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Easy family time at Meerendal Farmer’s Market

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I promise they had an awesomely fun time, despite those faces you see here.


So this market is not exactly your sprawling lawns, with stalls as far as the eye can see kind of market. No. But that is exactly what I LOVE about it! Because,honestly, there are days when we just don’t feel like the crowds, or the hipster buzz, or being spoilt for choice. I know that sounds weird…Normally that’s some of the best bits to a market, right? But ya know, when you’re really tired from a work week, one that’s been peppered with one too many sleep deprived nights courtesy of parentlife, and all the other responsibilities and commitments that go with it, sometimes we just don’t have the energy to navigate anything too big. But we know the kids need to get out of the house as much as we do. Yes? Well, then Meerendal Farmer’s Market is just the thing for you!

It’s got a little bit of everything, caters sufficently for entertaining kiddies, and certainly does satisfy any market-life yearnings that you may be having.

Don’t get me wrong,Meerendal Farmer’s Market in no way lacks anything ito markets, it’s just on a much easier scale to navigate and enjoy. In fact, it was one the smoothest going times we’ve had at market with our kids.

20150214_103346We kicked it off with some horse-riding for the kids,on a beautiful horsey named, Lady. Morgan-Lee seems to always be totally at ease when on horses, and totally enjoys herself. Parker-Grace watched her sissy for a minute, spotted the other horse and then made a bee-line for him, saying she wants to “touch”. I picked her up and she gave the horse a few of her awkward but loving strokes…She looked at him with a “Hi Horshee”, and with that she wanted on! The lady in charge was surprised at how at ease Parker was on the horse. She then joined her sissie on Lady, and was pretty chuffed with herself, as the horse took a few steps with her on.

I promise they had an awesomely fun time, despite those faces you see here.

I promise they had an awesomely fun time, despite those faces you see here.

I have to say that the staff managing the horse rides were all really lovely and friendly, interacted well with kids and just generally have a good vibe and gentleness about them that could put any kid (and parent) at ease. They (horses and staff) were from Rocking-A.

From there we hit up the stalls. We saw some beautiful wrought iron furniture,whilst its not my usual my taste, was still pretty to admire. I was also surveying all the gorgeous silverware (rings) at the one stall, when the cutest kiddy outfits at another stall caught my eye! (Typical mom: go look at things for myself, but leave with things for baby!)

Daisy Clothing

Daisy Clothing


Anyhoo, I’m glad I did, because I walked away with the cutest little Valentine’s day outfit for my small beasty. (it was valentines that day, by the way)

Everyone say "awww"...Thats the cute V-day outfit i picked up from the Daisy Clothing stall.

Everyone say “awww”…Thats the cute V-day outfit i picked up from the Daisy Clothing stall…The one with the lace leggings, that is. Dont ask about the big one’s outfit – she insists on dressing herself. Go independance!Go snappy-dresser!

Speaking of clothes, there are quite a few stalls with clothes for adults too, so come prepared to shop around for that special piece you’ve been hunting for.

We then hopped on over to the preserves stall where they sold an awesome selection of jams, preserves, sauces, which all looked delicious and all at pretty decent prices. We got each of our mom’s something, ’cause we know the oldies totally dig preserves and we’d be scoring major brownie points right there. And at R25-R30 a piece, you can see why I say it’s decent prices for these handmade beauties.

Shadey dining

Shadey dining

Get into my belly, pastry!!

Get into my belly, pastry!!

By this point hubby’s tummy was growling and he was ready to eat one of the kids. It wasn’t looking good for Morgy as she does have the loveliest pudgiest “boudes” between the two. So I came to her rescue with a few yummy steak pies I got at one of the stalls. It seemed to do the job for him, and the market shopping could continue. I, however, was eyeing the falafals. The pies had already worked it delicious magic and filled me up. Anything more and it would’ve just gone ugly…But next time, Falafal…you’re mine.
One of the cutest balloon works Ive seen.

One of the cutest balloon works Ive seen.

A girl and her tigger.

A girl and her tigger.

Small beast spotted the balloons at the missionaries’ stand, and big beast spotted some pretty beadworks, so we split up. meereddaljewerly20150214_105112Daddy & big beast headed out to find her some bead bling, whilst Parky and I went to get some Tigger-shaped balloons.

By the way, aside from really cute balloons at the missionary stand, they have some seriously beautiful books on offer too. I was starting to get sucked in right there.

But kids were insisting on the jumping castle that I did promise them. So stand and deliver mom& dad! Not to mention, naptime was coming up…Read:their good behaviour air time was rapidly running out. So we let them loose, and let them expend the last of their energies here, while Mikey and I enjoyed some hand holding in the sun, and just taking it all in: the sunshine, the beautiful market setting, their laughter, and the fact that those two little beauties were OUR little gifts from God…ahhh, life is good.
castle 20150214_110622

She has her Daddy wrapped!...correction, she has us ALL wrapped..

She has her Daddy wrapped!…correction, she has us ALL wrapped..

Then it was time to round up the troops and get them home, which brought an abrupt end to that whole pretty picture I just painted above there. Morgy obviously being older, immediately came. Parker however, let us know and everyone else know in no uncertain terms that she was highly against this notion of leaving the castle. Big sis eventually distracted her with some running in the field. Thanks Morgy – you’re such a rockstar big sis!

Let loose!

Let loose!

All in all, we totally enjoyed this market (all four of us), left it feeling completely stressfree (mom and dad), and are definitely going back for more easy-going market time. So, if you’re looking for some chilled out, stress-free family orientated market vibes, I would say head on over to the Meerendal Farmers market!

What you need to know
Monthly farmers marker held on the second Saturday of every month from 9am -2pm.
Entrance and parking is free.

    Tel: 021 975 0383
    Email: info@crownrestaurant
    Address: Meerndal Wine Esate,
    Vissershok Road,
    Cape Town

Oh by the way, they also have live bands and quite a few other little food stalls aside from the ones I already mentioned. There are also lots of crafts and even plants, and its all set up right next to Crown restaurant. So that means, if you’d just prefer a lovely sitdown lunch indoors or in the shaded outdoors, right in middle of the market vibes, then you could just relax at Crown. All while the kids can run & play or jump on the castle.

People lunching while Morgan-Lee works the pole....ummm, #parentfail

People lunching while Morgan-Lee works the pole….ummm, #parentfail

Hubby’s interest was also piqued when he read about the availability of craft beer. But just in case youre thinking you’re going to find a stall that specialises in craft beers, let me just slow your roll right now: Its not. Unfortunately. However, a select few are available for purchase from Crown restaurant/the drinks stall. So there are still craft beers, gents. Just not at a specialized stall.

Just as a final note, as mentioned earlier, they do operate on the second Saturday of each month, however, I checked in with them at Crown Restaurant today (jussssst to be sure), and their next market is only in April 2015. So nothing in March, but this just means you now have time to clear your calendar for next month! 😉

Happy marketing!x


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