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Our Table Mountain Adventure: Alone with two toddlers & all the other fun with the Cableway #KidzSeason


ontherocksparkerWhat do you call a parent who willingly engages in mountainous activities with more than one toddler…all on her own? Ah, yes, I hear you say “crazy” …Well, I see your crazy and raise you “stupid crazy” ! 🙂 Then I’ll straighten up, flick my hair back and own that stupid crazy title like a boss…

‘Cause when you’re about to venture to the top of a mountain with a two year old and four year old…alone…you better make sure you do it like you mean it – ‘cause they can smell fear, you know. Besides, when life says screw your current uphill, your lousy sleep, your headache that hasn’t gone away for the whole week, I’m taking hubby out of the equation and leaving you with two super eager little mountain goats… I say challenge accepted!

Except you know, it wasn’t as crazy as you’d think, nor as dramatic as I made it out to be…Yes, it got a little wobbly for a few moments when lunch time rolled by well past us and the hangry demons started raising their ugly heads in the lunch queue. And maybe my biceps are a little shot from having to carry BOTH girls (at about 30+kgs) from the other side of the mountain alllll the way back to the café, because “my legs are sore” . (Seriously: All.The.Way) But otherwise we actually had a really great time. No kidding…even with each of them wanting to run in opposite directions most of the time. ( I wasn’t expecting anything less)

I think that’s due, mostly, because we had made up our minds about the day – we were out for adventure and fun on that mountain! And we’d be damned if we didn’t get it! In fact, I may have gotten a bit of a taste of what Mike goes through with me and my need for adventure, right there on the mountain with Morgan-Lee. She was there to follow the treasure hunt, and crikey moses, was she on a mission! Normally it’s Mike pulling the reigns back on me, with let’s take a break or slow down, sunshine or even don’t worry we can come back to it, it’s not going anywhere…but without him there, I had to now act as the proverbial speed bump / voice of reason and dial down the treasure hunt excitement levels a bit, and enforce some much needed lunch time to rest little legs and fill up tummies.

But wait, treasure hunt? Excitement levels? I’ve totally gotten ahead of myself here, haven’t I? Well, we were at the launch of Table Mountain Aerial Cableway’s 3-for-1 annual #KidzSeason special. This awesome special means that TWO kids can ride for FREE with an adult who has purchased a return ticket from the Lower Cable Station. (Available online as of June2016, but till then only at Lower Cable Station)

As an added bonus, as part of the #KidzSeason experience, the #CablewayKidz team provide each child with a treasure map that takes them on a fun journey of discovery across the top of Table Mountain, as well as vouchers that they can use to redeem special treats at the Shop at the Top and the Table Mountain Café.

But the fun actually doesn’t only start up there: It was the first time my girls were on a bus! (Oh, what a sheltered life!) We caught the MyCiti bus from the lower parking area right up to the Lower Cable Station itself. And what a pleasure it was! So much easier than having to hunt forever for parking space up top, and then having to walk all the way to the Lower cable station. I’d totally recommend it. The buses arrive every 20 minutes.

So yeah, these girlies of mine totally lapped the bus experience up. Obvs, the fact that there was the sweetest little baby behind them already had them heaven – they seriously love babies.(My mini-momma bear Morgy most of all) But the whole bus stop vibe and the ride itself – just like in their books- had them a chatter for some time. (I LOVE how they enjoy every little experience and the simple tit bits of life)


And let’s not forget the cable car ride itself, it’s mezmerizing view that had all the tourists gasping in amazement, and of course it’s rotating floor. There was just so much going on for them, they couldn’t wait to tell the dad about everything.



Of course, I could keep Dad updated throughout our adventure with texts and pics, even though my cellphone’s battery was dying, all thanks to the new Wifi Lounge at the top!


It’s a cozy little space, with couches, where you can charge up, and stay connected with your tweeples, IG’ing and other bloggery matters, all while still enjoying the view.

