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Chocolate Cookie pops that make a cute little handmade Valentine’s Day gift…



…Or a just because :cookies!

So Im off to a bit of a late start with our Valentine’s Day Spread the Love mission – but rushing off from meetings to spend the afternoon with your kiddy in the ER will do that to you! So with a little anaesthetic and a few stitches later, my beasty was ready to help me ( and small beast) whip up a batch of Valentines Day goodies again.
Last Valentines, we went with a delicious Almond Cookie recipe, but this year, I found this cool little recipe from The Pioneer Woman.
And let me tell you, this totally blew my hair back! It’s a crunchy chocolately delight that really hits the spot. I’ve been (back to) stalking chocolate. Wanting it. Needing it. So this little gem was right up my chocolatey alley(hmm, that sounds wrong.)

What’s more, is that the kids also happily tucked in. And my kids, contrary to popular belief, do not just tuck in. No, these beasties have very limited and specific preferences in sugar. Im not complaining!In fact, Im taking it & running with it! So well done, Pioneer woman, you have my beasties’ stamp of approval! 🙂

Anyhoo back to these pretty little things that taste so good. I decided to go for the cookie pop – essentially a cookie on a stick- and added a few personalised touches to make these gift truly from the heart.
In all honesty, I wanted to use Name sweets, aka Love sweets. But unfortunately, the local stockists didn’t want to play with me on this one, so I went for a few jelly beans, heart sweets and the like. Not quite what I was after, but it’ll do.
What you will need:

    – Cookie dough (shop bought or using the Pioneer Woman’s recipe)
    -White and Pink Fondant ( or any colour that floats your cookie boat)
    -Sweets of your choice for decoration
    -Heart cookie cutter
    -Cook ‘n Spray (otherwise a good ol’ smear of butter with a dusting of flour should have a good enough non-stick effect on your baking sheet)
    -Wooden sticks (or kebab sticks would do. Just not plastic. These babies are going into the oven remember?)

Method:Set your oven to 180’ C (which I think is 350’F)

    1. Sprinkle your cleaned work surface with a dusting of flour to make rolling of the dough easy.
    2. Roll out to about ½ an inch (the stick has to be stuck in, so being rolled too thin won’t help your plight much)
    3. Cut out you heart shapes in dough.
    4. Place heart shapes onto parchment lined baking sheet, that has been amply sprayed with cook ‘n spray (or that butter thingy I told you about
    5. Bake for about 12 – 15 minutes (until set)
    6. Then allow to cook (cooling racks are best)
    7. Cut out your fondant heart shapes (normally smaller than you actual cookie, does help)
To save time, I cut and decorated my fondant hearts while the cookies were baking.

To save time, I cut and decorated my fondant hearts while the cookies were baking.

    8. And decorate as desired.

If love came in an edible format, this just might be it!!!

If love came in an edible format, this just might be it!!!

Thereafter,(and you don’t have to) I popped each one into a little cellophane baggy, closed up with some twine. And that now somehow makes it legit. 🙂

And for some special teachers, they got a little beasty handmade card attached. (see the post on that easy peasy card craft here)

Ready to spread the the form of pretty little cookies!

Ready to spread the love…in the form of pretty little cookies!

If you’re feeling social – I know how shy most of you are – why not share your wares over on my Facebook page?

Hope you enjoy. Just don’t eat them all yourself!


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3 thoughts on “Chocolate Cookie pops that make a cute little handmade Valentine’s Day gift…

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  2. These are awesome! Thanks for sharing. How do you get the sweets to stick to the fondant? Does the fondant also just stick to the cookie?


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