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7 Last minute Father’s Day gift ideas that don’t include socks!

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So father’s day is on this coming Sunday.Yes. This Sunday! Havent got a gift yet? Don’t worry, you’re totally still in the game! You can still get him a dope gift that wont scream “loser dome, I only thought of you just now.” And will instead still say, “you’re the most bomb diggity dad ever and you deserve some spoilage“!

So time’s a ticking, so lets get into it shall we?

    Sourced from Evo Fitness website

    Sourced from Evo Fitness website

    1. Calling the Kettle bell black:There’s no one out there that understands the value of me time or investing in one’s self quite like every parent out there. And if you’re dad is anything like my hubby, you’ll know that he might be struggling to find that balance. So why not help him find the balance by helping him carve out some me-time, just for him with a membership to Evo Fitness.

    These guys have bonafide qualifications in their field, are situated in Cape Town CBD foreshore, and have some of the friendliest and coolest staff around. A membership to this fitness gym would make for a gift that keeps on giving.

    Not only will your dad get me time, but he will invest in his health – and thus, in his future with his family. And if he has ever wanted to learn how to properly clean and snatch a kettle bell like a pro, Evo Fitness is the place!

    One of the few gyms that have instructors that have kettle bell certifications (Hardstyle Kettlebell Instructor qualifications). They offer various kinds of membership options that’s bound to suit your needs and pockets, as well as offer various facets of training – like Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Kettlebell, Bodyweight and Strongman techniques, nutrition .

    Why not check out their website over here, or maybe give them a call on 021 418 2161. They are extremely helpful and also offer a complimentary session just to see if this is something that your dad would enjoy. So why not call em up today? Im sure your dad will love you even more – if that’s possible.

    I reckon that this should be a sure winner with most dads -especially with active type dads. But honestly, I think its also quite perfect for any dad looking to try something new or to start their active journey.

    Sourced from Romeo Foxtrot website

    Sourced from Romeo Foxtrot website

    2. That’s a wrap with Romeo Foxtrot: Im talking about leather wraps, for his arms. There is something so cool about these leather straps, that are strong and masculine, yet soft and gorgeous, and the way that they compliment the look of a man’s wrists. Whilst there are a plethora of choices out there these days, Romeo Foxtrot still catches my eye the most. And if you go check out their website over here, you’ll see why.(See “for him”) What’s even more awesome is that they deliver to your DOOR! (48-72 hours delivery time)

    They have a seriously funky collection for both men and women that are hard to resist…so be careful while you browse: You’re shopping for DAD, not you! 😉

    3. Get on the mat: On the Brazilian Jujitsu (BJJ) map, that is! What is that, you may ask? Well, its a martial arts/combat sport thats also a self defense system that focuses on grappling and more specifically ground fighting.

    So why would dad want a membership to a Jujitsu school as a gift? Refer to suggestion number one up top about investing in oneself. You just can’t go wrong. And if your Dad is anything like my hubby, on the mat is where he can shut out the stress of the daily grind, focus on the task at hand and truly is able to reconnect with himself right there. All whilst honing his self defence skills, and fortifying his body. This, I find – when he actually gets to go- fills up his proverbial “tank” and he is able to just deal better with whatever parenting life (and wife) throws at him. I think we all need our tanks refilled ever so often. And what better way than with Brazilian Jujitsu, a formidable martial art?

    Sourced from their website

    Sourced from their website

    For the westcoast readers, why not give James a call on or check out their website here to see how your dad can become a part of the Gracie Jujitsu family. They are situated out in Parklands.

    Photo Source: Maximilian Facebook page

    Photo Source: Maximilian Facebook page

    Or for those who are closer to Southern Suburbs you could try Maximillian Academy out at Stadium On Main (opposite Cavendish). It’s headed up by the multiple time champion and experienced instructor, Jason. Go check out his facebook page or drop him an email on or maybe call him on 076 122 2622.