So clearly, we’re really loving the #KidzSeason special .And it is perfect for promoting family time, and staying active and outdoors through Winter. Not to mention a wonderful option come school holidays!

What you need to know:

    How long does special run: Until 30 September 2016
    Ticket Price: R240 (Adult return ticket.) See site for more pricing
    Website: Table Mountain Website
    What to wear: Mountainous environments are generally fickle at best. Things can change in a second, so be prepared for all weather. Best you layer it up and keep an eye on the weather forecast for the top. (Check their homepage for weather updates.)
    Don’t forget:

      Water – stay hydrated by ensuring you have enough water
      sunscreen – Yes, even in winter.

My girls had a super time.

They took this map business seriously…



Although, at one point, Morgy was totally weirded out by a group of tourists who really wanted to take a photo with her and Parker…

Took loads of time out for some Dassie spotting…



Insisted on climbing every rock and boulder they came across – because that’s what you do on a mountain, right!

In fact, I had climbed up on this boulder that stood quite high, but two seconds later I had someone small following me up there

And two seconds after that, the smallest one wanted in on it too…but that’s where I drew my sanity line.
ontop of the world
So we went in and enjoyed some pizza…

Took a time out on Mom’s lap…

Mike and I used to be avid hikers, and have been trying to get back into the swing of things, and the kids have loved it! Baby steps, though – meaning we’ve not yet tackled a TM route as a family just yet. So, whilst Mike and I have been up and down there countless times, this was our girls’ first time. And it was no surprise to us that our girls had an awesome time. A little bit of a downer that for Mike that he couldn’t be there for it, but he had to tend to very important family matters of the heart.
flying ontop here

So while the rest of Cape Town was buried under a blanket of mist, we had crisp blue skies, sun and fresh air up there rewarding us for the choice to throw off the blankets and go. By the way, that’s not the first time, I’ve gone to the top of Table Mountain to escape some iffy Cape Town weather on the ground. Which just goes to show that you never know how much beauty and fun you’d be missing out on, if you hide inside all winter long. Bundle up and get out there, folks. Winter has its own little magic to offer…and even more so from the tops of Table Mountain.

Well, I’ve promised Morgy that we will finish our treasure hunt, so we’ll be heading back there soon.
Hope to see you at the top of this World Wonder! X

Please note: I joke about being alone on the mountain with two kids, however I am very mountain safety conscious, and would in fact never hike alone, let alone do hike alone with two children. I would always advocate hiking in a group. Which is what is cool about this #Kidzseason special: you still get a great mountain experience even though you’re not actually hiking up- you’re taking the Cable car- and you’re constantly around others. So stay safe and on the paths.


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9 thoughts on “Our Table Mountain Adventure: Alone with two toddlers & all the other fun with the Cableway #KidzSeason

  1. Oh my hat, that pic of Miss P with her ear muffs squashing her little cheeks is just too much! How do you manage to not eat her up! 😉
    Great post, looks like tons of fun. Definitely on our school holiday bucket list.


  2. Clearly neither you nor your kids are afraid of heights! The pics of them looking for the dassies over the wall looking thing have my heart in my throat. What a lovely adventure though 🙂 Glad you had a good time.


    • hahaha! Shame hun, thats quite a phobia to deal with, i suppose? But you know, the thing about Table Mountain is that you’re not really exposed to he heights all the time. I think the only time you may struggle is in the cable car, but even then, it’s pretty quick and you can just shut your eyes – it’s such a smooth ride! Try it – your kids will probably love it!


  3. Awesome adventure! I’m not bold enough to take my little-people just yet… but will soon be venturing on an escapade.


    • Haha..dude! Trust, having now gone through it: it aint so bad! Very doable. Just set up some rules before you head off, and you’ll have a super time. Thanks for popping in! 🙂


  4. But you are still very very brave! My kids really want to go up there next time we are in CT


    • Hahaha, catjuggles, Im not sure if it’s bravery, or blissful ignorance 🙂 But we did have a great time. And yes, you totally should. Especially if youre coming down now during the kidz special period.


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