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Soft Kissable Lips with this Natural Homemade Lip Balm Recipe



An easy natural lip balm tutorial

So if you haven’t noticed it, yet, I’m kind of like a DIY junkie…Maybe it’s my naturally crazy, ever-present need to make stuff that has for some strange reason just stepped up a notch. Or maybe it’s the lack of my sweat dripping on some studio floor somewhere, or the mommy-sanity levels are out of whack, and I need a creative release somehow …I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something about DIY that gives me some sort of wild ride of satisfaction lately…also when I start loosely using the term “wild ride” with “DIY” in one sentence, then it should be apparent to you that I may need to get out some more. Or, like go jump off a bridge or something. Not sure, but my need to make shizz finally just met my intrigue with natural products. They got hot and heavy, and from them, their lovechild, natural homemade lip balm, was born!!!

Now if you could imagine that last bit of my introduction done in a skit form, to the tune of Lion King, that’d be great. Yeah.

You see, ever since my breastfeeding journey began back in 2011, I’ve been exposed to the powers of so many natural products, and I’ve been left in awe. Ok, fine, actually been exposed ever since a child, really; My granny passed a lot of tips and tricks onto my mom. (But, seriously, back to the in awe part, have you checked out my Sleep enhancing Pillow mist yet? So easy. So effective – for you AND your kids!! Check it out.)

I remember one particular natural product that my midwife showed me that could not only be used to protect baby’s bum, but also be used on your lips. Obviously I had to rub it all over my lips immediately, fell in love with it, and promptly bought the biggest jar of it for Morgy’s tiny bums! What’s more, is that I wanted to make my myself. (yeah, I know, good luck trying to connect the dots there in my thinking there, but there you go. That’s me.)
Cue this past weekend, where we got down with our dirty DIY selves and got to making our very own lip balm. And they are genuinely easier than you think.
All you need:

    -Shea or Cocoa butter
    -Coconut oil
    -Essential Oil – You can use any one really, but Morgy and I loved the Peppermint. (Morgy says it makes her lips feel nice and cold) I was a bit bummed to not be able to find my Vanilla essential oil, though. So really play around with what feels good for you- think strawberry (yummy), spearmint (super tingly), etc.
    -Lip balm containers – small round tins ( available at Merry Pak), or small plastic containers (available at Plastics Warehouse) They have varying sizes, so it just depends on what size you’re after.

To check whether the plastic containers you’ve selected will be able to withstand the heat of the melted concoction try this: Water boils at 100’c, these butters melt at 70’C. So if your containers can withstand still boiling, or just boiled water, poured into it then you know you’re good to go. The tins however, are the preferred choice, in my humble opinion. Merry Pak was out of stock of their tins, but these Plastics Warehouse containers still worked like a charm.

There are several different recipes you can find out on the interwebs, but this is the one I “made up” over weekend:
Tools (Nothing fancy needed really):

    -Microwave and microwaveable bowl – a Double boiler is not necessary, but always the recommended choice.
    -Plastic spoons- to scoop mixture into containers
    -Plastic knives – to scoop and flatten any mixture that has already solidified before being transferred into container.
    -And a sweet helper or two that has cute small chubby hands and loves to make stuff as much as you do. (These are after all going to serve as trinkets for her teachers, godmother and grandmothers, so it’s perfect that she has a hand in it all.)


    -Add 4 tablespoons beeswax to a microwaveable bowl
    -Add 4 tablespoons shea butter to that
    -Next add 3 tablespoons coconut oil to that as well
    -Place in microwave for 30 second increments until beeswax is completely and utterly melted. (it took me a total of 3 minutes 40seconds to get the beeswax melted – be patient, slow and steady.)
    Most would recommend you use a double boiler for the beeswax and butters, however, the microwave worked perfectly fine for me. Just be careful whilst using the microwave to melt the beeswax. Try heating it in increments of 30 seconds at a time, stirring very well in between.
    -Once it’s all melted, you’ll have to work quickly
    – If you want all the balms to have different flavours and scents (using flavourings and essential oil), it’s best to add 4 to 8 drops into the actual tin itself and mix it in the tin, depending on how strong you want it to be. Otherwise, if it’s all one flavour and scent then add 12 to 20 drops to entire mixture in the bowl now.
    essential oil

    -Using the spoon scoop out melted mixture into containers – its not super hot at this point, so it’s safe for small hands to work with.



    -When in doubt always use more beeswax than butter or oils, as it’s the beeswax that makes it firm up and solidify. (You can use beeswax to make your candles too, by the way) Otherwise, be warned, you could just end up with a runny buttery texture instead of a solid balm.

    -After heating it in the microwave for two minutes already at 30 second intervals, I got a bit impatient (never recommended) and let it go for a minute straight, which then made a difference. Thereafter, I slowed my roll, and put it in for 40seconds and that did the trick. So 3 min 40sec was my sweet spot. However, microwaves vary, so rather be patient and heat it up slowly than ruin the entire mixture and have to start from scratch again.

    -If mixture does harden whilst still busy, fear not, you can just reheat it in the microwave once more. Or you can pure it into large sealable container for later use.

    -Do not at any point get water into this mixture. Introducing water lessens it’s shelf life and can introduce mould and other yuckies we just don’t want.

    -If you want to make this into a shimmer lip balm, add a tiny dash of edible glitter! BOOM. Simple as that. You’re welcome. 🙂

To decorate and personalise the lip balm containers, I took pix of the girls showing me their best pout, sized the pic well enough and cut them to fit the container lid. We used a thin layer of craft glue to adhere to the lid.

And, Voila! Your very own homemade natural lip balm that can be used as little party favours, party activities (think beauty spa parties for little girls), or even as small cute teacher gifts like we’re doing for Valentine’s Day this year.


We absolutely love it; It makes your lips feel so nourished, and breezy cool – Morgan-Lee and I just can’t get enough of it’s peppermintiness.

Here’s to kissable lips this Valentine’s day and ever after! Kiss-kiss! X

Also we had loads of fun taking pix for our lipbalms covers, as can be seen below. Mannn, these girls. My dad used to call me his melting moment. I never knew what he meant then, till I had my own kids. My very own Melting Moments!








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