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DIY Fabric Stick-Dragons



An easy-peasy guide to making your own fabric based Stick Dragons

A huge hit at Morgan-Lee’s How to Train Your Dragon party was the stick Dragons that each kid got to adopt. I had a little make-shift stable for them at the party, and the kids loved them so much they selected their own dragons before we could even do the whole adoption/ earn your dragon’s trust ceremony. (Certificate of adoption template can be found here.) Clearly, they didn’t need any nudging to get riding on their own personal little dragons. Also, this meant that we didn’t need any jumping castle, soft play or other form of extra entertainment to keep them enthralled. (A win for parent’s pocket!)


Seconds before she stumbled and face-planted, and got up laughing her butt off.

Seconds before she stumbled and face-planted, and got up laughing her butt off.


By the way, for more party game ideas with these cute little dragon buddies (and more Viking and dragon themed ideas), head on over to the birthday post here.

What’s more is that these little dragon-buddies are easier and simpler to make than you think. In fact, these were hand-sewn, and didn’t take me that long. No, you DON’T have to hand-sew yours. In fact, if you have access to a machine, by all means use it – I totally would! But I didn’t have access and still it wasn’t a problem at all. So let's get cracking, shall we.I’ve included all patterns and how-to’s. (check back by Monday – all templates should loaded by then.)

dragon rocks
What you will need:

    • Short wooden dowels ( Hardware stores stock them. I got the short, medium thickness from Builder’s. They go for anything between R9 and R14 at that size.)
    • Fabric of your choice.( I wanted our’s more colourful with a pattern that resemembled scales. I bought mine at my local material store where I paid anything between R15 and R26 per metre. I didn’t need much material though.
    • Felt of different colours(For the flaps and fire breath)
    • Plain white Cardboard (For the eyes, although you can also use felt for the eyes if you want. I was just short on time. (#workingmomproblems))
    • Sharpies/Khokis (to draw in the eyes, if using cardboard)
    • Glittery or textured carboard (for the ears or you can use stiff felt)
    • Pattern for dragon head (See below: print out on A3 paper size to get the correct size)
    • Pattern for ears and eyes (See below: print out on A4 paper size to get the correct size)
    • Scissors
    • Needle and thread
    • Ribbon
    • Glue gun ( for eyes and ears and securing dowel to dragon)

What to do:
A picture is worth a thousand words. But a little caption to those pictures, are priceless! So here you go:

Furthermore,step 9 and 10 is to hot glue the eyes and ears to the material. (best done after it is stuffed, for better placement.)
Step 11 is shove the dowel into dragon from the bottom – once youre happy with placement, hot glue the bottom seam to the dowel stick.
Lastly, step 12 is finish off with a pretty constrasting ribbon.

Although, my youngest, Parker-Grace would argue that its not done yet – she insists her dragon needs wings, else its not a dragon. Sharp as a tack, that one!

Then sit back and watch the kiddies enjoy! If there are any questions, feel free to ask. These don’t only have to be for a party,by the way, as they are perfect for every day imaginary play for boys and girls. Gosh, I know my girls still have endless fun with their dragons.

(The pattern can also be used for just a stick-horse too, if Dragons are not your little one’s speed.)But if you are looking for party ideas, then don’t forget to check out the stick dragon party games we played with them as well as other the rest of the Vikings and Dragons themed party over here.



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4 thoughts on “DIY Fabric Stick-Dragons

  1. Ah man, you come up with the coolest ideas! Wonderfully done.

    The kids definitely had a blast on their dragons!



  2. You should SO create your own shop and sell all your wonderful creations. Very impressive 🙂


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