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A whirlwind roundup of October 2015


Warning: Heavy Photo post! 🙂
2015-11-09 14.18.27What a month October was! Wowzers…I wanna say, hell yeah, bring on xmas now, but I feel I may very well still need some time to recover from it…Also our coming November schedule is already jam-packed for us, so it’d be pointless to try and even fool myself into thinking that I can slowly cruise into Xmas season untarnished…But before I get ahead of myself, I really enjoyed our October, so lets do a round up shall we?

I’ve got to be honest, as I type this up, I’m not even sure if it’s the AMOUNT of things we did, or just the amount of ENERGY that went into things that made it so wonderfully memorable to me. Either way, we had great time.

To kick it off, it was my nieces birthday. Whilst she’s too far away, tucked away in the US of A for me to visit her right now, there’s still a sense of great excitement in my bones for her birthday. One day we WILL be with her to watch her blow her candles out.

Then there was quite a mix of friends who’s birthdays it was and we certainly enjoyed this little friends birthday party. This was also where I got to witness that Parker is not the type to take shizz from any kid who was gonna mess with her on the jumping castle. I first thought I’d have to intervene on small little Parker’s behalf, but from the fury she tried to unleash on her assailant with her puffy little baby hands, I eventually had to step in on the assailant’s behalf! Lol. Also her accuracy is pretty on point as witnessed during piñata time.


Oh, and on birthday parties, we went to yet another…yip, you guessed it: Frozen Party…but gotta say, this one was pretty cool. That mom is like such an awesome party DIY queen- hats off to her. Will share that party soon.(Such a cool idea she had!)

Parky saw her sissy's dress and immediately asked for HER princess dress

Parky saw her sissy’s dress and immediately asked for HER princess dress

Who likes warm hugs?!

Who likes warm hugs?!

Speaking of cool, we had a cool time out at the Nerf or Nothing Bootcamp and My Little PonyFriendship Land play area(See here.), where Morgan-Lee and I could just hang out and do some shopping together. It was here that I realised I think I found myself a cheerleader a clothes shopping partner! I mean, Im generally not a big fan of shopping – whaat?! I know, right? But, seriously, I’m just not – shoot me. But shopping with her that day suddenly made me a huge fan. I especially loved it when I called it a day and she exasperatedly exclaimed to me, “But, mom! We cant go home yet! We still have to go look at the shoes!” I just hugged her and giggled and promised that we will soon. That was one shopping expedition I was looking forward to!

And certainly one of my geek-self highlights was when we got excited about more science experiments and package deliveries.

There were house warmings of dear friends that leaves you with all the feels. You know, those feels that you get from spending time with good people who you’re lucky to call friends, and watching people do well in their lives. One of the best feels, ever.
house warmingIMG_20151010_205905

On another note, I successfully made slime(I know, right? Not your typical bucket list items: 10 things to do before I die.) But I could finally put the obsession to rest. And Im not even kidding about it being an obsession. Hubby would verify that- although he may say the sanity in my quest could have been in question . Seriously, once I get an idea in my head I can’t let it go. A bit of a dog-and-a-bone vibes, as hubby says. I had the idea of making slime as a party take home gift, and literally couldn’t rest until I did. When I did: Sanity restored. So for all those moms and dad’s who KNOW their kids are just going to love it, I got ya back: I will definitely be sharing this easy peasy recipe with you soon!

Gloriously gooey, but non-sticky  slime! Homemade in less than 5 minutes!

Gloriously gooey, but non-sticky slime! Homemade in less than 5 minutes!

Then, talking about sanity…and sanity savers: We’ve been enjoying the benefits of proper, organized chaos at bedtimes again, thanks to reinstating our usual bedtime routines I had put in place from the beginning. ..but somehow lost in the recent past months. Kids are bathed, read to, sang to and in bed all within 35 min tops – again! Shooo…right? Yeah, totally high fiving ourselves again, like why did we let it slip in the first place! So glad I reinstated it a few months ago, otherwise I doubt we could have managed October as well as we have. I have been wanting to share our routine with you for a while now, and think I will soon! Eyes peeled,then,yes?

Bedtime stories:

Bedtime stories:

Although, we still have the odd nights where we totally break bend the rules a bit. (see paragraphs below about the warm and fuzzies of the season)

My bro-in-law (sister’s hubby) flew in from the states. Sadly, my sis and their girls couldn’t join him this time, but it was SO unbelievably good to see him. In fact, before I saw him, I gave him a call, and I was so taken about by how good it was to just chat to him again (I normally chat to my sissy over phone , with relayed convo’s with him, via my sis). I realised how much I had actually missed him!!

Anyhoo, his time here was limited, so the first chance he had, we grabbed and had him and the rest of our family over to our place for dinner- school week or not. It was the first time he would ever be in our new home, so we wouldn’t have wished for it to be anywhere else.

He’s certainly one of our loved ones -an important person in our lives. So it was such a feel good day for us, to have him in OUR home, to break bread with the family and to meet OUR children for the first time. Soul food, kinda stuff, you know? : )

Also I had been really feeling pretty uninspired in the kitchen for a long time now- with only a few bright sparks here and there. But with him coming over, I felt inspired enough to whip up something pretty in the kitchen…So inspired by a recipe of a blogger that popped in on my blog about three or four months ago, I whipped up this Maple Apple Rose tart. And I think it turned out quite pretty, even if I do say so myself! Needed maybe one more apple, but hey, I only had so much time with my bro-in-law.

And of course, with the month of October holding the excitement of Halloween and Parker-Grace’s birthday, there was lots and lots of planning to do! Since her birthday and Halloween is only a day apart we decided to smash the two together and have a Monster Bash birthday party for her! Something I said I’d NEVER do, but..Eeek(!) Im finding it so exciting, that I may have to veto my own original ruling!

