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Why would you book a Birth Photographer?!


detailsBirth of Parker-Grace_239
*Side-note: I was not paid nor asked to write this post, it was purely inspired by my sheer love of this photographic art, of the beauty of birth itself, and by the enquiring looks I got when I shared my experience with them. I hope more women will be inspired to do so as well.

So, if you’ve ever watched Parker-Grace’s birth story, you probably may have noticed the exquisite photography used to capture the day. It was clearly not daddy taking a few quick snaps before rushing back to mom, and definitely not the paed saying,”Smile!”. Nope. Those are photographs with a pro touch. And this was no accident, people. You see, because of the sheer beauty and gravity of the day when we first welcomed our first born, and only the handful of rather vanilla pix we had to show for it, coupled with my love for photography, we decided to call in the big guns for baby number two’s arrival, and had a professional birth photographer there. Yup, a photographer at the birth!

Mind you, it wasn’t a likely decision, especially for my hubby. We hemmed and hah’ed about it, just like any other couple I think would – allowing a complete stranger WITH a camera lense into your very personal and sacred birth space! I think deep down I had already made my decision when I first saw birth photography two years before, but I had to be pragmatic about it, and also I wasn’t in this alone – hubby’s decision mattered as much as mine.

In the end, we went for it on the last minute – that seems to be our thing with birth related stuff. But if you’ve seen the birth story, you could understand why we won’t ever regret that decision. (And if you havent seen it yet, I urge to go check it out here! Nothing in your face – promise!)

Birth photography is a beautiful craft, capturing a beautiful and auspicious day, and yet this newly established craft, as with most new things in life, is raising eyebrows in society. In my circle of friends there’s only love and appreciation for it, however, there are plenty out there who’ve never even heard of it before, let alone considered it, and are often shocked at the concept. And if you think about it, sure, you can understand the initial scrunched-up face of confusion by these others.

I hear them think, Why on earth would I have someone forever capture me on a day that I look my worst and most vulnerable?!. But truth is, ladies, on that day of your baby’s birth(c-sect or natural), you are at your MOST beautful and empowered. Never be mistaken. And if you ever look at birth photography portfolios, you’d see it in those mothers. Forever captured- with zero regrets.

Even if you never share those incredible documented moments with anyone but your own children one day, as a keepsake of their start in life. Or purely keep it for own personal pleasure of fondly looking back at the day, believe me, you won’t be sorry you did this!

Birth photography may not be for everyone, but it is for plenty of others out there. So for those of you who are not yet convinced, or for those who are more like, “a photog? At MY BIRTH? WTH?! Why on earth would you want that!?!Why would anyone do that?!
Wellllll, let’s see, shall we:

    1.) There’s that breath-taking, and immeasurable moment of joy when you actually finally get to meet this little person that you’ve been having conversations with through the “veil” for nine whole months. Hmm, yeah,why on earth would I want that moment captured? see first time Birth of Parker-Grace_110

    Ohhh, I don’t know.

    2) Or how about the tears of utter joy in your hubby’s eyes, as he marvels upon this new little person for the first time. Those same tears of joy that you never noticed on the day, but only on viewing of the video do you see it, and your heart melts for this man all over again. (see the video herelook closely)

    3) Or the numerous moments in which your hubby/birth partner tenderly, attentively and adoringly supported you throughout the birth. Especially when you’re pretty much absorbed into your birthing self, and don’t get to see just how attentive and loved up this man is about you. Yes, you, the woman who’s about to bring his child into this world.
    mike hold me

    mike hold meBirth of Parker-Grace_43

    mike hold meBirth of Parker-Grace_50

    mike hold meBirth of Parker-Grace_74

    4) Or those exquisite moments of your husband falling deeply inlove with the new little bundle, as you watch it all unfold.
    skin to skin Birth of Parker-Grace_180

    skin to skinBirth of Parker-Grace_169
    take it in Birth of Parker-Grace_187

    5) And why would I ever want to truly be reminded of the incredibly tender, respectful and immeasurable way our care provider gently yet boldly cradled both hubby and me throughout the entire process?

