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About last Saturday, at the #CTMeetUp


Noticed all the hub-bub lately over on social media about the #CTMEETUP that happened this past Saturday? Yeah? Got a touch of FOMO? Yeah, I don’t blame you. Crying out into the heavens as to why you didn’t just get yourself a ticket before they sold out?

Hmmmm, oh dear, well, I’m not about to make it much better, then am I? What with the incredible blow by blow recap Im about spill.’Cause, honey if you’re a blogger and you weren’t there, then let me tell you now, you missed out..big time!

This was an event designed to leave you inspired! And Cindy Alfino of 3 Kids, 2 Dogs, and 1 old house blog seems to have an undeniable knack for organizing these kind of meet-ups, and doing just that. Don’t believe me? Just have a look over here at the last mommy blogger meetup. And she seems to be nailing it with every new meet-up.

Warming up in the courtyard

Warming up in the courtyard

This event’s theme was Beautiful Living, a thread that was evident right from the choice of venue, (The Italian Kitchen out in Newlands), through to all our speakers, and our incredible sponsors. Not forgetting ALL the blogging talent that could be found in one small space!
Rowdy bunch

Rowdy bunch

14313767834208_resizedBut before I get ahead of myself, lets get back to the venue, Italian Kitchen trattoria cafe: Its a laid back eatery with a menu selection that promises to be diverse enough to suit everyone’s needs.They of course serve up delicious Italian wares, but with a South African twist. They pride themselves in being a kid-friendly restaurant, and offer up “make your own bambino pizzas” for the little tykes. Obviously, as part of an event like the #CTMeetUp, I didnt explore the menu, but did get to enjoy the thin based pizzas that were served up. In fact, our table seemed to enjoy it so much, we ploughed through that baby before we even remembered to take pic of the beauty it once was. Needless to say, the family and I are already plotting when we shall descend upon them and give that menu a proper test drive!

All that MC'ing made Cindy a little thirsty ;)

Who took my straw? All that MC’ing made Cindy a little thirsty 😉

Now, maybe Im easy, but if there’s a sure way to win me over, then offering me a good wine is a bloody good start. (Along with cake, and food and…ok, fine, yes, Im easy.) Smarty pants Cindy, whilst raising 3 kids, and organising such kick ass blogger meetups, also has her own company, Incompass Insurance, and seems to understand this notion quite well. It was no suprise then, that Incompass Insurance was the awesome sponsor of the wine.14313767826261_resized

Honestly speaking, though, I was a little taken aback by the sheer amount of bloggers that I was actually surround by on the day. The space was seriously abuzz with all the chatter – really good energy vibes coming from this lot.

Through the haze of bloggers, I managed to spot Cindy, and was hoping to get my name tag from her to get myself started, but then I noticed she was busy with this:

Getting her massage on, courtesy of the very skilled therapists of Rain Africa Spa. I knew better than to disturb her. In fact, if you value your life, or if you’re a mother yourself, then you’d know better than to disturb a woman mid-massage!

So, as if the wine wasn’t already such a good start, there was absolutely no need to twist my rubber arm to get me in that massage chair! In fact, it was as if this massage was heaven sent – I had left the house wishing for one! And it certainly did not disappoint! The wonderful Rain Day Spa therapist made light work of the knots in neck and traps. She had that firm, but relaxing magic touch! It was quite evident admist the pampering that friendly and qualified therapist working on my neck, has a passion for what she does.(Wish I could refer to her by name,but amidst the noise, there was a miscommunication). Add that glorious scent of the vanilla body cream she was using, and it was all just too divine!

In fact, if I had to leave the event,for some sad reason, right after that massage, I wouldve still left a happy woman!
But its a good thing I didnt have to leave, because we were in for such incredible spoils still to come!

Everyone was kitted out with a goody bag that left us all overly excited like kids on a sugar-high. And rightfully so, as our amazing sponsors just blew me away! Each of them were so generous.
A million thanks, topped with rainbows and oreos once more goes out to:

    -Rain Africa
    -Uitgewers Publishers
    -John Frieda
    -Charlie Foxtrot
    -Oh So Heavenly
    -Romeo Foxtrot
    -Incompass Insurance
    -Magical Moments in Time
    -Botantical Society

Looking at that list, there’s definitely some fun reviews in the pipeline!!

Then, after whetting our appetites, and calming down from the wonderful and understandable goody bag rush, we heard from some really interesting speakers that day. There was Ronel Botes from Rain Africa, Melissa Louise from Zana (unfortunately not pictured here, due to my phone deciding to do updates.Grrr) and Jenny Coulson from Zomato. Each gave informative talks under the banner of Beautiful Living, which not only gave us view into the companies themselves, but also highlighted various facets that any blogger could appreciate and benefit from. Hearing that kind of feedback and angles from big names such as them, is truly invaluable to a newbie like myself.

The lovely Jenny Coulson of Zomato.

The lovely Jenny Coulson of Zomato.

The delightful Ronel Botes of Rain Africa

The delightful Ronel Botes of Rain Africa


I also got to hang with some familiar faces and meet a few new ones. And there were so many other bloggers out there that day that I really still would like to meet and/or spend more time with.

But Ive got to say, it was this table that totally killed it at the lucky draw. Each of us walked away with an awesome prize. I mean, like seriously: All of us. We put it out there in the universe, and…BOOM…it totally happened…Including the part where I said, “the moment I stuff my mouth full of pizza and can barely chew, will be at the exact moment that they will call my name, and I will have to smile for the camera with salami and cheese in my teeth”…It totally played out like that. Exactly. (Why Im stuffing my mouth to begin with, is another story completely though, and not the point. At all.) 🙂

Lucky table: We made it RAIN with our winning streak! Although, truth be told, everyone wins at these events. You just dont lose here.

Lucky table: We made it RAIN with our winning streak! Although, truth be told, everyone wins at these events. You just dont lose here.

Running in for that congratulatory hug

Running in for that congratulatory hug

So all in all, it really was a beautiful day spent with a bunch of very very different characters – and wonderfully so- enjoying Italian wares, networking and just being creatively fuelled, and rottenly spoilt!

Its so hard to say goodbye : Everyone still lingering and getting in last bits of networking

Its so hard to say goodbye : Everyone still lingering and getting in last bits of networking

If you’re a blogger, newbie or even been around the block a few times, I’d say you really would benefit from these meet ups. You totally need to be at the next one. Seriously.

So how do you get in on the action? Well,just keep your eye on Cindy’s blog – you can find all the details over there!

Hope to see you at the next one!x


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