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Breastfeeding mamas, get the relief you need with Kendall Hydrogel Breastfeeding pads

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kendall-hydrogel-2_jpg_pagespeed_ic_rZHBZIuz7hYou and your tiny little honeybunch still trying to get the hang of breastfeeding? So much so, your nipples are paying the price? You know, like broken nipples, split nipples or raw nipples? (Fan-freakin-tastic how your shirt chafes so nicely against them, isn’t it?) Or maybe you got a bit of engorgement going on? Maybe even the red-eye monster masitis?*cue dramatic music*… You know, when your boobs are on fire, and you’re pretty much about to die. And your tata’s are actually hot to the touch! Any of this sound familiar? Well then read on,darlings, as I may have the thing just for you, my breastfeeding mama! Say hello to Kendall’s Hydrogel Breastfeeding Pads!

Ok, so this is NOT going to cure your mastitis. Let’s be clear on that. Got it? Mastitis is in no uncertain terms, the biggest asshole of breastfeeding – it sneaks up on you and wipes you the fonk-sei-yook out, leaving you in a heap of tears, trapped milk,puss and pain. You’re going to need a special kind of treatment to get rid of it. Ps. if you even remotely think you may have it, I suggest you go get help. Now. Run!

What these Hydrogel Breastfeeding Pads are excellent for though, is for the relief of the associated fire-burining sensation your tatas may be experiencing. Even heavy engorgement may have them getting all hot under the collar. (Or bra.) And let’s not forget the added chafe factor conveniently added by, oh, look the shirt you’d normally wear to be socially acceptable. (hence, one of the reasons why most breastfeeding mama’s spend their days topless) Well, Hydrogel Breastfeeding Pads to the rescue!

These babies are excellent for any nipple pain associated with breastfeeding. They are a sterile polyutherane-based hydrophilic (as in they love water) hydrogel. That is, they provide a moist enough environment for your wound to heal quicker, however, will also drain away any excess liquid away from the wound (that could lead to maceration), AS WELL AS provide a cooling pain relief cover up.
So not only will it protect against bacterial contamination (which often equates to mastitis), provide excellent conditions for your nipple that are conducive to natural healing, drain away excess liquid, like oh say, milk,(especially if you’re as leaky as I am when I lactate), but also provide a cover from chafing AND cool down the hot skin! Its like a breastfeeding super hero, of sorts, all wrapped up into this tiny gel pad.

When I was recovering from my beautiful bout of mastitis about a year ago, the lovely lactation specialists at Panorma Breastfeeding clinic kitted me out with a pair of these Kendall Hydrogel Breastfeeding Pads. In my blur of exhaustion, pain and shakiness, I managed a smile of thanks and shivered my way back to the car. I remember sitting on the bed at home, topless of course, looking at my boobs, looking at the pads, shrugging in a gesture of “got nothing to lose”, and strapping these babies on.

Now whether it was just my heightened sense of awareness when it came to taking care of my nipples, post-mastitus (I mean, nobody wants to go back there, right.) or whether it was it purely the magic of these pads, but I certainly noticed an improvement in the healing rate of my nipples. Obviously this was also tempered by my smally’s rate of feeding skills. The two of us were doing better, but she would drop the ball maybe every other feed or so, and the wounds re-opened. But, the pads generally made healing a bit quicker, and removed friction between my clothes and nipples.(That is whenever I did wear tops. This is one of the only few reasons I don’t like too many visitors in the first few weeks – cause, Im mostly half nekid!) It is however, designed to be worn with a breastfeeding bra.

Also for the first two days, I popped the pads into the fridge, and this certainly helped cooled down my feverish boobs.
By the sixth day, the adhesiveness of the pads was wearing off a bit, and thus discontinued the use of them. I also didn’t require it as much as I was in MUCH better shape by this point. (My milk supply,however, was another story though! Thanks SO much , mastitis!Grrrrr….) However, it must be pointed out that these pads could be used for up to 7 days if need be ,before its effectiveness wears off.

I have to say, it felt fairly comfortable wearing them, and the material did not react negatively with my skin – yay! ‘Cause that’s the last thing I would have needed at the time! It didn’t feel too heavy, nor sweaty on me either.

Just remember they are designed for slow absorption, so if your cup overenth, then you will have milk-painted bulls-eyes on your t-shirt fo’ sure, as I discovered. It will, however, absorb a lot of what does come out…its just the speed at which your milk comes out that may be the problem. #breastfeedingfashionproblems

Over all I’d give them a 8/10 for a breastfeeding must have’s: You wont need them unless you run into very specific problems, although sensitive nipples are experienced by most early breastfeeding moms, so it could be useful to all. And just because the product does exactly what it promises to do, I totally give them a thumbs up!

Hope you never need them, mama’s, but if you do, at least you know what to expect, based on my personal review, and what could be a possible solution for you!

Good luck with your breastfeeding journey!x
*For information on stockists, watch this space.


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