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Gorgeous baby & toddler goods at Leo & Lola Baby Boutique

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If you’re on the hunt for gorgeous little dresses, beautiful tiny shoes to cover those irresistable chubby baby feet, some organic baby toiletries , or even the cutest baby ones (cue major ovary aches), then look no further than the newly launched Leo & Lola Baby Boutique, out at the Palmyra Shopping centre in Claremont.

I was recently invited to their flagship store launch, where I met the lovely Sam – the mastermind behind the all new boutique. Gorgeous essential oil/incense smells that just screamed serenity & happiness were wafting from her store, the layout is simple and eye catching, and the goods? Oh, the goods are as heart-stealing as they get. Even if you don’t have a little baby, I promise you, you’re going to start conjuring up people for whom you could buy these precious little pint size clothes for.








This woman knows what she’s on about, especially the fact that when I met her, she had a baby of one of her customer’s on her arm. Said baby was more than content to sit in Sam’s arms, even as a stranger. Clearly this woman is in the right business, because even babies know she’s got just the right touch – something that extends right into her store and product list.

Everything from the nursery, bath time, cuddle time to clothing those perfect little bodies – she’s got you covered. Not to mention, their prices are actually quite competitive for the quality of goods that are on offer.
Of course, I couldn’t leave empty handed, so I went with a lovely pair of shoes for a friend’s little baby girl (I honestly couldn’t resist), and a beautiful navy dress for my youngest, Parker-Grace.

I mean, can you say Christmas dress? Yes?

Photo credit: AJ Young Photography

Photo credit: AJ Young Photography

Dress_2015-12-14 11.52.55
Wished I could have bought one for my Morgan-Lee as well, but she does not as yet cater for four years and up. However, Sam did note this when I mentioned it to her – so perhaps in the near future, she will. (I’m holding thumbs for that!)
So, if you’re on the hunt for a beautiful Christmas outfit for your little one, why not pop over to Leo & Lola ASAP! In fact, for all your gorgeous baby needs, she’s got you covered! Everything in there really is darling, and of course, local is lekka!

Wishing Sam all the very best on this new business venture- no doubt you’re going to rock it, woman. In fact,I’m sure you already are! x


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