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14 Ideas to keep the kids entertained this Winter

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Mom and dad, we’re well into school holidays, and to top it off, it’s in the thick of winter, and THREE weeks long – are you prepared? Prepared to fend off the clawing case of cabin fever? Chronic boredinitus? Oh, boy, havent had a chance to plan anything yet!? Excited to get out there, but not sure where to? Well then, don’t worry, I got your back. Here are some simple ideas as to where to take the kids during this wintery school holiday; Keep them happy and maintain your sanity…and hopefully you’ll have fun along with them!

So with out further ado, here you go:

    1. Colour Me Crazy Den: I don’t know a single kid who doesn’t like messing or playing with paint, and creating their own little master piece. But instead of just adding more of these wonderful master pieces to mile high stack you already have at home, how about something useful? Something that’s practical and you’ll actually get some use out of – like a milk jug, or sugar pot, or pasta dish? Then Colour me crazy is your number to call! So much to choose from, and varying prices depending on the piece you choose, add on R35 per piece for professional glazing and firing in the kiln. This is sure to entertain the kids both big and small for at least two hours or so. To read my full review on the Colour Me Crazy Den, click here.

    2. Clay Cafe – If Im not mistaken, it is from whence the original concept of ceramic decorating in Cape Town was born, out in HoutBay. And it’s still just as awesome as ever. Clay Cafe has a small menu selection for you to choose from if all that creativity got you feeling peckish.
    And for those times when winter suprises us with some sunshine, Clay Cafe also has an outdoor play area for the kiddies to enjoy after they’ve completed their master pieces. Really is a winner with the kids. Best to give them a call before you make that drive out to them though, they are quite popular!

    Photo cred: Website

    Photo cred: Website

    funkyfrogs Head2014c
    3. Funky Frogz – So back in summer, when it went all bipolar and stuff, and decided to whip out gale force winds, with sheets of rain, and icy chills, we were forced to find plan B’s and C’s on our playdates with friends. Thankfully hubby spotted this cute little indoor play area some time ago, situated within Tygervalley Shopping centre, that’s far from small. It made for the perfect plan C. So perfect that it can definitely be one of your Plan A’s from now on when Winter does it’s thing. From jumping castles, plastic bikes, to artworkshops, and basketball. Funky Frogs has a little bit for every kind of kid. Whats more is that they have cool security tags that each kid is kitted out on registration. No entry without registration. Ive got to say, this was the first time I ever got to realllly have a coffee at these kind of indoor play places, purely because of its set up.(and cause hubby and I have gotten good at playing tag)  They also do a babysitter options – so you can drop off your kids with a dedicated sitter and do some shopping, if that’s up your alley. So with winters guarantee of gloomy weather and down pours, indoors is where its at – but it doesn’t have to be boring, Funky Frogz does well to use its space to help expend the little one’s energy.

    Biker chick Parky, getting her ride on her at Funky her tutu, of course

    Biker chick Parky, getting her ride on her at Funky Frog…in her tutu, of course

    Photo cred: Website

    Photo cred: Website

    4.Gazoome– this sweet little indoor play area situated out in Milnerton in the Marconi Centre, down Koeberg road, is a new addition to this side of the world, and it couldn’t be more welcome. It offers a secure environment, and promotes keeping kids active in their fun environment. Entry for kids start from R30 for 30 minutes, and goes right up for a day pass.

    planet logo
    5. Planet Kids – Take your kids out to this indoor play area out in Muizenburg for fun that’s out of this world!!! Jumping castles shaped like UFO’s, indoor zip-lining area, little zoom carts (that’s what I call them) for your little ones to lie/sit on, and zoom around the open space. (I know my big beasty, as a three year old had an absolute ball on those zoom boards!) It’s really not your typical indoor play area, not too fancy, but its sure to give a new twist for your kiddums to enjoy for hours, especially with its outter space theme.

    6. Café Paradiso – Who doesn’t love some Madame Zingara magic?! And Café Paradiso, being the heart of the madame Zingara family, does not fail to disappoint with its promise of guests being able to relax in a truly family setting. Located out at 110 Kloof Street, Cape Town, mom and dad can enjoy their meal, while the kids get entertained with a lively and animated story by the fireplace, thereafter are taken to the bakery (and you can follow) where they can make their own little gingerbread men, cupcakes or pizzas. How is that not charming?! These guys never fail to enchant and delight. But be sure to book, as story telling starts at 5:30pm!

