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Wrap up of another rocking #CTMeetup (Pssst- Awesome BabySense Giveaway alert!)


There could only be one of two possible reasons you’re reading this post: 1) you were right there, amidst all the action of the #ctmeetup 2016 and now wanting to relive a bit of the good times. Or 2) you were sadly not there, and with nose squished against the window, you now longingly wish to see what you missed out on, and wonder why you didn’t just get yourself a ticket.

Only kidding! Really, I kid, I kid. I joke, I joke…

Except, I actually do wonder why you didn’t just get yourself that winning ticket and join in.Because, honestly, you did miss out.

The name Cindy Alfino has become synonymous with organizing some of the most killer blogger meetups (have a look-see here and here). And with the speakers she had lined up for the day this year, she certainly did not disappoint.

This time it was hosted at the new Eat on Main, out in Obs. Those familiar with back-in- the- day party nights at Barmuda, will be pleased to see how far Barmuda has come – it’s the exact spot, guys. And it really is a cool little eatery set in the artsy/bohemian capital of Cape Town. Massimo and his team provided excellent service, along with very simple, yet really delicious food. In fact, I’m still kicking myself for being late and missing out on the starters.

Speaking of which –yoh– I was really late. And it was quite evident that when I swooped in to hug and greet Cindy, that I was actually totally flustered. Because for one very brief and fleeting moment, I actually thought I wasn’t going to make it at all. But I’m so glad I did! (Cindy, I wasn’t going to miss it for the world! ) 🙂

And no, it’s not just for the awesome goody bags, but more for the awesome people – the very real people that are behind all those cool little blogs that we all so enjoy. It was great to see both new faces and familiar ones. Although, I really didn’t get to chat much to everyone as I’d like to – that’ll teach me for being late.

Good vibes!

Good vibes!

Se7en +1: Always enjoy this lady's laugh

Se7en +1: Always enjoy this lady’s laugh


Who wouldn't be all smiles at the #CTmeetup?

Who wouldn’t be all smiles at the #CTmeetup?

The lovely mastermind behind the #CTMeetups:Cindy Alfino

The lovely mastermind behind the #CTMeetups:Cindy Alfino

So, who were these speakers that had us hanging onto their every word? Well, it was none other than Sam from Tech Girl , and Ruan of Both of whom are from Webfluential to impart some real pearls about the blogosphere. Sam’s talk focussed alot on “knowing your worth” and your audience, whilst, for me, Ruan’s talk highlighted how to better use social media, and investing in your blog.

All ears and eyes on Sam from Tech Girl.

All ears and eyes on Sam from Tech Girl.

Ruan from held a captive audience.

Ruan from held a captive audience.

Q&A time

Q&A time

Oh, and if you were on my Instagram account recently, you may have noticed that there was an unprecedented amount selfies posted there. Geez, just looking at my face sprawled across my own feed makes me totally cringe. Seriously, if you knew me, you’d know how super awkward I am at selfies. (Someone please show me the trick. There is a trick, right? Or is it that I just suck at it? Period?) Anyhoo, the real reason for the selfies, (well, other than wanting to pose with those blogging lovelies) is because of BrandRocket – a nifty little Instagram and twitter kiosk they had at the event. To upload your snap into the kiosk, simply tag your twitter or insta pic with the selected hashtag – in our case #CTmeetup- and BrandRocket will pick it up and display it on the kiosk’s touch screen. You mosey on over to the Brandrocket touch screen, select your hashtagged images and click print. And in a matter of seconds –BOOM- you got yourself a branded picture. How freaking awesome is that?! (Imagine that at your next event or even party!!)


Enjoying the BrandRocket experience.

Lovely bloggers njoying the BrandRocket experience.

Speaking of awesomeness: Guys, the goodie bag… can we just take a moment here to do a happy dance for all these amazing sponsors?

    First off Xander…you were clearly the star of the show, at least in my girls’ eyes. They both immediately went for this little green dude the moment they dipped into my goody bag, with Armageddon almost ensuing as they battled it out for ownership. I saw the gap in the market and now use him as a bargaining chip for almost anything. And of course, it’s Xander-everything in our home right now, so clearly we’re ready to be all over these educations apps for children right now – you guys need to check it out. (Facebook Page here.)

