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We’re back!!

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#PorterSummerVacay2016Extended blog pause due to awesome summer vacationing in the US of A!

But we’re back. After eight different aeroplanes, a total of 80+ hours of travelling, and far more time in airports than we actually preferred, it’s actually good to be back home. Even with the acceptance that the daily grind is what we’d have to come back to, it’s still good. A concept that I’m trying hard to put across to Morgan-Lee; that, that’s the thing about vacations – they come to an end. But that, that’s also the magic of vacations – that it’s so very different from every day life, that it only begs for countless returns. Although to be honest, I’m also a fan of her theory where this vacation life never needs to be left…like, ever. #wisdomofchildren I like it a lot more than mine actually. : )

Needless to say, the majority of our first few days back home was spent with all of us piled into our bed, under the cosiness of too many pillows and blankies, nursing our seriously obnoxious case of jetlag, flipping thorugh holiday pix, which was only intermittedly broken by the girls insisting on having our holiday videos on repeat. Also, once more, much to my secret giggles of delight, Morgy takes as much interest in the photographs as I do, and enjoys indulging in dreamily reminiscing on the exact moment captured, and then, subsequently, the rest of the day with every pic we flip to. In fact, it was she and myself that shoved our jetlag sleepies to the corner on Saturday night, as we decided to continue looking through ALL the pix once more, while Mike and Pax slept…Despite the fact that I promised Mike, “only five more minutes”. I may or may not have snuck downstairs to make us a midnight snack in between all the memory-laning with her.

So, as you can imagine, everything was pretty much a hazy, dreamy slow pace once we landed, as we knew the week ahead was going to be not quite as slow. Little did we know, that the week ahead was also not going to be even CLOSE to slow or dreamy. I mean, I know its one thing to return from vacay where nothing brings you back to reality quite like slow, snaking traffic that frustratingly creeps at the pace of melting peanut butter. But. Dude. Seriously. Come on…I certainly did not expect to kick start my Monday with a broke down car! Can you just imagine the tummy knots I had having to let my boss know I’m running late?!…on the first day back!

Yes, for reals. Broke down again. But this time, it was my own fault. She had been standing for more than two weeks whilst we were gallivanting around the States and Mexico, and silly ol’ me didn’t realise I needed to manually “turn” the oil before I started up the car on my return. In my defence, though, every other three week holiday I’ve ever taken has never bothered my little car before. But, this time it did. What can I say, my ol’ gal is aging.

And so the week of spectacular kickings of our asses began. I won’t go into all the dire details of what that Monday had in store, as it basically kind of continued along that same theme. Just know that it ended up with me getting home really late to two crazily ravenous little girls who were beyond negotiable. Both frustrated and hangry and needed me to “uppy” them. Both. At the same time, of course. Whilst I tried to cook the very dinner they were begging for… In other words I was rendered incapable of cooking, whilst slowly feeling my back (and soul) break under the weight of them and their moaning… “We’re so hungry, mama”….

Now, if only daddy was there to help out. Oh wait, dad was at still work… without his car, cause I used it to get to work. And he was now patiently waiting for me to come pick him up… once I was done with supper. Hmmm…do you see the problem, padawon?

Unfortunately, in the frustration of having to share their mommy during their hangry fit, and one allegedly getting a bigger piece of my lap than the other, Parker decided to take matters into her own hands, and actually bit morgy. She freakin BIT her. WTF?! So off to timeout she went while I iced morgy’s wound and called Mike to say I was running late for him. But when Pax escaped timeout corner to tell me she just peed the entire entrance wet, I called him back to say, I just don’t think I’m ever making it out this door…like, ever…And that he may have to think of maybe just setting up home right there for the foreseeable future. Especially since I had just burnt the rice in all the chaos. Oi vey.

Life apparently likes to be very clear with no uncertain terms with me, when it wants to remind me that vacay is over. Heard ya, loud and clear!

But mostly…Dude…this jetlag be a mean sucker this time around. Seriously, parenting is hard as it is. But if you want a really fun time, bag yourself some jetlag and you’ll see all sorts of crazy come out! :- |

I’d understand if you’re rolling your eyes at this like, sister just went on vacation, and returns bitching about jetlag? I get it. So know that I am grateful. Fulfilled. I am so fully aware that it is a luxury, and am still on cloud nine about it. But jetlagged with kids? The struggle is real people.

Needless to say, we’re quite shattered already. Weirdly, though, my colleagues tell me I don’t even look tired. (I know they’re just being kind, ‘cause my old college bud walked into the boardroom, took one look at me and said immediately, damn you look tired! He keeps it real like that – always.) Then the other colleague, over the phone, noted that I was in a pretty jovial voice for someone who’s engine just screwed over… and the thing is, I think it must have been because I am happy. I am so happy! Despite the jetlag we’re dealing with (and slowwwwwly winning over, by the way) along with the car blues I may be whistling, the endorphin rush of having just spent a wonderful summer vacation with my US family is still pulsing through my veins.

It’s perhaps cliché to say I needed this vacay..but I did..even if it hasn’t left me all rested at all..(furthest thing actually)..but it has given me more direction though, and more wonderful memories to add to our collection. Our mind banks topped up with a fresh deposit of a glorious mix of some defining, some amazing, and some very simple moments of pure magic. Moments that shall further carve us into the people we are yet to become. Both us as adults and our kids. And, damnit, just beautiful memories to look back on, and that only strengthen those ties that bond.

Memories that we shall indulgently dip into from time to time, all from the comfort of our own home. Ah, home…it is good to be home. Because coming home is just as exciting a journey as the places to which we’ve travelled to. Places and adventures we had as a family that I cannot wait to share with you.

On that note though, I loved being mostly disconnected – save for the odd the Instagram post here or there (and am playing catch up with so many other blogs and IG’s now)- but I realised two days after our return just how much I missed this little space on the interwebs that I call my blog. I’m itching to get back…although, I apologise now, in advance, if my first few posts end up reading a bit disjointed. I think I may be a bit like my car here, needing to “turn my oil” a bit before I hit the road properly. Patience please, lovely readers.

Till then, I’ll be sorting through pics, and hopefully not getting too side-tracked by the memories and laughs that come with them. X


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