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“All Gold” Birthday



I reached the “All gold” age, and in just doing a quick barometer check…yup, Im still on the same vibe as last year, and the year before…and pretty much as always I suppose. Life is good at any age.
For those of you have been sheltered from the mental itch-inducing TV ad from back in the day,(although, it could still be running for all I know- I haven’t watched TV in years) the all gold reference comes from the All Gold tomato sauce ad. A proper earworm that jingle, it was. In other words, I’m 36sssss. ( you’ve got to whistle it)

There have been plenty of rough times during my 36th year of life..many of which had me head in hands..or fists to the sky. But honestly, there have far greater moments that were amazing, and simply beautiful. Moments that make me bend my knee in gratitude, wipe the slate clean, shrink the lousy times into a faded background, or better yet, provide context and reason to them. My goodness, just stopping to think of it all as I type…there really has been magic aplenty in this passing year. Some of which I know I have captured a tiny little wormhole into, via a photogragh. In fact if I had the time, I would have totally gone to find some of them to share with you here. Maybe next year this time. Who knows, I may become magically more organized in the admin and photo folder organization kind of way! Miracles do happen, people! 🙂

But truthfully, and not in a cliche way at all, it’s these very moments that make me grateful and provide fortitude for the journey ahead. A journey of learning and discovery that I know is far from over, and one that I look towards with great anticipation. Sometimes it’s scary. But I remind myself to pull up those big girl panties, and when they start slipping, I hitch them a little higher and tie a knot to secure them. ‘Cause I like to keep it classy around here.

Understand though, that, these magical moments I speak of are not always filled with grandeur and ritz, or even fall into the typical “things to celebrate” category. Instead, they often come in a more quiet form. Subtle and small, but no less in its gravity of impact. And I’ve learnt a long time ago that that’s what’s making this life journey so exciting – these moments are all around us, waiting to be sought. And the openness to these moments is what invites them and their friends to party at your house.

Sure, you’ll always have some gate crashers to the party – can’t stop them, it’s in their nature. And they’re always new curve balls, so you’re never really able to know exactly HOW to deal with these gatecrashers at first. But eventually you will. One always does. It’s just the patience with life- and mostly with oneself- that needs to be honed and trusted, that eventually you will figure it out. Even if you didn’t realise you actually figured it out until after the whole storm had passed.

This past year has been one of me desperately seeking such direction. Knowing fully and wholeheartedly that a change is so necessary, but, oh, which way?! Like throw me a friggin bone here! Even though I was still on the “you can do anything you put your mind to” schpiel (still am), all of a sudden I was overwhelmed by the practical. Like that wouldn’t make financial sense, or xyz wouldn’t be the most logical thing to do, etc. I just didn’t want to make a mistake – I mean, I have a family that depends on me (and Mike) to make the right decisions. And those decisions also need to make us, as individuals happy – lest we become a burden to our spouses in a sad way. So I started to seek out ways of finding the right way, the best way…all of which I always only had one foot in the door kind of approach. And mostly came up still unsure.

It’s taken me a full year, countless sleepless nights and a trip to half way around the world again to remember that there is only one way: The way, the truth and the light. And whilst that often didn’t feel like a satisfying enough answer when seeking out answers that I needed NOW, I feel I am better seated now again to allow myself to just be guided by Him. Still going to be hustling to make things happen, no doubt, but more assured that the path will be revealed as time unfolds, and that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

So let’s see what my 37th year brings. I am excited. Plenty of big things to unfold in it, I’m sure of…

What are you looking forward to in this year of your life?

So for now, all gold is all good. Even saucy, one could say…but I wouldn’t. So let’s just stick to all good, shall we? 

Also, since I didn’t post this post yesterday as intended, let me share some bits of my day with here you:

Can you believe it, I almost forgot about my birthday. Again. Even with hubby’s reminder the week before, and my friend’s reminder two days before asking for birthday plans, I still woke up on my birthday morning and almost left for work without our traditional birthday brekki in bed. Leaving your bed BEFORE birthday breakfast is served? Sacrilege! Fortunately I had lazy mind enough to get back under the covers for five more minutes – affording Mikey enough time to bring up divine brekkie before the crack of dawn ( I leave house stupid early).

Which put me in the best of moods – fave brekkie foods with my fave person on my birthday would do that to anyone though. Then since it was rather quiet in the office, I thought I could get away with no one noticing, even if I was greeted with the happiest of wishes by the first colleague of got.

