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Valentines day gift ideas for that special pregnant lady in your life

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Yeah, sure, there are soooo many excellent gift ideas out there, for all the women in the world, from the sweet to the sexy & sultry. But maybe that box of chocolates are just not going to do it this year. Or maybe you, yourself, are just looking for something different this year for the preggo in your life…Because sometimes…and only just sometimes (lol)…chocolate body paint with whipped cream (and actual whips) as a V-day gift just won’t go down as well with your lovely preggy boo. So just to help those awesome partners out there who are keen to spoil their bumpalicious lovelies, but are a little stumped as to what to get them this Valentines, have a look at the list below.

    1. Prenatal massage:
    Yes please! Bump or not, I know few women who’d turn their nose up on the gift of a massage!
    Yes, yes, your touch is awesome, and you can give it real good. But can she lay on her tummy and still get that spa like treatment? Whaaaa’?! On her tummy? (When last?)

    But, oh she CAN at Goji Spa! (read another preggo’s rave review about them on my blogright here, and all about their special massage tables that cater for preggy bumps!)

    Or why not try Mummy Massage, which can be done in the comfort of your own home? (A review on them coming soon! Watch this space!) Just think, no driving to the massage, and once after they’ve performed their massage magic on your lady, she can just relax (maybe catch a nap), and drive no where. Minimum effort required from her – which a win in any freakin preggo’s book. And with a nice and relaxed lady, you’ve started the night off just right! 😉

    Both these options specialize in pregnancy massage. She’ll love it, and she’ll love you even more for getting it for her! Win-win, in my books.

    2. Pedi cure:Bend over and touch your toes is not exactly the tune most preggos are singing right now. So why not be the white in shining armour and book her a pedicure at your local Dream Nails, or maybe give Ulandi of
    Bella Essenza skin and body studio a call?
    3. Maternity shoot:She is gorgeous isn’t she?! Just look at that splendid boep
    No seriously, just look: it is beautiful! Wish you could capture it, in all its glorious beauty, forever? (just minus any hormonal swings, of course?) Then say hello to Marysol Blomerus, ofBlomerus Photography.
     She specializes in discreet on-call birth photography, as well as maternity & newborn shoots.
    Birth Photographer Pro: The lovely and postively radiant, Marysol Blomerus

    Birth,Maternity and Newborn Photographer Pro, Marysol Blomerus

    She’s amazing at her craft and will capture just how beautiful your preggo truly is. It’s an amazing time for both of you, and these images will allow you to re-visit that time in your lives over and over. Trust me, you won’t be sorry you got these professional shots. Your glowing beauty will be planting kisses all over you for this one! ( Even if, right now, she might not feel like the goddess she truly is.)

    Besides, it’s totally going to beat any of those baby bump in-the-mirror-selfies she’s been taking all this time. Marysol’s work is impeccable and her service is to match. Go read more about her on my blog here and check out her work over on her own website over here.

    4. Mama Mio: Speaking of her pregnant glory, how about that glow of her’s? Pretty awesome, right? Or maybe she’s just not feeling that glow right now.

    logo_5Either way, her skin will LOVE you endlessly if you decided to spoil her with a little bit of Mama Mio! They have quite great selection of products to indulge your preggy lady in. Mama Mio themselves have, in fact, recommended these top three products of their’s to help get/maintain that gorgeous glow, from top to toe.

    Oh,Gorgeous Glow balancing facial swipes, where were you all my pregnant life?

    Oh,Gorgeous Glow balancing facial swipes, where were you all my pregnant life?

      a) Gorgeous Glow balancing facial swipes: The more and more I read up on these babies, the more I wished I knew about them when I was preggers not too long ago. You know, when you’re ready to just collapse into bed, and you just can’t even think of doing one.more.thing. You know you’re committing a worst skin crime,ever(!), but you just can’t. If only you had some sort of magical wipe that just cleanses your face…Well, enter the Mama Mio’s Gorgeous Glow balancing facial swipes that give you the deep cleanse you need.


    Hmmm, keep your glorious boobs pert long after pregnancy with Pregnancy Boob Tube? Someone should have told me about this! Damnit.

    Hmmm, keep your glorious boobs pert long after pregnancy with Pregnancy Boob Tube? Someone should have told me about this! Damnit.

      b)Pregnancy Boob Tube: Promises to keep your glorious boobs pert long after pregnancy.


    The Tummy Rub Butter gives safe and effective protection against pregnancy stretch marksand itchy tummies and leaves a gorgeous sheen on your beautiful bump.

    The Tummy Rub Butter gives safe and effective protection against pregnancy stretch marksand itchy tummies and leaves a gorgeous sheen on your beautiful bump.

      c)The Tummy Rub Butter: Im pretty sure, that each and every preggo out there is out hunting for that magic elixir that’ll save her tummy skin from the rigours of pregnancy. Whilst I may not be able to give you my personal account of this product – as I always prefer to do on my blog – I can assure you that would definitely give this one a whirl for next (God-willing) pregnancy. And dutifully report back to you, of course.


    By the way, they have quite a selection outside of these three winners as well, so you absolutely NEED to go check them out here.

    5. Foot rubs:
    Now, gentlemen, this should actually form part of your daily routine, in my books, but if not, this is something that you can totally do to on V-day AND score uber points with. (Provided its coupled with some kick-ass dinner, of course!).


    Those tired preggo feet will love you for it. Just stay away from the ankles! (Seriously, though, don’t touch them!) Read here and
    here for more information on how-to’s for preggo foot-rubs. Or watch this.
    6. Gorgeous lingerie:Don’t be fooled, gorgeous smalls are not just appreciated by non-preggos. We all love feeling comfy and beautiful in our lingerie. Closest thing next to skin, in fact.

    Now, ladies, if I may offer my two cents and say, there are quite a few pieces out there that your man would appreciate – I mean,which man wouldn’t- but in all honesty, as the saying goes, why put underwear on for a man, when all he wants to do is take it off?! So, partners, get her some beautiful pieces either over at Cherry Melon or pop in at Storm in A-G cup.
    The convenience about Cherry melon is that not only can you order online, but you can also just pop in at their Canal Walk store.

    And what I really love about Storm in A-G cup is that they can convert regular bras into feeding bras at a very accessable cost of R30 per bra. Imported feeding hooks are used, thus making them easier to use.

    She’s sure to love it. The rest, is up to you , gentleman! 😉 (that and how good a foot rub you gave her!)

And there you go. This list is not exhaustive, but its a pretty good start. So I really hope this list helps remove the brain-stump you might ha been experiencing with Valentine’s Day gifts for your glowing beauties. Let me know what you went with! Or maybe you’d like to add to the list ladies and gents? Feel free to add your say in the comments below, or on my very new Facebook page


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    Great list for next Valentines Day!!! I will note the brand listed for lingerie no longer sells intimates. There are several maternity lingerie brands out there if readers are interested.


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