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Morgan-Lee’s birth story, Part 3: Meeting my care providers for the first time at 38 weeks !


8+ months preggo, about two weeks away from making one of the most pivotal decisionsof my life.

8+ months preggo, about two weeks away from making one of the most pivotal decisionsof my life.

Yip, you read right. Two weeks away from my estimated due date, and I was yet to meet the wonderful people who’d be delivering our child. No, I’m not some sort of procrastinator that waited for the last minute. And no, I wasn’t being irresponsible about the care of our child…In fact, I was doing one of the most responsible acts I could have ever done as a parent: Ensuring that baby and I got the right kind of care we, personally, were searching for.

In case you’re wondering how I got here (about to pop and still haven’t met my care-providers), I’d suggest you get the down-low’s over here and here and work your way back to this post!

Wednesday morning arrived – almost a week since I fired my previous gynae- and we greeted it with great giggles of relief. (My hubby hates that I say in my posts that he giggles.)We made it to the day that we get to meet the wonderful professionals, who were going to deliver our baby, without baby deciding today’s the day! (shewww!)We met the good doctor Dumbrill, and were amply charmed by his friendly demeanour, cooky hair, and were utterly impressed by professionalism, thoroughness, as well as his honesty and unbiased opinions on natural birth and c-sections.

In chatting with him, w.r.t why we changed doctors, he had confirmed so many of our suspicions we had of our previous doc, whilst still remaining tactful and professional in his responses. Not once did he ever have anything poor to say about the previous doc’s actions, but simply provided us with pure medical facts, and debunking any of the hogwash that was being pushed onto us. For that alone, we completely respected Dr Dumbrill. That, and we got to see 4-D of our little baby that day as well- score!

, with suspicious hope of my gynae's support of my birth choices.

Meal prep is serious business.Especially for preggos.Six months preggo

Leaving his office that day, we felt good, secure and excited. And even though we probably wouldn’t see Dumbrill again, (as he explained, “if all goes well at birth, I wont see you soon!”) we felt so at ease and confident that we were in excellent care with him. He was a doctor who’s judgement we would trust completely.

Once at home, I immediately called up Marcha, our midwife, as per her request to keep her informed as to what the doc had to say. Nothing major to report other than “all’s well with baby and momma”, and that I’d see her the next day.

So the next morning, whilst I was getting ready for the midwife visit. (Marcha did home visits, as opposed to you going to her premises – awesomely convenient, right?!), I heard her familiar chirpy yet calm voice downstairs and couldn’t help but feel relieved and overjoyed that we made it to this point. By the grace of God,we did it! Baby could now come anytime she wanted! And I couldn’t believe I was THIS excited to meet a woman! we met, there was definitely an instant connection. Something I believe is very necessary with your care provider, as this person is going to be part of a very intimate time for you & hubby. Absolute trust needs to be present, with a great repoire…You know, a really good connection.

I couldn’t hide my pleasure in meeting her, and she seemed to mirror our joy. She was particulary impressed by how I came barrelling down the stair case, flying straight into hug her. (Seems I was still lighting on my feet with that belly and all…Or it could have just been the sheer weight of my belly pulling me down and my feet just had to keep up.)

Needless to say the atmosphere in our home was electric. No longer did we have the cloud of doubt hovering over our heads about d-day. We were with professionals that trusted in my body. Therefore, we could both just relish the pure joy of the moment, and this remarkable journey. This incredible miracle that we were blessed with.

So for those of you who wonder what goes down at a midwife check-up, its pretty much stock standard, compared to that of a doctor. All the usual checks you would do at a doctors check-up, and we chatted about my history, etc, except no fancy (visual) scans. They do it old school, and pretty accurately, if I may offer my humble opinion. They measure baby, and poke and press around baby to determine all sorts of information. All things I remember my mom telling me about with her midwife – except she didn’t use a horn to listen to baby! This seems to be a dying skill in our modern world. So, no they may not have much tech at hand, however, you do get to hear that glorious and thunderous heartbeat of your little baba, loud and clear.

What was so amazing was how my baby had responded to her touch. It was certainly the first time she had ever made such movements in me. My babe actually turned, raised up and positioned herself so tightly up against my skin (I was lying flat on my back), so much so that you could see her complete outline of her body – her cute little bums, her small little back running smoothly against the skin of my tummy, and her little round head right at the base (very close to the pubis). It felt almost uncomfortable – my skin was being pulled at, whilst every other organ felt squashed), but I think it was just because it was such sudden and big, definite movements she made. The midwife and I both laughed so hard at this incredible sight, and called hubby in to see how cute his baby’s bum looked. Even SHE admitted to also never having seen a baby do that before. It really was awesome to have such an incredible sneak peek at our forthcoming attraction.

Taken from

Taken from

After checking me, and after baby relaxed a bit, (and put her bum down) the midwife noted that baby was in left occiput anterior position – perfect start for easy labour. Easy labour? Yes, please! But I also knew I shouldn’t think that this is how she would remain. Babies constantly move. They can go from perfect to breech in a second. But, and ladies pleeeeease note, that the inverse is also true: Baby CAN go from an unfavourable position to more favourable position just as quick – so don’t feel dismayed if baby is not in “perfect” position yet. (Even if labour has already started, baby could still be making moves like Jagger!) So, as a side note, please dont make too hasty decisions about your birthing choices based on position all too quickly. For a great resource and wealth of knowledge about baby positions in the womb, read this.

After the checkup, we hugged (’cause that’s what you do with awesome midwives) 🙂 and both agreed how relieved we all were that we managed to meet her BEFORE baby came, and just shared in my excitement as a mother-in-waiting. We set up my next appointment for the following Tuesday (only five days from then).

Its those kina kisses from THAT man, tht helped kept me going.

Its those kina kisses from THAT man, tht helped kept me going.

The days breezed by, while I was starting to pick up the pace with all the baby prep. Baby prep that was originally planned to have been done the week before, but…you know…I was hunting down midwives and all.

So Tuesday came around, and there was Marcha, all bright and breezy at our front door, bringing with her, her usual load of positive energy. This midwife checkup was actually a welcome break from my tight ship I had been running the past two days with all the baby prepping in the house. As I approached her, she gave me a big smile, while she eyed my belly; “Hmmm, that tummy is looking lovely this morning”, she commented. I took it as just another much-appreciated preggo compliment, and didn’t pay too much attention to it.

But throughout the check-up she couldn’t help herself, eyeing my belly and then smiling. The check-up, just like the last one, was very relaxed with easy and light-hearted conversation. There was a moment that I tensed up slightly though; She had checked and baby had now switched over to right occiput anterior position – often (apparently) a position for slower labour. Oh no, but whyyyy, baby? Why?I think we need to have a word. But Marcha eased my thoughts with the fact that this was not a too bad position really, and also reminded me about the nature baby’s movements- just because she’s there now doesn’t necessarily mean that’s where she’ll stay.

So with that she gave me a clean bill of health, and suggested,if I wanted, I could grab some Rasberry Leaf tea at the health store. As she explained, it just helps tone the uterus. It doesn’t necessarily bring on labour- as in, it won’t bring it on earlier than it should have- but if your body is ready for labour, it works wonders! I did some reading on it after she left and I was bets.
But before Marcha left, she gave my tummy one last look and said, “see you soon”. I didn’t think too hard on it though, as my mind was too focussed on my to-do list I had for hubby and me. That list was killer, but I had all this energy, and wanted to capitalize on it! First thing on hubby’s list, though: Rasberry leaf tea…

To be continued…


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