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Launch of the brand new Belly 2 Tots store

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When I was invited to the opening of a brand new baby and maternity goods store this weekend, I was honestly just expecting the usual ohh-and-ahh’s of all the pretty little stuff on their shelves. I was certainly not expecting to be moved to tears by the story of inspiration, that is Candice King – the owner of the brand spanking new store, Belly 2 Tots. But I suppose that’s one of my favourite things in life: Surprises!!

And boy does Candice, along with her new business venture pack a punch in the surprise department.

First up, hallelujah to Candice for bringing such gorgeous maternity wear to the west coast! No longer do preggy mums this side of the world have to trek to the northern & southern suburbs for stylish bump wear. So many styles that compliment all shapes and sizes of bellies, and that could be worn well after baby arrives. (Confession time: even though Im not preggers, I still thumb through the preggy wear isle whenever I get the chance – just can’t help myself!) So all you stylish mamas with a bump who were looking for a more convenient spot to shop, send your thanks Candice’s way.


But that’s not all that she stocks up on, think gorgeously soft crotched baby blankets, beautiful handmade dollies, nursing apparel, the sweetest little character hats (ps. winter is on her way!)baby carriers, baby bags, custom baby furniture and décor items, baby clothes (0-4yrs old), not to mention, the prettiest girly dresses (just in time for Easter!)…you name it. All of it, just lovely!

Now for the surprise part:
the prices! Seriously competitive. It was actually a conscious decision on her part, to make such beautiful pieces more available to the parents out there by cutting the exorbitant prices, without cutting on quality.

They pride themselves on being Proudly South African and purposefully seek to source all their goods from local small businesses. By doing so, they not only help other families put food on the table but also provide opportunities to fuel their own passions. And if you look at the workmanship of the goods, there clearly is passion in it.




Obviously, there’s loads of hard work, blood, sweat and tears that it takes to launch this kind of business. But if you ever are afforded the opportunity to hear Candice’s deeply personal story, I promise you, you’ll be moved to tears to hear just how much of herself she’s poured into this store to make it a reality. And that was the other surprise part. A sweet surprise of the personal story of victory behind it all.
I met her amazing team that stands behind her, and it’s a wonderful family affair. In fact, it was an absolute pleasure to hear some behind the scenes bits about the making of Belly 2 Tots from her dad, and the pride of a father couldn’t have been more evident in hearing him share his perspective on it.

Candice’s amazing story of how she made her dream come to life, despite all of her life’s truly rough challenges is inspiring. Her story is honestly one of those Phoenix that rises from ashes kind of vibes. She dusted herself off and instead of choosing the path of a downward spiral, she went out and did something awesome– for herself and others. Truly a story of no matter how lost you may feel now, find your passion- dig for it if you have to – take that leap of faith, believe in yourself and make it happen.

Candice says she aims to provide a personalized touch for her clients, where it’s more about advising her clients and helping them along the journey, than for pushing sales. More about supporting and inspiring others in making their small business dreams come true.And judging just off the bat from her well-grounded honesty and grit, that’s probably exactly what she will do. Here’s wishing team Belly 2 Tots best of luck for the future!
Where will you find them:

Their official launch is this Tuesday, 1 March 2016. And they’re having awesome Opening Specials, so you better haul ass there and not miss it! There were so many goodies that had my heart, that I’m definitely returning for more!
Go out there and support local! Happy shopping! X


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