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DIY Bride of Frankenstein’s Monster: No sew Costume and Hair tutorial

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20141031_232205-01As far as Halloween costumes go, this baby is truly one of the easiest ever!! And certainly one of the cheapest too! And as a fulltime working mom of more than one, that combo is certainly a win in my books!
I wore this one in 2014 for the Halloween party on the night before Parker’s first birthday party– so clearly,I needed something quick and easy.

So if you’re looking for a last- minute costume, or you’re just not willing to over-invest in a fancy dress effort, then this one is so for you! Here goes:

Her Dress:
What you would need:

    • For the dress: All you would need is about 2.5 meters length of cheap white material. (For better measurements, measure the length from your shoulder to the floor. Add about 5 cm if you wish to hem it. Then double the measurement, and that’s the length of material you’d need.)
    • For the arms: You could wear a white long sleeve sweater, like I did to act as bandages. As long as the neckline won’t be visible under the material dress. Or you could wear long white gloves, and cut off the fingers.
    • Strong safety pins.
    • Also you would need another pair of arms. If you’re short on that, then maybe borrow a pair from someone who’s willing-


-Fold the white material in half, across the length.
-Then fold in half across the width. That way, the point that forms, is actually the centre of the material. This is where you need to cut an opening that’s large enough for your head to fit through.
-Once you have this small opening, you can now then opening it up, to the point of where its folded in half across the length. In this position you can now cut your neckline as you see fit – the back is normally higher than the front.
-Now you can slip it on.(Don’t judge it yet) And this is where you may need some help with the pinning of the pleats.
-Now unless youre super flexible or have sprouted an extra pair of arms that are weirdly angled, Id suggest, calling for help with this next bit with pinning. Or maybe, if you have one of those mannequin thingy mabobs at home, you could drape it over that now, and do the pinning yourself.
-Take about 5 to 7 cm of material about 8 cm away from neckline and fold it over to create a pleat, then pin down with a secure safety pin. Continue doing so along the each of the shoulders, until your desired effect is achieved.
-And that’s it. Doesn’t get any easier does it?!

To cover the sides,you could sew it,or just safety pin the sides as well,like this:

Grrrg. Arrg

Grrrg. Arrg

Her Hair:What you will need:

    • Hair pins
    • Bobby pins
    • Coke bottle
    • Thermal guard
    • Hair spray (holding)
    • White Hair colour spray or baby powder (the grey bits on the side)
    • A curling tong/flat iron along with the skill to make a curl with said flat iron.
    • Paper towl

-First up, you would need to cut the bottom piece of a coke bottle, depending on how high you want your hair and also how long your hair actually is.

We’ll be using this to build the beehive or Marge Simpson effect.
-Then take a small section of your hair from the area upon which you shall build the height of you style. And make a plait from that.
Twirl into a bun and pin down.

-Place coke bottle over that plaited bun.

-Now carefully and slowly gather up the rest of your hair over the coke bottle. You could pin it, however, I found that just tying it all together ontop and making a bit of small top knot right on top worked fine.
14461967755732However, my hair has thinned out quite a bit over the years, so if you have thick hair this might not work for you. In this case, pinning it in place over the coke bottle may work better.

-However, be sure to leave two areas of hair (at each of the temples) lose.
-Spray protective thermos guard over those areas – I use Revlon’s Unique 1. Best smelling thermo-protect Ive ever had!
-Now using your tongs/iron, make a twirl/curl of those two pieces of hair. Spray lightly with hair spray. Let it set.
-Cover your main hair with paper towel, hold up curled bit and spray with white hair spray.
-Pin that bit in place.
-Repeat on the other side.

The light did not unfortunately play well with this shot as the very is hardly visible.

The light, unfortunately, did not play well with this shot as the grey temples are hardly visible. Also the light makes my blonde disappear and the height is somewhat lost for this shot.

And -BOOM-there you go. That’s it. Hair and costume sorted!
Now, if you’re looking for makeup, well…that’s not something I did that night, as time was a bit strapped. I just puffed some baby powder all over my face for the pale look, some lippy and liner. Also, cause Im pretty loser-like when it comes to make-up. Seriously wish it was a skill of mine, but with the energy required, I just dont see it happening soon. There are, however, plenty of wonderful links up on Google from extremely talented folks.

Hope to see your costume DIY’s soon. Enjoy!


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