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The Coolest Rechargeable Glow in the Dark Slime



How to make Alien Slime

Since the girls have been really enjoying “playing” in the dark, thanks to our Star Gazing adventures (see here), a lot of our recent activities have been revolving around just that. So, in keeping with the star gazing theme (think aliens) I thought I’d add some fun with glow in the dark slime…Or as we call it: Alien Slime!!!

Cause, I mean, when you’re teaching them about astronomy, “aliens” is a totally legit topic to cover right? Right?! Right. Besides, I still I had quite a bit of supplies left over from our recent fairy projects (ooohhh, such cool ones – I can’t wait to share them with you!) But for now, lets stick to our galactic ventures of the oozy kind! Cause the grosser and squishier the play, the more fun for the kids – seriously, just check out some of the kids’ reviews on our Halloween Birthday Party over here.

Lights on, Lights off.

Lights on, Lights off.

As usual, the tutorial is pretty quick and easy to make. In fact, if you saw my original slime post, you’d notice that our girls, as young as they are, can whip up their own slime. (under adult supervision, of course!) Yip, it’s THAT easy!

It’s soft and cool to the touch, and once you get into slime, I swear , you’ll be hooked – just ask Morgan-Lee! Once, a highly anti-slime protestor (“eeew, that’s gross”), now one of the loudest evangelists in our home, for more slime to be made!

Pax, however, is still the lead- instigator when it comes to slime making. She gets so caught up in our craft time, as they call out new ideas for what they want to do, and then it’s like you can literally see that light bulb pop up over her head: *gasp* “Mama!!!Can we make ‘ssssime’!?” And then we all refer to it as “sime” for the rest of the day, cause it’s a helluva lot cuter than saying “slime”.

But I digress…Back to the alien slime! Right.
What you will need:
-Borax powder
-250ml Water
-250ml Glue (school grade or wood glue)
-2 drops Food colouring (Optional, but slime with a colour is cooler)
-3 tbls Glow in the dark craft paint (I used the Dala brand, although you can use any other brand that you trust.)

You can use smaller amounts of glue if you so desire, but then be sure to adjust the proportions of the rest of recipe. For all the measurements and actual method (its super easy – promise!) check out my original tutorial over here! (You won’t need the glitter for alien slime, unless your aliens like a little pazzaz!)

All you need in addition to the original recipe to make the glow in the dark alien “sime”, is the glow in the dark paint.


    1. Firstly, if you want immediate glow as you make your slime, be sure to charge the paint in the sunlight. Five minutes in the sunlight is best, however, 5 minutes under the UV lamp works super, although as I discovered, 5 to 10 under a normal strong desk lamp is just as good.
    2. Then mix paint in with your glue and water solution in the bowl, as per the original recipe over here.
    3. Add your borax mixture in slowly, as you stir. You’ll notice that it starts thickening already.
    4. Keep mixing, even if you think it’s not working 100%, do not add extra borax just yet. Ditch the spoon and start using your hands to mix it all together.
    5. Give it about three minutes to settle into it’s “state”, and keep working and playing with it. The more you play, the better it settles.

    And then – boom – you got yourself some out of this world slime!

Charge it up!

Charge it up!

As for the rechargeble part that I was selling to you? Well, unlike glow stick or hilighter fluid that only lasts for as long as say, a glow stick would, this recipe means that you can just keep it under the light for 5 or more minutes, and you’re sorted. For how long you can keep recharging it, depends on the quality of paint you used.

Instructions in a collage: Glue & water mixture. Add colour. Add paint. Add Borax solution.Mix well. Ta-daaa, you have slime. Very cool slime. Charge it up. Enjoy!

Instructions in a collage: Glue & water mixture. Add colour. Add paint. Add Borax solution.Mix well. Ta-daaa, you have slime. Very cool slime. Charge it up. Enjoy!

Now actualy playing with it, of course, became a bit tricky, because thanks to our late setting Cape Town summer sun, we had to wait till bedtime for the glow in the dark effect to really be enjoyed. So, yes, our bedtime routine was absolutely trashed by this little exciting detour for the night, but worth it. (I say that now, but will probably regret it in the morning when my alarm bursts my bubble).

The long wait for charging up Alien Slime: I promise, despite what it looks like on this pic, she was actually excited.

The long wait for charging up Alien Slime: I promise, despite what it looks like on this pic, she was actually excited.

Oozy Alien

Oozy Alien

Here's looking at you, kid!

Here’s looking at you, kid!

Alien oozing out of jar

Alien oozing out of jar

Once more, this is perfect for party favours, Halloween gifts, Mad scientist themes, or even as an actual activity at a party. Your only limit is your imagination. And your white couch – I wouldn’t take it to my white couch. Although, I have a tip over here that WILL get it out as per promise. But I don’t need to test it with my couch. (Although Parker seems to disagree, as she constantly wants to test that.)
Aliens in a jar: Lights on

Aliens in a jar: Lights on

Aliens in a jar: Lights off

Aliens in a jar: Lights off


    -If after three minutes it is too sticky, add a teaspoon more of the borax solution and mix that in. Or if at this point it is too rubbery and hard (not oozy), you may want to add an extra teaspoon of glue.

    -I only used 2tbls of glow in the dark paint here in this batch pictured, and the glow was not as strong, but still effective. So it’s best to use 3 to 4 tbls. However, note that this will affect the concentration and mixability of your slime recipe- meaning you may have to add a spoonful more of glue or borax, depending on the way your particular paint interacts.

    -So don’t forget that it’s best to just play around with it, mix very well before even thinking of adding anything and give it a moment to settle before deciding.

    -To keep slime from drying out, store in an airtight ziplock bag or, as I prefer, in a well-sealed glass jar. (not in fridge)

Enjoy! X

Also please note, all my activities I do with my children are done under my supervision. Therefore, it should be noted that the kiddy activities I share here are intended to have adult supervision. It also important to note that all activities I share on this here blog of mine are activities that I deem safe for my children. As the parent/guardian of your own child you will need to decide what you deem as safe for your children. (This applies to all things used in crafts and experiments, for eg. scissors, food ingredients (allergies), small items (choking hazards), etc.)


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5 thoughts on “The Coolest Rechargeable Glow in the Dark Slime

  1. This is so awesome, can’t wait to make this glow in the dark slime with my kiddies.

    Tx for sharing!

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  2. Thanks!Just remember, not safe for consumption! So be sure to keep an eye on kiddies if you think they may still be in the taste-everything phase.Enjoy!


  3. Well Trax, what about my jug of glowing slime? The first one got all over my bath towels, Remember!


  4. Too cute Tracey, love how you added the eyes.


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