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Flashback: How we celebrated Halloween 2014 & a little history about us as a couple .


20141031_164009-012014’s Halloween was not our typical Halloween…as in we didn’t have our usual Kiddies Halloween party. And yet, it was still a really good one for us. First up, I had both kids grown enough to enjoy their costumes. My mom spent the entire day with us – always awesome. And we got to have a little garden party just the four of us, as we welcomed the younger little toddler trick or treaters of our neighbourhood who popped around. But mostly, I suppose, because I got to spend an extra day with the birthday girl, Parker-Grace!

You see, we were prepping for her FIRST birthday party that very Halloween, and we were full steam ahead on getting all the bits and bobs just right. But somehow we all still managed to get some Halloween fun in on the day. We went full swing with proper costumes for the kids – I would normally make it myself, using bits already around the house. We had a fun little garden party, as I said earlier, and to top it off, that year, was the very first year Mike and I had ever gone to a proper adult only Halloween party. All while still having to make and bake. Quite a bite we chewed off, but still exciting!

Morgan-Lee went with this cute Mike Wazouski costume, that we got from Kids Fancy dress ( for more costume hire companies, see here)

For Parker-Grace , we used this cute pumpkin outfit that we bought for Morgan, from Woolworths back in 2012. (Wish they’d stock those awesome Halloween costumes again. They were really top quality.)

Much to my prompting, my mom dipped into out dress-up box and liked the witches hat. I love that she’s so game with the silly things. So while we welcomed the coming and going little trick or treaters, we had a little picnic party in the garden.

Did ya strike gold there,kid?! :)

Did ya strike gold there,kid?! 🙂





As for Mike and I, we were pretty sure we were going to hire costumes,seeing that we didn’t want to have loser-like csotumes for the party. But in the end, time got to us, and we ended up with easy peasy versions, that were also pretty much either store bought, or DIY.

We went as Frankenstein’s Monster and his Bride.

Here comes the bride and groom... Again

Here comes the bride and groom… Again

And to be honest, it was actually a bit fitting, in that we got to do a small tiny bit of our marriage over. You see, way back then, Mike and I were only dating for like two weeks when we had both made up our minds that we were going to get married. Mike then mentioned that he would wear chucks with his suit to our wedding. I then went and gifted him with this very pair of Chucks for Xmas, that was less than a month later. And the plan was then to have matching Chucks on the wedding day. We soon got engaged, and the wedding was on the way, but unfortunately, Mike got talked out of the whole Chuck n suit vibe, and thus our matching Chucks in wedding attire never did materialise- much to my disappointment. However, on that Halloween night of 2014, we got to make it happen. Even though it was pretty much unplanned, it still happened, and my heart is satisfied.


So that’s a bit of our history as couple for you, but back to the costumes: Mike went for a cross between the new Frankenstein and the classic.
While my costume was pretty basic and easy, I think it did the job. I was also pretty pleased with the hair.

I am sorry I ran out ta time to do the hair properly like I did for the test run. I am also sorry i didnt put away my second skin (surf top) away before taking this snap. *hmmfff*

I am sorry I ran out ta time to do the hair properly like I did for the test run. I am also sorry i didnt put away my second skin (surf top) away before taking this snap. *hmmfff*

However, to be honest, my test run was far better, as I had curled and used hair color spray for the grey bits. (For a DIY tutorial on Frankenstein’s Monster’s Bride, watch this space)

I did as much party prepping and setting up before we left, knowing that I only had the cake to deal with when we got back. And it was actually such a nice evening, enjoying adult conversation, meeting new people, and EVERYONE was game and dressed up! Most people really went balls to the wall, which was really cool to see. The details to their costumes were amazing. In fact, there was a Viking couple, wherein the wife had her busband grow his beard for a full 8 months!!! Just for the Vikings effect. Talk about commitment! But it was so well worth it – they won a major prize, by the way.

In fact, we treated the night out like a date night, and we savoured every bit of it. Especially so, as this was still at the time where I was just about coming out the baby fog.
But by midnight , we had to call it quits. Aside from the fact that Ive learnt Im getting too old for this late night schpiel (Im such a loser) : )I also knew I had a birthday cake to go home and sculpt.

To see how the cake turned out after toiling into the wee hours of the morning, see here.

So we grabbed our cute party loot, said our adieu’s and made our way home, sweetly savouring the success and enjoyment of the day.

All in all, a fun day with fun people – both big and small. Here’s to more fun times!


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3 thoughts on “Flashback: How we celebrated Halloween 2014 & a little history about us as a couple .

  1. You guys are too cute! You were made to have a Halloween weekend baby. Love the chucks! -M

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  2. Haha!,thanks Marysol. Just a pity the chucks were a little on the grubby side ;p

    And as far as Halloween is concerned, I did ask her nicely to not be born on Halloween… And like a good girl that she is ,she didn’t…but also like the feisty one she is, she came.the day right BEFORE! Lol


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