    Hot Oven Marketing with the incredible wine selection they arrived with- all from the Robertson Wine Valley. The lovely Mira of Hot Oven Marketing helped me pick out a good one. One I had to near pry out of The Reluctant Mom, Celeste’s, loving arms. Clearly, she knows a good wine when she spots one, as we were about five seconds away from taking it to the mud! 😉

    The Arendsig chardonnay Blok was the perfect match for hubby's mexican dinner spread I cooked up - complimented all the spicy flavours!

    The Arendsig Chardonnay Blok was the perfect match for hubby’s mexican dinner spread I cooked up – complimented all the spicy flavours!

    Then there was Oh Voila with their cute jewelery.
    Bach, Gumtree, Mummy Massage (see my review here), and so many other amazing sponsors! Massive thanks to them all.

    And last but certainly not least, Baby Sense. Who doesn’t love Babysense?? I for one am a huge fan, and thus, pretty much have almost all their products. So I was super chuffed that I was one of the lucky fish who won a Babysense gift in the much coveted #CTMeetup lucky draw – which now basically completes my Baby Sense collection. Thank you, Babysense!! You rock!

Yes, it really was a lovely day all round, but why shouldn’t YOU, dear reader, also get a piece of that lucky draw action? Right?! So, because I really love and appreciate my readers – really, guys, I do – and because hey, it is my hubby’s birthday month, I want you to also feel the love:

I’m giving one lucky reader a sweet Babysense hamper that includes the:

    1. The award winning Baby Sense Cuddlewrap which is the ultimate swaddling blanket. (We used a few of these!) 🙂

    2. A Baby Sense Taglet which is otherwise known as ‘doodoo blanky’, ‘lovey’, ‘comfort object’, ‘security blanket’, or in our house, “Blankie”. It’s made from incredibly soft textures, and brings soothing comfort at bedtime and beyond to newborns and toddlers alike. (We go nowhere without Parker-Grace’s Blankie!)

    3. Baby Sense Feeding Shawl is a 100% cotton nursing cover with a weighted feature to keep the shawl in place. This is for the mothers who CHOOSE to cover up. Really, mamas, it’s your choice to cover up or not – not someone else’s. #normalizebreastfeedng And if you do, Baby Sense has you covered! 😉


So if you’re pregnant or planning, or have a little bundle or tot already, then this is definitely for you! Or maybe you know of someone who could do with a super little care package from Baby Sense, then let them know about this comp or why not win it for them!

All you have to do is:

    1. Follow me on twitter, and
    2. Tweet this: “Hey @milkmemoirs I’d love to win that awesome #BabySense hamper from the #CTMeetup”

    Or if you’re not on Twitter, then:
    1. Subscribe to my blog here (enter your email, click follow and confirm subscription – I promise you, I don’t ever spam) and
    2. Leave this comment on this post: “Hey @milkmemoirs I’d love to win that awesome #BabySense hamper from the #CTMeetup”

And that’s it. Easy peasy, right?

The winner will be selected on the 30 April 2016 and will later be announced here on the blog. NB! Only South African based entrants will be eligilble. Now get a-tweeting or a-following, and good luck!

Now, if you don’t want to miss out on these really cool meetups again, may I suggest you get butt over here, and sign up to Cindy’s mailer/newsletter already? 🙂

Hope to see you at the next one!

The lilac hair version of Oprah doing her thang: Awesome giveaways!

The lilac hair version of Oprah doing her thang: Awesome giveaways!


All smiles!

All smiles!



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10 thoughts on “Wrap up of another rocking #CTMeetup (Pssst- Awesome BabySense Giveaway alert!)

  1. “Hey @milkmemoirs I’d love to win that awesome #BabySense hamper from the #CTMeetup”


  2. “Hey @milkmemoirs I’d love to win that awesome# BabySense hamper from the #CTMeeting”


  3. The meet up was so fun! wish I had more time to talk to everyone, I feel like it went by so fast! & Hey @milkmemoirs I’d love to win that awesome #BabySense hamper from the #CTMeetup. 🙂 I did tweet it but thought I would pop a little message here for you. xx


  4. Hey @milkmemoirs I’d love to win that awesome #BabySense hamper from the #CTMeetup


  5. O man…I am so bummed that I missed out…here to hoping I get to attend the next one!

    “Hey @milkmemoirs I’d love to win that awesome #BabySense hamper from the #CTMeetup”


  6. Hey @milkmemoirs I’d love to win that awesome #BabySense hamper from the #CTMeetup


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  8. Hey @milkmemoirs I’d love to win that awesome #BabySense hamper from the #CTMeetup


  9. Hey @milkmemoirs I’d love to win that awesome #BabySense hamper from the #CTMeetup


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