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Pizza & Pyjama Jam: How any grown, mature adult celebrates a birthday :)


2015-09-21 13.24.03

Side note: Forgive the horribly blurry photos, somehow everyone’s pix that night was blurred. Cant think why.

It was my brother Max’s birthday early in September, and not long there after, it was my other brother, Rolff’s birthday. Not to mention that right now I’m in the thick of deciding whether or not we’re going to have a party for Parker-Grace’s second birthday next month.(Yowzers!) So understandaby, I’m all up in the birthday vibes right now.

This then got me thinking about my very own birthday recently in July.(Ok, fine, maybe not so recently. Geez, this year is flying, right?!) But back then, I was also in two minds about having a special celebration of sorts for myself. Even it was just for the buds. It was only at the very last minute that I decided to go for it. You know, ’cause, hey, mid-thirties is cause for celebration, right?! Complete with a special birthday cake and all – that was not baked me either! Score! 

Sooo, how would any self respecting, grown and mature adult celebrate their birthday?

With Pizza and Pyjamas, of course!!

Matching Jammies: just your regular old cheese balls :)

Matching Jammies: just your regular old cheese balls 🙂


I mean, how else, right?! 🙂

These days, there are so many toils and troubles one has to deal with; So many serious matters to navigate, and often you start to feel the pressure of keeping it all together as it all jt keeps coming. And to top it off, these challenges seem to grow in depth and intensity with every year of your thirties. So, I felt that in honour of the mature, responsible and big-girl-panty nature of this life space right now, it would be great to ditch the cocktails, hot venues and slick parties, and instead to not take our selves so seriously. Something, my folks have etched into my psyche. So we broke out our favourite & most comfy pyjamas and onesies for a night of silliness, games and pizzas!!

By the way, my nickname has been “Trax” or “Track” ever since a little girl, and no matter where I went, college, work,whatever, the name seemed to crop up and stick. So because its ok to be self-centered this one day of the year, we used a few slightly naughty plays on my name and emblazened them on our jammies. Oh, also not forgetting, my mom’s killer fairy cakes(there’s never any left over,no matter how many she makes) that helped round off the birthday vibes.

The intension was to kick-off by making pizzas from scratch, and bake them on the braai – I had already made the dough. But we used a new wood supplier that day, who unfortunately disappointed us with rather wet wood, as we only then discovered. It really struggled to light up and hold up. But we have our very own “Uncle Gus” (Eddy Murphy fans out there?) who at least got to warm the home up with the lounge’s fireplace. So we instead ordered in – Col’Cacchio’s is not a bad second option, yo!

For the games,we had plenty planned – even Beer Pong! But by the time we hit Cards Against Humanity (a long time favourite of mine), thats pretty much where it all went dodgy. 🙂 In a good way.



Not that we don’t regularly do fun silly stuff already, in fact, I grew up with that kind of enjoyment mixed in. So with amazing friends like our’s, I had just the celebration I wanted. The kind that left me with all the warm and fuzzies that the good stuff of life tend to bring you.

Of course, my mom looking after the girls that night, so that we could have an adult night of childishness, is what made it all a reality.

May have misplaced the shot of my girls helping me blow out my candles at the family lunch my mom hosted for me, but still have the shot of them and my god child playing happy bday for me on the piano!

May have misplaced the shot of my girls helping me blow out my candles at the family lunch my mom hosted for me the next day, but still have the shot of them and my god child playing happy bday for me on the piano!

Last but certainly not least, there’s this guy, who above anyone else, really made my night all that special. Not only with his special birthday smooches, but with every other little bit in between. And as that night proved yet again, he’s still my number one go to guy for silly shenanigans & giggles. I love that one with everything I’ve got.


Here’s to plenty more years of silliness, love and laughter together.
#foreveryoung. x


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