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Rocking Spring with DIY Flower Crowns


What a weekend of sunshine, eh!? I know its spring 2015 already, yes, so the sunshine is pretty much called for, but we all know how winter likes to get it’s last licks in. So yay, go sun! And ok, fine, it might have been the weekend for Parker’s vaccines(boo unexpected icky reactions), but it was also a weekend of impromptu ice-creams on the beach, beachy doggy runs, braai’s, backyard picnics and ….flower crowns.

The glorious spring sunshine totally got to the hippy in me, and I decided to break out the craft box while the girls cheers’ed their pink lemonade for every sip they took. (Apparently, that never gets boring – said no parent ever.)

Last rays of the day kinda picnics: Cheers,mama!

Last rays of the day kinda picnics: Cheers,mama!

Fortunately, I still had some supplies left over from Parker-Grace’s 1st birthday party(see here), and I had a couple of flowers in the home, so out came our peace-love-and-rock’nroll vibes.And I gotta admit, its pretty easy peasy to make, guys. So if you’d like to adorn your little spring fairies with the crown that they (or you) so deserve, have a look-see here on the how to over here.

All you need

    • Scissors ( to cut flowers. However, if you bought the florist wire that comes in a bundle, you may need a scissors strong enough to cut through that, else a wire cutter instead.)
    • Florist wire ( I got mine at Merry Pak for R8,50. There’s crap loads inside, and you don’t have to cut it, so it’s a #win in my books.)
    • Florist tape (Also from Merry pak)
    • Flowers and foliage of choice.


    1.Measure crown size: So you can either take the wire and measure the size of your little fairy’s melon (head). Or, like me, know that the small little fairy is a feisty one and is never going to stand still long enough for you to do any sort of accurate measurements. So wing it. Or also, like me, use your fingers to measure the circumference of your older fairy. Discover your fingers will never be long enough for that, realise how much your kid has grown. Cry a little inside at the rate at which she is growing, then pretend like the imaginery ring you’re making with your fingers is still accurate and carefully walk back to where you placed the florist wire still holding this “ring” position. Realize its pointless and wing. Again.

    2. Using your extremely accurate measurements of above, bend the wire into a circle to form the base of your crown. Twist any excess wire around itself to ensure a smooth finish that wont poke little fairies in the noggin during play. The wire I used from Merry pak is pretty soft, so even if you don’t do a stellar job at this step, it doesn’t matter much really. Otherwise use the florists tape if you prefer to cover the edges. This will be the back side of the crown, in any case.

    3. Take a flower or foliage and align it with the wire, then secure it with some florists tape. (I used the opposite side of the twisted wire area.)Now, If your flower crown is less for fun and more for an occasion like say a wedding, I would say try to get some wire in a bundle as well, so as to first secure the flower to the flower crown with said wire before using the tape.)

    Clearly our’s was just for fun, as a little bit of rough play became quite evident in the crown.

    hmm, somethings not quite right here.

    hmm, somethings not quite right here.

    4. Continue the process of arranging and taping flowers till your desired effect is achieved. I prefer to just to do a front arrangement, but you could go right around. Keep in mind, there is no “correct way” to arrange your flowers, so let your creativity guide you.

    5. You could finish off by wrapping the back end with a pretty ribbon, but the giggles were flowing too wonderfully that day amongst the girls and I (while daddy cooked!) to still worry to go back inside and hunt down a ribbon. And besides, I actually prefer this natural look.


Last rays of the day

Last rays of the day

And that’s it. You are now a certified Spring Queen/Fairy, or whatever floats your little flower boat!
In cae youre wondering, she was sucha great model for cause I bribed/promised her a game of chase if she did. A mom's gotta do, what a moms gotta do.

In case you’re wondering, she was sucha great model for me cause I bribed her with a game of chase if she did. A mom’s gotta do, what a moms gotta do.

Happy Spring! x


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5 thoughts on “Rocking Spring with DIY Flower Crowns

  1. 1) You were born to raise girls 2) I can’t believe that yellow cardboard house has survived still! That thing would be destroyed in my house in like 2 weeks. -M


    • Hahaha! 1) Thx Marysol, you have the sweetest compliments ever. That one actually made my heart flutter. Thank you. 2) I KNOW RIGHT?! Let’s just say Parker has been trying her damdest to destroy that house, simply by just being Parker. But yeah, the kids and their little visitors are still having a ball in it to this day.


  2. hi there, i will try to use this DIY flower crowns accessories for my son birthday next month…
    thanks for idea!


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