeting the longawaited beach in mama's tummy

Meeting and greeting the long awaited beach ball in mama’s tummy

This is the first of, probably, a few more other letters to my kids that Im willing to share with you. And (obviously) them, because honestly, if this site serves as any help for anyone out there in cyberspace, I’d be truly humbled and happy. However, for me, I sincerely and deeply hope that this site will mostly be of some value to my children one day, as parents. Or even as insight into my parent-mind, for them as teenagers. Whatever. So this “Just want you to know” series, are little things I would like my kids to know.Here goes:

My darling Morgan-Lee
I think you’re the best big sister. Ever. You’re truly awesome at it. I had a feeling you would be. No expectations were set, but your gentle way and the concern you’ve freely shown for others, have always made me wonder about you as a big sister. And when that big day came, I saw that it was true.

Rules of engagement

Rules of engagement

So cautious and careful from the start. Listening very carefully as to how to do this.

So cautious and careful from the start. Listening very carefully as to how to do this.

Yes, even from day one, there was a tenderness about you. So careful, and thoughtful about how you were going to connect with your new team member.
I watch you with her. And there is a wonder about you that I can see brings joy to her, no matter her mood. And no matter her mood, you unwaveringly give her love and laughs, you push past he furrowed brow with gentleness and delightful silliness, and always seem to know just what to do to make her smile again. And you amazingly always know just what she’s wanting at the time.
The "OMG, I just touched my little sister" smile. Your reaction was priceless, Morgy!

The “OMG, I just touched my little sister” smile. Your reaction was priceless, Morgy!

I love watching you interact with your little sister. I often think I could stare the day away at that. Of course, that thought is often sometimes abruptly disturbed my need to quickly intervene before she pulls your hair out or before you trip her up. And those little battles are normal. Its part and parcel of being siblings. Really, so let’s be clear on that: You’re individuals, with unique likes and dislikes, pet peeves, and affections. You will probably rub each other up the wrong day once or twice (or a few thousand times), and that’s okay. This doesn’t mean you hate each other. Its far more important to be honest about your feelings. They are real. And they matter. Just because you’re the big sister does not mean you have to hide them or “be strong”. Express them, embrace them. Just always try to be respectful when doing so. But know that we, as your parents, want to be in tune with you. Always.

Im sure your little sister too, would like to keep the fantastic rapport that you guys got going on now. And trust me when I say that right now, as small as both of you are, your connection is mind-blowing!

I got this...

I got this…

Im thoroughly enjoying watching your relationship unfold. Your daddy and I always watch in wonder, as we witness your sibling bond grow. It’s a beautiful depiction of your sisterhood together and as little women, yourselves. I’m so proud of the person you already are Morgan-Lee, and for being simply the best big sister anyone could have asked for.
I love you more than words could encapsulate, my darling daughter

I love you more than words could encapsulate, my darling daughter

Love you, Beasty


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  1. Those moments were epic and the start a beautiful sisterhood!

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