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How about some Humble Pumpkin Pie?


…Delicious, silky, yummy AND super easy to make pumpkin pie

So. With “pumpkin season” upon us, and my excitement dials amply turned up, I’ve got to say I was left a little disappointed once more this year. You see, I’m desperate to find some form of pumpkin festival or spot that would become my metaphorical encapsulation and release of the Halloween feels that course through my veins. Think pumpkin patches as you hunt for the perfect pumpkin, face-painting, pumpkin carving stations, hay bale mazes and themed rides..just another world of fun for littles and those young at heart. But alas we do not have such things in SA.

Granted our Halloween game is slowly but surely getting there. I mean, after nearly a decade of throwing Halloween parties, I finally no longer have import stuff or pay with organs for a prop. But gosh darn it, one would think that the companies out there might have realized by now what an untapped gold mine Halloween in SA is, and pulled in with their halloweeny entrepreneurship skills already. But they’re slow to bite.

So when I found “Die Pampoenstalletjie” earlier this year, I absolutely thought I hit Halloween gold. Like, Finally!!! So why am I left disappointed then? Well, because, alas, our pumpkin season does not happen to coincide with Halloween as it does for our northern hemisphere counterparts. And as awesome as that well-renowned stall is, there are no pumpkins there yet to satisfy any of my gourd toting cravings.

The lovely staff advised me when the best time was to come and enjoy their gorgeous little stall was certainly not now. So I’ll have to wait a few more months before that visit will happen. In fact, with this Halloween vacuum that we’re obviously sitting with here in SA, I was at one point seriosuly considering taking up that challenge myself. You know, establishing Cape Town’s (SA’s) very first Halloween/Pumpkin one-stop spot. But after realising I am only just about managing to shower everyday, and still working on hair brushing, I quickly slapped myself out of that thought.

Anyhoo, girlfriend over here was pretty bummed, but not out. So instead, I turned to good ol’ frigidly lit stores to get my pumpkin hunting on. Turns out, whilst it’snot even a fraction of the fun I was hoping to have with the kids, the stores are really finally upping their game in the pumpkin stakes. The selections have grown, and the prices are dropping (albeit only marginally)

Thats right my girls - go for the BIGGEST ones!

Thats right my girls – go for the BIGGEST ones!

Veggie shopping has never been this fun for them

Veggie shopping has never been this fun for them

I may have gotten carried away a bit with what I bought, so I decided to put of those plump pumpkins to use. And anyone who knows me, knows I loves me some pie! Savoury or sweet, there’s just something in the making of it that has me hooked. I tried to remember the old pumpkin pie recipe from about 4 years ago. It took some straining, and some googling. And whilst I never did find my original recipe, I did find one that I tweaked with fresh pumpkin instead, as well as pie crust from scratch. I am not a condense milk fan – blame my childhood days of Sundays spent out with my Paarl family where they were pretty heavy handed on that stuff, and was used in just about everything. And I generally like easy and simple recipes, cause mostly mama ain’t got time for much.
(Case in point, I didnt get a chance to make the pie pastry from scratch, so instead just grabbed one of the store bought packets I had in my freezer. But will share my recipe with you one day.)

And it was good! So after that ridiculously long introduction (I’ve been known to just babble on and on) lets get to what we came here for: Pie. Deliciously silky pumpkin pie. And my recipe for it – its SUPER easy, and actually quite quick.

What you will need:

    -Pie Pastry (home made or store-bought)
    -2 cups cooked and mashed up pumpkin
    -1 can evapourated milk
    -2 eggs (beaten)
    -1/2 teaspoon ginger
    -1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
    -1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
    -1/2 teaspoon salt


    1. Steam your pumpkin till soft
    From our pumpkin carving sesh

    From our pumpkin carving sesh

    2. Roll out your pastry dough till roughly 1/8 inches
    3. lay it over your pie dish (+/- 30 cm),press in and trim the edges.
    4. Preheat oven to 200’C
    5. Mix evapourate milk, eggs, pumpkin and all your spices in a bowl with an electric beater or blender.

    Mix it all together

    Mix it all together

    6. Mix very well, then slowly pour into the prepared pie pastry dish.
    (The pastry decor ontop is optional)


    7. Pop into the oven for 40 minutes or until the pie is nicely browned and
    doesnt jiggle like St. Nick’s belly.

Mikey and I tucked into this just before bedtime

Mikey and I tucked into this just before bedtime

And that’s it. You’re done! See? Told you its easy!

    – Let it stand for at least 2 hours before serving. You can keep it in fridge if you need to (overnight), but return it to room temp before serving then.
    – When steaming your pumpkin be sure to use very little water, as pumpkins naturally already have alot of water. And if you use too much water your pie might end up being too soggy.

It’s lovely just as is, but also goes well with whipped fresh cream or vanilla ice-cream too!

Now let’s tuck into that pie, savour it and tell me more about how much you like dipping your toes into this festive feel of the year’s last quarter, all that you’re planning and all that you hope for…

Happy munchin’!X

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8 thoughts on “How about some Humble Pumpkin Pie?

  1. Yum yum, you make everything look so pretty and delicious !

    Can’t wait to make it for the Aunties in Paarl next week.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh I love Pumpkin Pie. I wish pumpkins were around here longer than they are. I haven’t got myself any yet but they literally leave the stores as fast as they arrive. #GlobalBlogging


  3. First off, the decoration on that pie is absolutely beautiful, well done straight away. I’ve never made pumpkin pie, might have a bash this year. Thanks for much for the inspiration – giving this a pin for later 🙂 #Global Blogging


  4. OK.. I must admit I laughed my way through your post! You see, when this South African arrived in the USA last September just before Halloween I was dumbfounded by how big Halloween really is.. What a sight to behold. Seriously you would LOVE it! But.. wait for it.. I was introduced to PUMPKIN IN A CAN.. I actually wrote a blog post about it 🙂 .. I mean, are you kidding. I kept telling people back in SA we till have to peel and cook the pumpkin.. haha!! Also, they are SO cheap here, I see your photo R99??? Daylight robbery! At least it is becoming a thing! I hope you enjoyed every bite! Thanks for linking up with #GlobalBlogging, hope to see you next week! x


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  6. Omg can I hire you to come and bake me a pie lol! I am a terrible cook but this has my mouth watering. Side note: your girls are too cute, love the photos of them picking out the biggest pumpkin. Can’t believe they are 99 p is that right?! I have to go get one now! I have to say I’m not as big of a fan about pumpkins but I LOVE dressing up, thinking I’ll be the little mermaid and my son will be Sebastian the crab….and my boyfriend will be a seagull or something hhahah ; ). Loving the Halloween feels. Thanks for sharing with #GlobalBlogging!


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