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Halloween: It’s almost Game Time!!!

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Now don’t I feel silly posting Halloween warm-up posts, well after Halloween. But I suppose that’s what I get for taking a much needed break, eh. And it was good I did. Short-lived, and I very likely needed much more – im not going to fool myself here – but it was a good start. However, I have a couple of posts already written, as well as some bits of life that I really want to share with you but haven’t yet even put it into words. So bear with me, as I do a bit of groundhog day with you and relive a fews days gone by in the upcoming posts. 🙂

If you were to take a walk through our home right now, you’d not at all be mistaken as to what time of the year it is…and if you were living under a rock and needed a dummy’s guide to it all – like why does this woman not clear out her cobwebs already – there’s a countdown calender up in the front entrance of our home, just for you, clearly marking off Parker-Grace’s birthday AND Halloween!

(On a side note, my girls tried ticking off a few more days in advance on that calendar in hopes of speeding things up a bit – like, “Mooooooo-ommmmm! Look, it’s Parky’s birthday AND Halloween already!!”..*sigh*…Next time, no need for such elaborate plans,kids… Just ask for that chocolate )

Granted, a lot of those cobwebs you’d see up in our home are not actual props, per say…But for now, I’m taking it as a get out house cleaning jail for free card. ‘Cause Lawd knows that when exhaustion levels climb and pull-hair-out in bunches periods hit, my house cleaning efforts are the first to go – yes, sir, we are the suckers that now clean their own homes. (There have been some seriously major family home dynamic changes since August). In other words, our home generally looks like a 100 bombs have hit it on most days.

This could easily overwhelm me – and give my mother heart palpitations – but a healthy dose of realism is always called for in times like these. As in, I’ll focus on a small area in the home in which to restore some order, then spend the rest of my expendable energies on other priorities…such as getting Game-ready for Halloween! Of course! Because when my world’s going to crap, I grab hold of seemingly trivial things but which actually, for me, hold tremendous opportunities for spreading joy instead of the anxiety and heaviness that threatens to take hold.

Actually no, wait, I do that even when my world’s not going to crap.

But yeah, the principle still stands, and as previously stated (in bygone posts), these are the kinds of things that GIVE me energy, not deplete it. Also, I think when my world is spinning so hard on the out –of-my-control realms, there is gratification in weaving my own bits of intention and love in a realm that I can control. So needless to say, our house got slapped with Halloween stick all over.



(For a few more pix of some of our Halloween home decor, see here)

What else also got slapped? Like right in the proverbial face? Me. And very pleasantly so.With what you may ask? Well, with the undeniable realisation that my big girl, Morgan-Lee is every inch the sucker for Halloween as her mama! And you can believe that her matching excitement has sent me over the moon! What’s more is that she’s infected little sister too. So now we have a house full of Halloween-freaks to psych each other up to giddy levels. Poor Mike.

In fact the girls were so chuffed when I hauled out the Halloween boxes and found the witch hats. (I’ve always been a witch of some sort every year, and have the hats to prove it!) What I thought would be a once thing with getting them dress up as a cute lil witches, became an afternoon ritual of their’s. They’d beg me to put it on for them to go about their usual play time.




(Always licking stuff…Why, Pax, why?!)

On the days I came home after them, I’d find their old clothes strewn across the lounge with them tottering around in their striped tights, pointy hats and tutus. And on the nights I worked late, I’d often find the hats, tights and tutus abandoned on the bathroom floor for bath time.

And when there was no dress up , there were pumpkin pies that were made. (see recipe here.)


And pumpkin pie picnics to be had.

Tats have become the order of the day – especially when you’re recovering post-surgery.
(she called it her “Guitar Bird”)
My little patient ended up being covered in tats after she just stood there admiring this one for near five minutes.

There were the final touches to their pumpkins (from their Pumpkin Painting Party)




And don’t forget our first Family Pumpkin Carving. (I used to stick to no sharp tools version of pumpkin decorating, but my sister always made it look so easy and cool to do, so I dove into it this year. Check out my pumpkin carving guide, as well as the very essential pumpkin preservation hacks over here.)


And then there’s this random shot. Because…that crazy face makes me smile.


Then some more carving, because I think we’re(I am) now hooked…


Also, I managed to make these super easy (and super cute, if I may say so myself) fridge magnets with some shrink plastic! I drew them free hand and shrunk them in the oven. I love the way they turned out and will show you how to make these cute little suckers soon – just using items you probably already have in your kitchen! (keep an eye out for that post!)


We all have our favourites; Mike likes the house, I like the pumpkin, Pax is all over the kitty in the moon, and well, and Morgy has on a ghost-vibe thanks to Paw Patrol Halloween episode that’s been on repeat ever since she discovered it. So now the cogs in my head are turning as to what else we can make with this.


So as you can see, the Porter abode is steeping itself in the spirit of things. ALthough, to be honest, it’s been looking alot like Halloween since September already judging from the girls artwork.

All this, despite the glaringly obvious trials and tribulations we are currently dealing with as family in relation to Parker’s health. Because, as you know, it’s like domino chain – when one falls, it sends a bit of chain reaction through all your facets of life. You just pray someone screwwed the set up of that domino chain, and it’ll all come to an abrupt halt.

Like I said man, any minute now, rainbows and unicorns are gonna bust in and take over… I mean we are full steam ahead for November and then the most wonderful time of the year!!! It’s SO close, I can smell it!!! *insert happy dance here*

In the mean time…The great family costume debate has been finally resolved, every one is now happy, and we have some form of coherent theme, therefore…Halloween, you can come: Team Porter is ready for ya! X


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