    midwifeBirth of Parker-Grace_22
    miwifeBirth of Parker-Grace_69

    6) Or the breathless reactions that both care-provider and mom had when actually taking in baby’s face?
    see herface Birth of Parker-Grace_154

    7) Or the beautiful tiny details of this beautiful tiny person, fresh on the day, forever captured. Never to fade, or be laundered by time.
    detailsBirth of Parker-Grace_167

    detailsBirth of Parker-Grace_239

    detailsBirth of Parker-Grace_243

    8) Or what about the priceless moments of meeting the new sibling?!
    Birth of Parker-Grace_215

    9) Or that awesome rush of a moment when you fall inlove with you hubby, all over again?
    fallingInlove_Birth of Parker-Grace_122

    Birth of Parker-Grace_142

Yes, why on earth would I want all of that captured? 🙂
Having a professional take care of capturing all those special moments also leaves hubby free to be completely in the moment with you. To support you in what ever way you need him. Not worrying about the camera or missing the shot, and then scurrying over back to you, to pass you a cookie or drink of water. Instead, he can just be fully present.

But don’t just go rush off and ask uncle Jan to come film or snap up the day for you. What you need is a pro. Seriously, I can’t stress this enough. A photog who is highly familiar with birth, and the sanctity of the birth space. Who understands and respects the birth process. Who shall most likely go pretty much unnoticed. Pretty much like a ninja, in fact. Who has the right kind of equipment for the job too – unintrusive and silent. Who doesnt invade your space. And more importantly that you get along with very well, and that you feel is a good fit for you. THAT, is what you’re looking for.

Keep in mind, this person shall be forming part of a very intimate and select team – you don’t just want any old Jan-rup there. You need to guard your birth space- always. Therefore, someone who understands this and is able to uphold it, is key. A lot can be told from your very first meeting with your prospective photog, so be sure to not skip this step.

Our amazingly talented photog was Marysol Blomerus, and when we met her, it was like it was meant to be. Her gentle soul was very apparent through all her interactions with us. Not just an awesome photog but a really decent and enjoyable human being. Our conversations were easy, and it was clear how passionate she was about what she did. About birth too. It was clear how respectful she was of the process – whether it was natural or c-sect. She understands boundaries, and even helps guide you with pointing out any specific boundaries you may have.

And in case you were wondering, she is top notch about the protection of your privacy.

After she left our home, that night of our first meeting, I beckoned hubby’s opinion by smiling and raising my eyebrows at him (who was a bit sceptical about all this in the beginning). He came over and just kissed me on the forehead and said, “of course we’re doing this!”. Yay! It was clear to him that there’d be more regret from us, if we did NOT do it.

So, if this sounds like it is up your alley, or maybe you’re still unsure and just want to see what its all about, why not give Marysol a call today? Or maybe pop on over to her website? Or go have a look at some of her work over on her blog? Or maybe you’d like to gift someone with this amazing opportunity. Remember, aside from stunning and discreet birth photography, she also does maternity and newborn shoots. And the folks of Cape Town are no longer the only lucky ones to have her services, she now also does destination shoots! Yeah – how awesome is she?

What you need to know:

Why not enquire today about availability and pricing? Even if you’re not planning on ever using her services, go have a look-see at her work. Its just incredible!!! And you’re sure to become a fan! Go, go, go!

I still can’t help but tear up with solid joy everytime I go through our pictures. All the memories come streaming back, and I believe these pictures help preserve them so well. What’s even more fascinating, is that our chlldren themselves, cannot get enough of it either. They watch that birth video on repeat, at least a thousand times, attention unbroken, smiles plastered across their face – not even Frozen or Monsters Inc can compete. What a gift this shall be for Parker-Grace one day, when those questions start coming. What a gift it is to all of us already. (Seriously, check out the vid.)

Photo cred for all pictures featred in here go to Marysol Blomerus of Blomerus Photography.


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  1. Absolutely wonderful.

    Such beautiful pics.

    Marysol is truly amazing!

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