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O-V Optics Sunglasses for Kids: Protecting your children’s gorgeous little sparklers from harmful UV rays

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On our way to the stores: She's got swag. No, like, actually she's got the Swag model...and is "never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down"...Ricky Astley, anyone? No? oh well.

On our way to the stores: She’s got swag. No, like, actually she’s got the Swag model…and is “never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down”…Ricky Astley, anyone? No? oh well.

Ever look at those celeb’s kids with sunnies, and go “ahh, geez what a douchebag parent: dressing your kids up like little adults. What are they doing?” Nope? Me neither. But I am pretty sure a lot of people do look at them and dismiss it as purely cute accessories, when in fact, it really should be part of everyday life for every kid.

That’s right, kids wearing shades should be a normal part of their daily routine, just as wearing sunblock every day is. So when the awesome team of O-V Optics approached me about how I can help protect my beasty’s eyes from UVA and UVB damage, I was all ears(eyes?).

Now admittedly, even sunblock sometimes does escape my kids’ routines. Sometimes. But shades? Now that’s easy! That’s something I can totally do! Not much time-commitment required here really, just grab and go. Kids can even put them on their selves. And you know how time-strapped any parent is, so even seconds count (and often why sunblock can fall by the way side– naughty, naughty, I know).

Infographic - How UV Damages Eyes
Think Im being overly cautious and prescriptive? Well here’s the thing: Children actually have larger pupils and clearer lenses, which allows more light in than an adult would, making them more susceptible to UV damage. Similarly, cheaper pairs of sunglasses that don’t have a proper UV filter in, actually allow MORE light in (because of the shade factor) but without that 100% UV protection filter, irreversable damage to the eyes is caused. What kind of irreversible damage am I talking about? Well, lets see, there’s Pterygium, Cataracts and Age-related Macular degeneration. All of which have UV damage as a common thread. So the less exposure to it, the smaller the risk. Makes sense , right?

The O-V Optics team is on a mission to create greater awareness of the damaging effects of UV rays on the eyes of your and my darling children. And encourage the use of quality protective eyewear, to the point where it becomes a habitual norm of society, not just for adults. So much so, they are reaching out to schools so as to make it as part their school uniform -where all children are kitted out with a pair, and not just the privileged few. I think it’s a pretty awesome idea actually – any school principals reading out there? Logo - Sunglasses at SchoolJust picture it, not only would each pair of sunnies come standard with the school’s personalised branding on the sunglass arm, but YOU, personally, would be investing in and preserving the health and vision of all your students in a very big way. Why not give them a call to find out more about their Sunglasses at School program?

If we just think about it, kids are the ones that spend the majority of their lives outdoors, with that big gas ball of a sun shining down on them…farrrr more time being exposed than most adults are. And yet, we as adults are more likely to have that quality eye gear, whipped out in true Horatio style (complete with music) the moment we are about to be faced with sunlight.

O-V Optics (Pty) Ltd source only the best quality in international children-specific frame designs, that are not only lead-free and non-toxic, but also have no Bisphenol-A (ie. BPA, which exhibits hormone-like properties that have raised concern about its suitability for certain products and containers) nor any phthalates (ie chemicals that are used to soften plastics and are known to disrupt the body’s hormones.) They retail at between R400 and R450, depending on the model and the size AND come with a one year manufacturer’s breakage warranty. ie. If your child’s O-V Shades break (under normal kid-circumstances), they will replace them free of charge.

BUT, what makes them even cooler is the fact that once your child grows out of their size small or medium O-V Shades, you can donate them back to them, and they will give you a discount on your next purchase. How awesome are they?! They then donate your child’s old pair of O-V Shades to a child in a rural area who may need them because those children, more often than not, walk 10km to school and back in the harsh sun. So, not only does O-V Optics offer a quality product, but they also operate with good conscience, giving back to the community. Love it.

It’s really good lookingand it’s clearly comfy for my girl – she would’ve ripped those puppies off her face in a flash if she hated the way they felt or looked. Really. My little beasty’s got little time for little white lies. She’s honest as heck and is your perfect critic…(aren’t all kids?)

Daywalker or celebrity. Not sure which one's she's channelling here, but those shades stayed on till we got home.

Daywalker or celebrity. Not sure which one’s she’s channelling here, but those shades stayed on till we got home.


Two beauties: My beasty and Table Mountain

Two beauties: My beasty and Table Mountain

So, the fact that she reaches for them the moment she gets into the car, or heads out to the beach, while she runs and plays, or even just pops off to the stores with mom and dad, means that O-V Optics is totally winning in the style AND comfort categories. And mommy is pretty pleased that her baby’s precious peepers are being well-protected.
School pickup: Homeward bound, and a little frazzled from the day. But so chilled out with her O-V Optics shades.

School pickup: Homeward bound, and a little frazzled from the day. But so chilled out with her O-V Optics shades.

What’s more is that they are virtually indestructible!!! Seriously, these shades are kid-proof. Still don’t believe me? Then check this video out.(watch this space)

Yoga for sunglasses: Virtually indestructable

Yoga for sunglasses: Virtually indestructable

This is a total win for any parent, because life with a kid can get real expensive. Yes? So when you spend money on a product, you don’t want it to break next week, because kids were just being kids. Much like this daddy and mommy, who have yet to replace their sunnies that were casualties of playtime war.

Just word of caution: I wouldn’t advise that you show them this. Because: see above, kids will be kids.

Yes, mommy will keep running and chasing..but first, lemme take a selfie

Yes, mommy will keep running and chasing..but first, lemme take a selfie

From a parental perspective, (ie. how convenient is this for me), it comes with an easy-to-open carry case that will protect it sufficiently from being scratched. Not to mention the carabineer attachment that makes latching it onto your handbag or nappy bag, a breeze.

Only thing is, during play they often fall off, so Im definitely going to have to buy one of those bands(R30) that help secure it to their head. By the way, if your little tyke needs prescription lenses, no problem, the Swag model of these kids shades can easily be fitted with prescription lenses.
What you need to know:
SPORT Small & Med

SWAG Small & Med

    • They come in two models: Swag and Sport
    Tel: 083 295 4248 / 079 893 1596
    Address:P.O Box 73356,Fairland Johannesburg, South Africa, 2030

According to the experts, the earlier you start your kids on shades, the better. Which obviously makes sense: not only in that you’re protecting their eyes at an earlier age, but also starting them off on good habits much earlier. Nothing wrong with that. I in fact, wish someone did it for me when I was a kid. Maybe then I might be ok with investing in read:parting with my hard earned money in really expensive shades for myself. Although, right now after being schooled a bit by O-V Optics, hubby and I are far more motivated now to just do it, and invest in the health of our eyes, and our future…You know, set good examples and all…And because we reallllly look forward to watching our kids grow up…would hate for cataracts to ruin the party.

So if you’re looking for a good quality product, that not only looks pretty cool, seems to have garnered my beasty’s prestigious approval, and genuinely delivers on its promise of eye protection for your children, then O-V Optics is your answer. Still not sure, then why not just go check them out over here.
Logo - O-V Optics

Logo - Real Kids Shades

If protecting their itty bitty precious eyes is not enough, their cute factor is off the chain. 😉


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