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4 thoughts on “Avalanche!!! (When Parent-life gets too much)

  1. Ah shame man – sounds like life is really throwing a storm your way right now…and at Halloween time nogal 😦 Thank God for your silver lining/positive attitude. I hope that all’s well with little Parker. Take care of yourselves…maybe get the girls to go away for a few nights when Parker is all better and you guys can just SLEEP xxx


    • Ha! We need a week of sleep!!:)) And I wish it was only now…”at halloween time”…but its been a rough ride since early this year, with it escalating from May…So we’re just relying on grace and prayers…But also know this is all part of the ebb and flow of life…Horribly exhausting though.

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  2. And God has done exactly that, entrusted beautiful gifts, to a beautiful, strong and brave momma. You were created for exactly this moment – because He in His infinite wisdom chose you to be their mom, He knew that they will need you to brave the storms. Thank you for sharing your hardships, and for being so real. You and your LO are in my prayers.

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