    Sourced from Glass House website

    Sourced from Glass House website

    4. A man’s man kinda spa day at the Glass House: There are some men who enjoy a nice relaxing day at the spa. And then there are others who wouldn’t be caught dead in any of the traditional type spa’s or salons out there. But even the most rugged of men can do with a bit of pampering and maybe a touch of style while getting their beard trimmed or head shaven.

    Enter the Glass House, a superb and stylish grooming emporium, that caters for all tastes, where your dad can get his warm towel close shave, and scalp massage all while enjoying a whiskey and/or watching sports.

    Previously featured on Top Billing, it really is one of those places that can get even the most anti-metro man feeling comfy and spoilt in a very masculine environment.

    They are situated at The Foundry, 74 Prestwich Street,
    Greenpoint, Cape Town. So why not go check out their website for a full list of their services over here, that you can get for Dad. Or call them on 021 419 9599/8.

    Mikey, his first time SUP'ing

    Mikey, his first time SUP’ing

    5. Take a stand and paddle: Stand Up Paddling, that is. So yeah, it may not be summer yet, but winter still has a few kind days at the beach to offer. So why not get Dad a lesson in SUP? The voucher includes ALL equipment and gear he might need, as well as down right cool instructors that’ll take you through everything bit by bit, and have you out on the waves in no time.

    Hubby describes his SUP time as tranquil, and distressing – on the board is a place where the stresses of life just drift out of his head. Then again he and I have always loved the ocean and beach life for its healing and mental therapy abilities. So if your Dad subscribes to a similar kind of vibe, why not give him the gift of some ocean time? Or even if he’s not the usual ocean guy, he may just be up for something new like SUP! And lets not forget the incredible core workout one gets from SUP’ing!

    Go check out Cabrinha out in Big Bay website over here or give them a call on +27 21 554 1729. They are situated out at Eden On the Bay, on one gorgeous and lively Cape Town beach!

    beard works logowit

    6. Work that beard with Beard Worx: Whether your dad is a hipster on point with his beard game, or maybe he always rocked one or just started one now, then Beard Worx is an excellent option for your special father.

    Not only can you shop up a storm your dad’s beard online, but their bad ass website has cool little tips and tricks as to how to get your Dad’s beard in top form!
    So if your done with the rough and scruff that come with dad’s hugs and kisses, or maybe dad would love to grow a beautiful long chin mane, but cant get over the itch factor, then Beard Worx has the solution for you! Just go check them out!

    Because, remember, “with a great beard, comes great responsibility!”

    7. Personal touch ceramics with Colour Me Crazy: Bear with me. So yes, hand-made gifts from the kiddums are like stock standard, and kind part of the whole fathers day deal right? Especially where the small kiddums are concerned. But I’m not talking about a standard stuff that fall apart five minutes after unwrapping or that never get used, Im talking about a cute yet practical little ceramic gift that the kids can decorate themselves.

    Think mugs, pasta dishes (for those Jamie-type dads) containers (for his cuff links) or desk paraphernalia – all with a personal touch from your kiddies that’ll have him think about you (kids) every time he uses it. If that’s sounds up your alley, then give Colour Me Crazy a call today! Or go check out their website over here.

    They get pretty busy, so best you give them a call and book your space…like now! You’ll have to move fast this week, so that they can get your master piece into the kiln and ready for father’s day! Give them a call on (021) 554 4135

So even if dad really, really, really needed that pair of socks, maybe buy it another day(or if you can, then maybe buy in addition), and instead give him a gift that’d make him really feel a little extra special. Not that you need a special day for that! 😉 He is, after all, one amazing man!

Hope you all get to spend a wonderful day with your fathers this Sunday, and no matter the gift, that you make beautiful memories on the day!

Happy Father’s to all the amazing dads out there! x


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  1. Just what I needed!! Thank you Tracey as usual for a comprehensive list.

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