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The ONE Instructional Video EVERY Breastfeeding Mom Has To Watch!

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BreastfeedingPax_Day In Our Life-March 2014_78

I’m not even kidding. You HAVE to watch it. Whether you’re slick and an ol’ nick at it, or if you’re new and struggling: watch it. If you’re not breastfeeding, but your daughter, friend, niece, cousin, sister, neighbour or whoever is – watch it. And then get them to watch it too. If you wanted to breastfeed but couldn’t (for whatever reason); If you’ve never breastfed yet, but really want to, then watch it. Whatever category you fall into: Just. Watch it.

Remember when I posted about the ONE simple picture that put me back onto the road to breastfeeding success? Yeah. It’s a good one.(If you haven’t seen it yet, go check it out here.) It’s good because it’s so simple and very practical, and shows such crucial information. Crucial information that I’m pretty sure every struggling breastfeeder wishes someone could just tell her already.

It’s like, you know, the freakin’ holy grail of breastfeeding success: How to get a proper Latch.
However, in addition to that pic, THIS video is something you need to just find a comfy space, settle in, watch…and absorb.

It is addresses the matter of how women would naturally learn how to breastfeeding years gone by – a reason I always believed growing up, was the reason why the generations following would feel a bit lost in breastfeeding, because of society’s currently narrow point of view. In less modernized pockets of society, such as in tribes, where this odd culture change towards breastfeeding has not happened, young girls can openly witness other women, holding, positioning and attaching their babies – the actual way we as women were naturally intended to learn how to breastfeed.

It teaches you the exact cues that baby instinctively makes towards the breast and how those cues look in real time. It also teaches and more importantly has a visual to show you how to work WITH those instinctive movements to get the proper latch. And will also teach you what exactly those instinctive movements of baby actually are. Not to mention, the common mistake most mommies make when trying to breastfeed in the typical “cradle hold” that usually leads to nipple annihilation.

Also it helps you to address all the issues you may have been having, so that you can start to enjoy your breastfeeding journey with your baby, including how to avoid the dreaded wrist, back and neck pain that lots of breastfeeding moms get.

It covers understanding the actual attachment/latch mechanism, which essentially walks and talks you through that simple and powerful picture that I referred to earlier. (Really, if you haven’t seen that infographic yet, check it out here – it’s SO incredibly helpful! Go now, or go show someone who might need it.)

And yes, I know I’m repeating myself quite a bit here, and I can’t promise I’ll stop, because that pic is so simple and yet so powerful in its ability to help you understand how to get the magic latch. This video now purely compliments that picture and extends that magic by explaining the latch how-to and more, frame by frame.
BreastfeedingPax_Day In Our Life-March 2014_78

I remember after watching it the first time years ago, with baby in arms, and how it made me feel much more aware and knowledgeable and thus, empowered about my breastfeeding technique. If you’ve ever read about my trials with Parker-Grace (here and here) you’d know that I had just overcome so much breastfeeding trauma, only to be left still struggling with latch issues. I knew that if I didn’t get it sorted, I was just going to restart that vicious cycle of physical pain and psychological anguish again.The infographic, along with this video swooped in to save the day.

And it wasn’t in an all dramatic and knight in shining armour kind of way, but in a very calm, logical and simple manner that just blew away all the fog of confusion and trial and error that breastfeeding can often bring with it.

So if this is what you’re looking for, go watch that video NOW. Grab baby, grab your snacks, find a comfy spot and settle in… you and baby are going to rock that latch like a mo’fo after that!
To watch this video, go to YouTube and search for “Follow me mum”(Aptly named, because, really, we as moms are following their instinctive cues.) It’s about a 10min28 secs long video. Or you could purchase the video straight from the Rebecca Glover Breastfeeding Educational site here. Keep in mind, it’s an international site, and thus can get quite pricey. Or better yet, you could contact the lovely ladies from Lactation Consultancy, like Jean Ridler, and they will take you through the video in front of your own TV in the comfort of your own home, help you get that latch sorted and sort out any other breastfeeding issues you may have.(For their contact details click here and scroll towards end of the post for all the listings, including their’s.)

Breastfeeding mamas, I know this path can feel like a dark and treacherous one at times, but as someone who has walked that path and come through it with baby milky smiles and gurgles, I can tell you now it’s not always this hard. And with the right steps taken, these rough days won’t last long. All you need is the appropriate and professional help from qualified lactation specialists…including THIS video! (and that pic) (In fact, if you cannot afford professional help, then I’d strongly urge to, at the very least, go watch that video!)

The quicker you get that latch sorted, the quicker all your breastfeeding woes will come to an end. So get a-clicking on that video already mama!! Go, go ,go!

Here’s to empowering yourself with knowledge and getting that magic latch sorted once and for all! X


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