We decided to ditch the DIY costumes this year completely, and go full Costume hunting.And that in itself, was loads of fun! Not just for the girls, mind you – who were pretty excited about their choices this year. I was surprised by how game my hubby was this year – he MUST love me. : ) Can’t wait to show you all the costumes!

Oh, and we cant forget about the fantastic book line up we had/have straight off from the shelves of Barnes & Noble , courtesy of Shona (my sister), her hubs and daughters. Books are genuinely weak-in-the-knees kinda material for my girls, so she’s provided some serious bribery material for when Im needing to negotiate good behaviour with them. 

Then there was more and more party planning– the cutting, the pasting, the designing, the swearing of never being such a sucker for DIY for the next party as I nurse cramped up hands, the knowing that I probably won’t stick to that either…and all the creating – tight budgets make for loads of creativity.

And with this being Halloween season, there was lots of festive crafting going down in our abode. Pumpkin decorating was a great hit with the girls, especially Parker, as it meant lots of messing and squishy paint between the fingers.

Parker says: Why use paintbrushes when you have hands?!

Parker says: Why use paintbrushes when you have hands?!

There were other cool pumpkin crafts too like this one my sissie sent as well. Morgan-Lee was so chuffed with this one, we all had to be navigate our way through the dark for a while , while she enjoyed the “full effects” of her craft.


There was little girly temp-tattooing, giggles and loads of love. Not to mention incredible amounts of baking for the party – which was actually a wise decision in hindsight, as my back spasmed up in the last few days before the party, and thus I was rendered as pretty useless to get anything done for the party.

Then, there were other general facets of this season that gave me the warm and fuzzies.
From one of my recent Instagram posts:

Pumpkins, scented candles,full tummies,surprise snacks and gorrrrgeous Spring evenings… not to mention a clean lounge…ahhhh, #lifefeelsgood. #notperfectbutsogood.

Last night was one of those nights that I just didnt want to end, maybe it was the #moon or the weather, but we pushed bedtime out a bit,so that pumpkin painting and our usual random dance off’s could go on for longer, bubble baths could be deeper and story time longer… These times, these simple beautiful times..these are the true riches of life..
And when i tucked them in at night with sleepy silly smiles, I know they feel this too.

The warm and fuzzies included our little Pax practising so hard for her candle blowing. Her technique is really a cute, slobbery sprinkler attempt with very little breath, but we had no doubt this madam was gonna master it just in time.

Practising so hard the night before her birthday - soon it'll be more breath and less spit.

Practising hard: if the breath doesnt put it out, her spit will

Popping in at Winefarms just stocking up on  much loved wine.

Popping in at Winefarms just stocking up on much loved wine.

And then there was the BIG day- Parker-Grace’s birthday! Her second birthday!
As we came in to her room, with our arms full of balloons, to sing happy birthday to the special girl, we found madam, out of her cot, ready and waiting for us! She had successfully managed to get out of her cot, without falling.

We opened her bedroom door, and found her like this: Happy birthday, baby!

We opened her bedroom door, and found her like this: Happy birthday, baby!

This is now a regular feat of her’s, and often, as reported by the nanny , she just sits on her large chair with a pile of books in her room, calmly waiting for the nanny to come fetch her in the morning. If she’s more in a hurry, she uses her bottle to bang on the door to let you know: move your butt! Needless to say, we need to move her big girl bed plans forward!
Getting ready to do the real deal

Getting ready to do the real deal

Doughnut monsters

Doughnut monsters

One unmade bed, one nappy clad birthday girl and one half dressed school girl, all make for great balloon shenanigans in the mornings.

One unmade bed, one nappy clad birthday girl and one half dressed school girl, all make for great balloon shenanigans in the mornings.

Her birthday, though, was a wonderful day of balloons, kisses, waffles, cute monstrous goodies and the HBD song on repeat. Also there were birthday balloon baths – although, to be honest, this one was not quite ON the day, as given all the excitement of the day and my back situation, something had to give.

And as if to place a natural crescendo on the month, and wrap everything up, October ended with the actual Birthday Monster Bash! Even the weather gods played with and made for a miraculously beautiful, wind-free day, ringing in Halloween, while we joyfully celebrated Parker-Grace’s two years of life that she lives with such great force! Ah, this girl. (Read my birthday tribute to her here.)

Halloween decor

Halloween decor

And what a day it was! Everyone in costume- well, almost! And those who didn’t, admitted to at least having a mask at the ready, jusssst in case.

And let’s not talk about the morning-after (the party), where remnants of a good time had were strewn across every bit of our home. Whilst seriously against my desires to have a clean home, it filled my heart with great satisfaction. The howling storm that was unleashed upon us all that morning, also doused any tiny bits of small desires I had to clean the home, and instead we all stayed in our jammies till the moon came up again.

All in all, I seriously had a fantastic time neglecting all the stresses of my life and making my world revolve around making this month and Parky’s birthday fun,beautiful and memorable. And with all the genuine people that our lives were lucky enough to be intertwined with, what awesome memories were made, indeed!

Hope yours was good too! Here’s to reminiscing on these good times, and here’s to November, where we get to make new ones!X


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Mother of two (and counting), pregnant with the third and have a sweet little angel in heaven. A very happy wifey, blogger, lover of life and laughter, a clumsy swimmer, loyal friend, Im funnier in my head than I actually am, I am a qualified HypnoBirthing Child Birth Educator, I get inexplicably excited about good food, baking & crafts. Although, I think baking and crafts are just trying to fill a void that my Kenpo and gym-rat days used to fill. Lastly, according to the rest of the world, I fix your printer. But I'm actually a Software Architect.

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