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Get your ceramic craftiness on at the Colour Me Crazy Den!



In our home, because of our crazy banana work times, like many other parents, Mikey and I are very protective and somewhat anal about spending quality time with our kids; Being completely in the moment with them, and just living in their world – free of distractions, like phones (save for the photo ops, of course!). Doing something special that requires full engagement and attention -home or outdoors. Often with varying combinations, as in Mom with Morgan-Lee, Mom with Parker-Grace, Mom with both beasties (similarly for dad) , or all four of us together.

So about two Saturdays ago, Morgy and I found ourselves right in our element at the awesome little ceramic art haven of Colour me Crazy. And it really made for perfect bonding time for the two of us.

Morgy grooving to the beats during a juice break..this kids and dancing :)

Morgy grooving to the beats during a juice break..this kids and dancing 🙂

My eldest beasty loves painting, so Colour Me Crazy was so up her alley.. in fact it was up BOTH of our alleys!
Colour me crazy is fantastic little hub of creativity, out in Parklands that caters for ages, and all levels of artistic skills! They provida wide range of raw ceramics that are simply begging you to add your artistic touch. Anything from teddybears, heartshape jewellery boxes, mugs to pasta dishes – they’ve got you covered! And at varying prices, you’re sure to find something to suit your pocket.

The staff are all incredibly friendly, and very helpful and always at your service. In fact they were so accomodating that they took note when Morgy told them that it was for her dad, so much so that despite the usual approximate 2 week waiting priod, they slipped her pieces in early, so it could be ready for Fathers Day. Hows that for service, eh?


It made for a fun morning of creating and painting, over parent fuel(coffee) and juice, with laughs & giggles, and even some artistic advice (her to me). Oddly my beasty wasnt interested in any cake,she just wanted to get on with her crafting. But know that they have cake, and in fact have a limited, but super cute little snack bar counter.

Fun times with mah girl

Fun times with mah girl

I reckon you may need to allow for about two hours crafting time, especially if you want to keep it relaxed and unrushed. We finished about three pieces in that time. But it really is up to you. Also you would need to leave your pieces behind so tha it can be professionally glazed and baked to perfection in the kiln. So be sure to factor in a come-back to the store. Alhtough, I can tell you now, you really are going to want to return. Again and again.
What you need to know:

    Tel:021 554-4135
    Address:14b Lifestyle Centre (next to Builders Warehouse entrance 2)Sandown Road, Parklands.
So much to choose from, with varying prices to suit everyone

So much to choose from, with varying prices to suit everyone

Morgy was certainly chuffed with her creations – creations she did all on her own, mind you! (save for me holding the stencils down for her). And she was even more pleased to see her final creations come from the kiln that made for beautiful gifts for father’s day and Grandma’s upcoming bday.

Stencilling is serious bidnizzzz

Stencilling is serious bidnizzzz

All kids would this, and they cater so well for them. However, dont be fooled: young or old, super-sayan level artistic skills or doodling stick-man novice, whatever, if you feel like a spot of creativity, come find it out at Colour Me Crazy. In fact, male or female, it doesnt care!:) I saw two families get together there, where the dads, moms and kids all came together to make their own master pieces…and let me tell you, the dads, really got into it! It was actually quite entertaining listening to their creative process.So dont discount the dads.

Young n old..these you g ladies had a good giggle at Morgy n my conversations

Young n old..these you g ladies had a good giggle at Morgy n my conversations

Oh, and moms, not to worry, these paints, unlike the awesome chalk paints I used in a workshop, do NOT stain clothing. So let them mess worry-free, mom!

By the way, its best to give them a call, or book or space soonest, as they are very popular. Especially with parties. Yes, they do parties!Pretty cool little parties at that too, that come with the whole schebang! Give them a call either way, Im sure Colour me Crazy can suit all your ceramic artistry needs.

Happy painting! x


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