But I got… the birthday song – you know the awkward song sung by colleagues that you still enjoy. I was also surprised by the brightest of flowers – intended to brighten up the gloomy wintery weather and a lovely surprise gift from a friend- a friend I’ve missed terribly. All of which, even if I thought I’d dodge it this year, contributed to a happier day.

Later on, Mike and I decided we were going to have dinner just the two of us – I’ve spent almost three weeks literally day and night with children on me almost every second, so I think you’d understand why we figured a few hours of dinner without the kids this time was the way to go. We kept it local, as we were both in need of some easy life options where we don’t have to waste much time driving to get where we want to, but also wanted some seriously great food. We were in need of some foodie heaven, and Homespun was just the place to do it all for us.

Guys, if I may suggest, whether you’re in the area or far out, make the drive to Homespun. Right across from the beach, with the most divine food ever that is so carefully and beautifully presented. It’s a fine dining restaurant where you can rock up in your jeans – so very casual. Their prices are also part what makes them amazing as well, along with their unflawed service and lovely décor. Slap in their indescribably good food means they bring the whole package, and will certainly be seeing more of us on the regular. Everything we had there was great. My two faves were the Thai soup starters and the deconstructed cheese cake..complete with a birthday candle! 

But before the dinner, I knew my day would suck if I didn’t get to spend part of my special day with my kids as well. So after my quick medical appointment after work, I picked Morgy up from school a little earlier and off we went to grab waffles by the seaside…Kind of like, “cake by the ocean”, if you will. But more in the literal sense, obvs.

It was supposed to be both my girls joining me, but unfortunately I only had the one carseat.(Mike had the other two) And as awesome as it would have been to have both my girls by my side to celebrate my day, I was not willing to risk her life by travelling without a carseat for it. I love her too much to gloss over the risks.

(By the way , if you feel the same, why not check out#carseatfullstop campaignthat’s about to launch soon and see how we can help shift the mind set of more parents to one that is more car seat safety conscious)

Anyhoo, it worked out perfectly, as it has been a while since Morgy and I have had our special one on one time. As was in evident in her wanting to sit on my lap for the first few minutes of our time out. And I let her. Happily so. Heavey as she is. Until she herself decided it was far too uncomfortable for her and moved over.


Also guys, another foodie suggestion: haul ass to the Big Bay Waffle Company here in Melkbos for the most heavenly waffles your eyes have done seen and your mouth has ever tasted! Try the vanilla pod gelato with crispy bacon, covered in butterscotch syrup on a traditional waffle…HOLY MOTHER OF MEGATON!!!! You may need a moment of silence after the first bite…possibly may even find your religion while youre there. 🙂 You have been warned…

Needless to say a good day out with my eldest beasty. My smallest beasty however greeted me with her pick-one-miss-smile smile and excited laughter, screaming “mamaaaaaa”…as she dives up into my arms, necessitating all other items in my hadns be dropped with immediate effect. Our special time together was far more simple, but just as good. As usual, as my official shadow, she never leaves my side. Stayed on my lap as we chatted all things toddler life – stickers, glue, Ninja turtles, the snot she just swallowed and other such deep things. She helped me pick out shoes for my outfit, while she and sister sang at the top of their voices, running up and down, making a mockery of any orer I had put into my cupboard packing system. Needless to say we ran late for the restaurant booking, but spending the time with my daughters was far more important that being bang on time for a booking in anycase. So blusher dusting of htree pairs of cheeks later, and sneakily slipping on warmer more practical boots as opposed to the hot stilletos Parker chose, we were greeting the girls for our little night out.

Come home to two wide ae beasties, cause the babysitter j got tooled by them! :-|

Came home to two wide awake beasties, cause the babysitter just got tooled by them! 😐

Great night out indeed with still the greatest gift from God I’ve received- my hubby. The man who, even though I wanted low-key this year, still managed to make it all feel super special for me. Love this dude. A good birthday indeed.


Ahh, 37th year, one day in and I see you are already pouring into the memory banks of good moments. Keep em coming, hun…

Here’s to us all and our year ahead! X


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Mother of two (and counting), pregnant with the third and have a sweet little angel in heaven. A very happy wifey, blogger, lover of life and laughter, a clumsy swimmer, loyal friend, Im funnier in my head than I actually am, I am a qualified HypnoBirthing Child Birth Educator, I get inexplicably excited about good food, baking & crafts. Although, I think baking and crafts are just trying to fill a void that my Kenpo and gym-rat days used to fill. Lastly, according to the rest of the world, I fix your printer. But I'm actually a Software Architect.

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  1. Belated happy birthday from all of us in Paarl!


  2. Glad you enjoyed your special day xxx

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