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Our Favourite Easter Book Picks


easterbookscoverpicHow do you teach your children about Easter? I mean like Easter Bunny and cute, fluffy little chicklets aside, how do you convey the true message of Easter over to your wee little ones? I mean, its quite a heavy story to put over, right? Especially when they’re really still so small – mine are two and four years old. But, don’t be fooled into thinking that they won’t be able to grasp it, and that Easter Bunny and chocolates is about it. Oh boy, can they grasp it. I would probably hedge a bet and say that it very likely just depends on the level of abstraction at which you pitch it.

What I found was that for kiddums, and I’m sure for a lot of other children out there, wonderful lessons can be unlocked through the use of these wonderful treasures we have in books! Any new or non-everyday kind of concept I wanted to put across to my kids, I’ve found that books seem to do it for me in a way that I probably would not have been able to do as well. Or, at least, help drive the concepts home of whatever I’m teaching. (In fact, Im almost 100% sure that Morgan’s kiddy book on toilet training is pretty much the reason that Parker had decided to potty train herself – she requested that book at every story time, and could be found thumbing through it by herself every day.)

So no surprise then that we turned to books once more to help teach our littles about Easter. I mean don’t be fooled, there will be chocolate, Easter bunnies, and egg hunts – and I’m SO glad there will be! Those aren’t going anywhere. But, just as our parents did, I think it’s vital to teach them from a tender age about how much they are loved by God.

There are plenty out in the market, but these are our favourites right now:

    1. The first Easter by Miles Kelly

    The youngens will love this one. How do I know? Two words: “Sticker”. “Book”. Bam! You’ve got a fan right there!

    We bought a sticker book last year as well, and it was the first one that was consumed over and over. Possibly why it may have inexplicably and suspiciously just disappeared from our reading stack.*cough* And also why it didn’t make this here list, because I can’t find it nor seem to be able to recall it’s title. But it really was a hit!

    Sometimes the sticker element overrides the actual lesson you’re trying to teach with the book. But be patient, eventually the novelty does die down (until the next sticker book) and they’ll then listen more intently.

    But seriously, stickers for the win, mom!

    Bargain Books R49

    2. Yes Kids Bible Stories about Jesus by Ewald Van Rensburg
    Love this one because it’s compact in size, easy to hold for very littles and has bright illustrations. It also have large font, making it perfect for beginner readers. And it has short little prayers in it to help in every parent’s teachings about prayer and encourages the little ones to find their confidence in their own prayers.

    Bargain Books an absolute steal at R15

    3. Jesus returns to Heaven and other bible stories by Miles Kelly
    This one is not so much about Easter as it is more about the events that happened thereafter – which are perfect for closing the loop for any child who still has questions about what happened to Jesus after.

    Bargain Books R49

    4. The Donkey that no one could ride by Anthony Destefano
    Similarly this one is not so much about Easter, but about Palm Sunday- an event that led up towards Easter, and refers to Easter in the end.

    It’s still a beautiful story though, that has the Palm Sunday donkey as they main character. To be honest, and I don’t why I was so emo when I first read it – maybe I was on my period, maybe it was the lead up to the full moon (I’m always a little softer right before the full moon)- but tears streamed down my cheek with this story. It teaches one about the power of faith and the incredible miracles that God can do in our lives. My girls understood my tears as well – luckily they didn’t bawl with me (Parker is usually the sympathetic crier), otherwise we would have just been a mess.

    So, yes, it’s a definite thumbs up!
    CUM Books, +/_R99

    5. Growing with Jesus by Andy Holmes
    This book is debuting as my TOP fave right now! Yeah, sure this one is not at all about Easter, and all. I know, and you’re wondering why the dickens did I even included then. Well because, aside from teaching them about the great sacrifice that God made with his only Son. And how that Son loved us so, that he was willing to make that sacrifice too. I feel that as part of understanding the meaning behind Easter, it’s good to also provide little children with helpful little ways to understand the teachings as well as HOW to put them into practice. And this book makes it very practical for both parent and child to do just that. I mean really just look at some of these pages..

    Teaching discernment…

    Encouraging prayer at anytime…

    And, oh my goodness, I cannot wait to see if this books helps with THIS one:
    Don’t talk too much:

    Geezzz, I love that our girls tell us everything and anything. It’s really non-stop. And Im all for it…but after bedtime, no more. Please.Sweet Jesus, please. Also I need this new habit of running to each other’s rooms and talking to each other across the halls from their own bedrooms till stupid-o-clock to stop! Its very very cute, and totally love that they enjoy each other, but till 9 ‘o clock, 10 o’ clock? Enough, already! Yes, so hopefully this book will be in my corner on that one.

    Bargain Books R119

And there you have it, our list of Easter books that’s definitely worth making their way into the prized Easter Basket.

By the way, have you sorted out your Easter Basket yet? Not yet? No worries, some ideas coming your way soon- watch this space!

In the mean time, I hope you enjoy reading to and with your children. Every book represents a chance to encourage their imagination, learn, as well as develop their vocabulary, their age-appropriate reading skills and even their emotional development. All big thumbs up reasons to just do it.

By the way, I was hoping that at least THIS year, I’d be able to add my OWN book to that list. But unfortunately, it still sits in draft, the little kiddies Easter book I wrote in 2012 for Morgan-Lee. I was hoping that by now I would have illustrated it in full. But alas, the time and creative juice have just not presented themselves together at the same sitting. Perhaps it’s time I turn to others within this blogger circle of mine, and enlist their awesome skills of illustration, so that I can for once and for all finish the book. Of course, it won’t be meant for main stream. Just a silly little book for my silly little sausage kiddies to enjoy. Here’s to “next times”!

Happy reading! X


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2 thoughts on “Our Favourite Easter Book Picks

  1. Such a great post. Our kiddies luckily have a great love for books too.

    After reading your post we head over to our local community library who had plenty of Easter related books. It’s sometimes challenging to explain certain aspects to kids and like you said, books help wonderfully with that!

    Happy reading & Easter😘


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