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Christmas Eve: when things don’t go the way you planned

IMG_20151224_234733What a day it was. Christmas, that is. It always is, isn’t it!? In fact, Im still recovering from it, so much so I haven’t even gone through any of the day’s pix yet – I know, right?! THAT never happens! So, while I’m still recovering and preparing for our big family reunion, let me share a bit of our Christmas eve with you instead:

“Its, ok, its still going to turn out great!” That was me on repeat to my mom, as each little thing she attempted to make on Christmas eve was “flopping”. Which was quite odd actually, since my mom was the one who taught me about silver linings and not sweating the small stuff.

Christmas was at her’s this year, so as the host she was in the thick of things to get it all Christmassy. And yet, she couldn’t find her lights, she couldnt get to the turkey, and her cheesecake was slightly burnt thanks to dodging between the sewing machine, stove and oven all day. My niece didn’t pitch – the one that was to help clean up, wrap gifts, and help put the major touches to everything. All the things my mom shoo’ed me away from because,”not to worry, C will be here soon.” I had had dreamy visions of what Christmas eve was going look like in our own house too, so I too was keen to get home and get started, but I just couldn’t bear the thought of leaving my mom alone to prep for it all. Especially with every little knock in the kitchen that was coming her way. I was pretty assured it really was going to be ok – but I could see, as graceful as she always is, she was fretting a bit.

This meant that we only got home real late. And whilst packing up the car, I could see how the dashing of our perfect plans were undeniably on our horizon. To dilute the(my) possible disappointment and resulting parental frustration, I prepped Mike with the whole we need to drop the bar of our expectations for the night quite significantly talk. He looked at me from across the car roof, as we strapped in the kids, and knowingly nodded. We also knowingly accepted that we would probably be completely fried the next day too, but this chistmas eve would still be beautiful and filled with good memories, that would be safely stored away in the reels of our minds forever – whatever happened.

I mean, just thinking of our visit to Santa makes me chuckle with how much that prized pic just didnt quite turn out as I had hoped. Sure it was no suprise that Parker-Grace was less than impressed with this grey dude and amazing beard, but I had really hoped all the psyching up at home would help. Even just a little. But she wasnt touching Santa with two meter stick as far as she was concerned. Not what I had planned, however, it still provided much entertainment for Mikey and me. It always does. Also, this year was the first year I wasn’t in the pic with them – so yet another sign of the times.

For someone trying to stay on the nice list, she sure fed him some sweet lies. #shockedface

For someone trying to stay on the nice list, she sure fed him some sweet lies. #shockedface

Toyworkshop wonder

Toyworkshop wonder

Now if we can all look this way, at the same time. That'd be great.

Now if we can all look this way, at the same time. That’d be great.

That look

That look

Prepped her for Santa visit and thought some cookies would help soften the blow. May need more cookies next year.

Prepped her for Santa visit and thought some cookies would help soften the blow. May need more cookies next year.

SO yes, I might not have gotten a classic shot on Santa’s lap, but I did manage to snap this little beaut over here – sisterly love. Heart melt stuff, yo.

The gem of the day.

The gem of the day.

And we got to just chill out a bit as a fam…before game-time!


And yes, it was late in the day, it wasn’t at all as we had planned, but with our two little sweethearts and their ready-to-live-life attitudes, Christmas Eve was as special as it could be!

Washed and fed they dug into their “Night before Christmas” box, eagerly jumping into their Christmas jammies. They then grabbed the reindeer food they had made a few weeks back at our North Pole Party, and out to the driveway they sped.

Pax slightly misunderstanding the task, went hunting for the reindeer all over the garden. “Mr reinnnnnndeeeeer! Where are you?!” Morgy eventually cottoned on and took the lead.



mom foodIMG_6854-01

Of course, this was all too good to go without a song and dance, hence Pax breaking out into a her own little adlib song (come to my house mr reindeer), complete with twirls and ballerina fingers. Morgy eventually caught onto her lyrics and joined her. How wonderfully uncoordinated they were. And at the top of their voices, across our quiet neighbourhood.

Mike and I canned ourselves at their lively performance, missing most of the good shots. But we eventually had to shut them down, as we didn’t want to start any shizz withour neighbours.
We did manage to catch some video footage of that impromptu song and dance…but the quality is not too great for sharing . Just know that it was a gem, and I was very sorry to have to rake them in back inside.

Once back inside, it was time for some hot chocolate, popcorn and only one of the three Christmas movies..all great little treasures from our “Night before Christmas Box”.
In the meantime, I had a chicken pie and dessert to make, but my weary bones just couldn’t anymore. I realised that I had missed three gifts and several stocking stuffers in my wrapping schpiel – urghh. I had also done the maths, that if I wanted to get it all done, I might as well scrap my sleep and all sanity I had left. That was not on..I did not work my butt off all year and patiently wait for this time of year, just to be a heap of sleep deprived tiredness crumpled into myself. Hells no! The fact that our stove was screwing around with me was enough for me think that maybe I shouldn’t try to cook that night. But mostly, the fact that I had zero internet connectivity – meaning no access to ANY of my fave recipes, including the egg nog- was the universe’s sign to toss any cooking for the night aside and hope for the best in the morning.

But just to keep it real,though, before I reached that whole acceptance part, I was mostly cussing(or more accurately, mouthing the cussing – cause children present and all), and having rather strong muffled conversations with my phone through the pillow I buried my face in. I realised the speech I gave my mom all day, needed to be said right back at me. It’s ok. And with that, I let it go, made egg nog from memory, and cuddled up next to hubby on the couch.
Sure we still had quite a bit to do once the kids were down, and yes, I knew the chances of asleep-in, in the morning were zero, but it was Christmas eve and I was going to savour the crap out of it!

And we so did. Even with an almost 2am bedtime(for us not the kids) and rushed last minute wrapping. Memories made, laughs had, the cuteness overload of our little girls in their Christmas jammies that they couldn’t wait to put on. And there is simply no way I’ll forget how they created their very own musical in our driveway, disturbing the peace, in their crazy cute, small little voices. I actually didn’t want it to stop. But bedtime’s bedtime. And if anyone needed them to go sleep, it was me. (despite my overexcited self)

Ahhh… and this was just the start, the big day was yet to come…meaning more perfect moments amidst all the imperfections that were yet to come. And I couldn’t wait…


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