    7. Two Oceans Aquarium – everyone’s favourite, needs no introduction and is certainly a no brainer as a go to for a winter activity. What’s super is that they’ve added a few new features recently. So, even if you’ve been there a dozen times, theres always something new to keep an eye out for. And even so , which kid could grow tired of those mesmerizing creatures. Remember children under four get in for FREE!!!

    Photo cred: Website

    Photo cred: Website

    8. Art Jamming – So I have to admit, at first I thought I did this purely for myself, and just drug my girl along. But she adores this kind of messy creative fun, as many kids do! May be a little steep for my pocket to do on the regular, but could definitely fit on the to do list for this winter when youre all rained in, but really don’t feel like cleaning paint off your couches. Whats more is that they have several branches out there, so you should be able to find one thats closest in your suburb. And dont forget they are currently running a nice special, go check it out over here – I know we all like to save our pennies where we can!

    9. The Play Shed – So, to be honest, we have not yet gone to this one. But it’s been on our plan list for quite some time already. And we think its about time that we pay it a visit already.
    Its situated out in Pinelands, Oude Molen Eco Village,, and boasts a huge climbing frame, and a separate play area for toddlers. Moms and dads can enjoy a coffee and cake while your kids play..Or is that run after them, and takes sips of coffee and nibbles of cake in between?:) (or maybe that’s just us who haven’t yet mastered this coffee and play area vibe.) But seriously, it looks like a great option for the kids to go and enjoy themselves, without tearing up your home.

    10. Magic Arcade and Magic Castle– So I have completely forgotten about the fun that could be had at Grand West Casino’s entertainment area. I had completely forgotten about the carnival vibe they used to have. But somehow in my humble opinion they lost that classy touch they used to have in their first two-three years, or maybe it was just me. However, it seems they’ve rekindled their magic and now is a top spot to take your kids for entertainment. You’ll need to purchase tokens to play the games, and often these games have the ticket system that you redeem for prizes, which is always cool for the kiddies. The arcade area open from 10 am daily.

Then for those with kids who are little older, you can always check out:

    11. Ten Pin Bowling: Best suited, as per their recommendation, for kids from the age of 5 years old. Why not check ou Lets Go Bowling with many different locations out in Claremont, Tygervalley, N1 City and Somerset West. Or Magic Bowling out at Grand West Casino (The cost is R45 per person per game and shoes are included). Ten Pin Bowling can b fun. ‘Nuff said.

    12. Go Karting I seriously cant wait for my kids to be old enough for this one! So for some lightning speed fun, go check Kenilworth or Century Karting for your kiddies’ formula1 fix.

    13. Ice Skating: Another activity I couldnt wait for them to be old enough to get them on the ice at the Ice Station, out at Grand West Casino. I know I used to take my nieces for practice every Sunday morning from the age of six, back in the day. So you may start them earlier, especially if its just for fun in the smaller ring situated outside of the main ice ring that is especially for under five years olds, but that I think, is a personal choice. I know I cant wait to get my girls on there – or at least the eldest one.

    Either way, its a great activity to get the kids moving, and improving their co-ordination.

    14. Some at home indoor activities?…So, psych!! There’s not actually 14 ideas here technically,I just hated the idea of “13” only – and Im not a usual superstitious person, so thats weird. But,seriously though, stay-at-home activities are totally a viable option too!!

Don’t knock stay-at-home off completely. In fact, why not stay tuned, and check back here again some time to see my personal list of favourite indoor activities to keep the kids entertained during winter. That should especially be interesting to those of you, who are looking to curb the expenditure this holiday and yet still keep it interesting. Or even for those that might have run out of ideas, and need some inspo.(So check back soon! Or why not just subscribe to my blog, and you will get an email notification when it is up.)

In the mean time, I hope this list has inspired you well enough for ideas for the right here and NOW – cause parents, Winter is here. So are the holidays – you best be ready! This is especially applicable if you and the kids are feeling the cabin fever set in real fast – I know my kids are well on their way as of Monday when my one year begged me in her cute munchkin voice, that we “get in car and go, go, go, mama!

Whatever you end up doing with your kids this wintery holiday season, be sure to be present in mind with them, enjoy and savour your time together. Really, just have fun with it. Its holiday, damnit!:)

Stay safe on the roads, and buckle up your kids up!

Happy holidaying!x


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