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Check out the pinup gals of the Vintage Breastfeeding Calendar Campaign


MIss February - each mother has a backstory to her pic.

Miss February – each mother has a backstory to her pic.

So as one of the spin-offs to the good work of Emily Slough ( if you haven’t heard of that name before, I suggest you read my post here), she has inspired plenty of other dedicated women to continue to fight the good fight, ito normalizing breastfeeding.

I was recently contacted by one of these lovely ladies, Nicola Holmes, about a stylish campaign they have just launched – the Breastfeeding is Awesome UK Calendar campaign! Nicola, or as I like to think
of her, “Miss August”, is part of a group of women from Tamworth and Swindon, all with differing backgrounds in breastfeeding support. She herself is from Free to Feed – an Emily Slough initiative.

All of them have the common ground of wishing to normalise breastfeeding, and wanting to help and support women, who choose to breastfeed. They’ve all banded together to launch a Breastfeeding Vintage Calendar, with the aim to raise breastfeeding awareness, as well as funds for their local breastfeeding support groups. The calendar depicts each of their personal breastfeeding lifestyles in a vintage style, showcasing each breastfeeding mother, multitasking in everyday life as only a momma can. It also beautifully showcases extended and tandem breastfeeding. Because of the fundraiser aspect, as part of their website, they have also launched a JustGiving page online.

Now, anyone who has been in the newborn breastfeeding trenches could testify that these “trenches”, are more often than not, more like pits of hell! And without the right kind of help, it’s no wonder that many moms abandon ship –it’s not like motherhood is easy sailing to begin with! There’s a myriad of challenges you face, both physical and mental, then add a mountain like breastfeeding, and its easy to see just how thin that line between sanity & bat-shit crazy really becomes! Now, enter a well-equipped and well -qualified breastfeeding support group, and you throw an incredible life line out to that mother.

My breastfeeding journeys with both my girls have already ended, however, to this day I have not forgotten just how incredible the midwives of Birth Options, and the lactation specialists at Panorama Breastfeeding Clinic, and from the door-to-door Lactation Consultants, were. They played such a pivotal role in the success of my breastfeeding, as well as the mental state in which I managed through. ( Not forgetting my hubby and awesome mother,f course.) So I cannot imagine my life as a breastfeeding mother without them. If they had not had adequate funding for their facilities and skills, would I even have gotten past two weeks of breastfeeding, let alone 11 months?

So I could clearly understand how important it is ensure such places remain well funded. If you feel the same, why not go check out their website over here.
They have nominated Tamworth BIB (Breast is Best) – who have achieved UNICEF level 2 baby-friendly centers- and Swindon Breastmates as joint recipients of the calendar proceeds. They intend to raise 1000 pounds by Christmas- perhaps you feel you’d like to help them reach that target?

Aside from perhaps making a donation, you could just check out what they’ve been busy with, or maybe even catch a few sneak peaks or behind the scenes look the calendar photoshoot. Any and all awareness around their campaign is appreciated, I’m sure!

Behind the scenes sneak peak on set of the photoshoot.

Behind the scenes sneak peak on set of the photoshoot.

The overall vision of their campaign is to normalise breastfeeding. That is, to enable a future where all mothers would feel comfortable and confident breastfeeding, no matter where they are or where they are doing it. Most importantly, without feeling like they have to apologise for it or defending their choices, and to assist in starting to dispel any negative stigmas attached to breastfeeding.

I love that miss June says she hopes “to see breastfeeding publically accepted, welcomed and supported by non-breastfeeders, male, female, young and old…”

Keeping it festive

Keeping it festive

I would say that this is a very worthy cause to support, especially as it is NOT anti- formula, just pro-breastfeeding.
Why not pop on over to their website now and have a look-see? Although, if you’re one of my local South African readers, I know you “like to keep it local”, so if you’re in the spirit of things, why not support a local breastfeeding clinic like Panorama Breastfeeding Clinic or somewhere?

Would you support such campaigns? Or do you know of local breastfeeding support groups that could do with a boost? Let me know in the comments field. Else, you’re more than welcome to contact me via my contacts page.

I wish these Vintage mommas all the very best with their awesome campaign, because, hey…Breastfeeding is awesome! 😉


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  1. Fabulous article, love Miss August x

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  2. Why thank you, Miss August 🙂
    So happy you like it! If you’d like, why not share it, thereby increasing the awareness around your campaign 😉


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