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A Rainbow Unicorn Princess Party for Parker-Grace…




That’s right! I crap you not! A REAL one! And I’m super excited to show you all that, but before get there, please allow the sap in me to wax some lyrical about my baby girl….

There’s a little girl who seems to have effortlessly mastered the art of exisiting within layers of paradoxes. A roughian, a bruiser, who’s most comfy in twirly dresses and sparkly shoes, with a marshmallow heart.

She’s also managed to creep deeply into my heart, and made herself snug right there (right along with her sister) when celebrating her, it comes as no surprise then that unicorns were the name of the game.
In fact when you think that she’s unique filled with an adventurous spirit, petite (almost like some sort of magical creature), yet strong and courageous; Carving her own will in this world already, with a penchant for all things girly, even though she’s so rough and tumble. She brings a world of colour with her and sprinkles a little bit of magic wherever she goes…, it’s only natural then Rainbow Unicorn Princess party is it…

And boy did we bring the unicorns!

Granted this year, as readers of my blog would know, I was pretty off centre energy wise recently, and wasn’t quite sure how I was going to pull this one off. Throw in the fact that carpet cleaning, and house cleaning services dropped me on the last minute, meant it left me a bit on the backfoot. If I had the energy to, I may have even had a slight panic attack because of it – I didn’t. But thanks to my mom, mother-in-law, brother and then-still-pregnant sister-in-law, they made magic happen. (Although it would take more than magic to save our carpet, but my sweet m-i-l tried her best). Also thank God for good friends and family who throw forgiving eyes over your home that’s needing some dusting. 🙂

Either way, dwindling energies aside, this party was still so much fun to plan, that I was stoked it all came together. There are SO many pictures I want to share with you – perhaps bordering on overshare- that I promise to keep my chitty chattiness to a minimum from henceforth….So, without further adue,I give you Parker-Grace’s Rainbow Unicorn Princess party:

The girls have some cute unicorns tees that I thought were cute enough for the day, but if we going to throw a “princess” into this theme, then you gots to bring the princess attire too…and these girls brought it well! Sure those dresses have a few rips in them now – I wasn’t expecting anything less from my girls – but they loved being able to play princesses for a day.

I made these cute little unicorn horns to turn them into proper Unicorn princesses – which, by the way, are super easy and cheap to make. (Cheap and easy – magic to my ears where crafts are concerned!And will do a post on them some time soon.)

Alreadytrying to secure sister to make sure she doesnt blow it for you - like in practice runs.

Alreadytrying to secure sister to make sure she doesnt blow it for you – like in practice runs.

But before I jump into the unicorn horns and activities, let’s cruise through the cake isle first, shall we…
You likey?


Is it ok that I say, I do? Because I do,even though it’s so simple. In fact, truth be told, I actually like it because it’s so simple. Just four layers of vanilla sponge cake piled onto each other with caramel and buttercream frosting in between, then roughly covered with some more buttercream frosting. I repurposed one of Parker-Grace’s Birds & Owl birthday party cake toppers for the cake bunting, found a gorgeous (albeit slightly masculine) little unicorn, and propped it all on top. Easiest birthday cake ever. And still decent, if I may say so.

My sister in law made her pretty little rainbow cupcakes…


And sparkly unicorn horn cupcakes…


My mother made a chocolate and strawberry cake – yum!
Along with an apple pie that just flew! I didn’t even get a shot of it – that’s just how my mom rolls, man!
Gosh, on a side-note, I gotta tell you, whilst I still do enjoy making all the stuff for a party myself, it’s so nice to have such amazing helping hands now…and such talented helping hands, really!

There were my usual vanilla almond cookies (see recipe here) – and in keeping with conserving my energies, I didn’t make take home cookies….or even attempt making unicorn shaped one. Instead I kept them simple – hearts, because unicorns are love personified, right? And colourful -in keeping with the rainbow theme.
Although most of the coloured ones were eaten at this point,

Rainbow drinks, anyone?


I had a selection of different colour sodas poured into plastic cups (MerryPak). And where I couldnt buy it, some lemonade with one drop of food colouring did the trick!

The bulb glasses can be found at The Crazy Store, under their Thingamabob range. Although I did spot a few at China Town as well. (They were the same price, btw!)
I also scored the metalic silver straws- both solid and striped ones- at China Town Sable square one random day for R15 a pack, and knew I’d use them some day. Although



We had a Unicate station up for little guests (because haters gonna hate, Unicorns are gonna unicate…) to turn themselves into magical unicorns as they arrived.(Everyone gets to be Rainbow unicorns!) Complete with rainbow coloured hair. But that hair activity may have slipped through the cracks. (something’s always gotta give!)

I made “boy ones” too, which the boys actually gladly wore – save for two of them who weren’t too sure yet.

The rainbow beads station was also a winner, where the girls could make rainbow necklaces…beads2




My original idea was to make a bunch of these (by merely upcycling plastic that’s probably in your fridge right now…See how nicely they shrunk? And thickened to a perfect pendant thickness)…

Buuuuut I promised myself to keep self-made stuff to a minimum, thereby maxmizing my downtime- so I scrapped that idea. (definitely something the girls and I have been messing with in the mean time though.)

The boys were also very keen at the beads station, and made some cool wrist bands.
Unfortch I didnt get any shots of theirs (the bummers of not hiring a photog), but Parky gladly modelled her’s off for me.

All beads (both coloured and wooden), along with elasticated “gut” and wrist bands, and metal Unicorn pendants are from Beads For Africa out in Montague Gardens.

And then right as they were admiring their own handy bead work, who happens to come galloping past the windows into our yard? Leaving every little guest’s mouth agaping??? (DAMIT, I wish I had a camera on them at the time!)
A magical unicorn, of course!! SO GLAD she took me up on that invite, though! YOu just never know when these majestic beasts are free to frolic, what with all that magic in the world they’re busy tossing about. But, I mean, when the whole premise of a party is based on you, how can any magical creature turn down such a personalized invite?! 🙂

And, dear Lord, was birthday girl’s reaction everything I had hoped it would be! That girl was inlurrrrrv! And all she wanted to do was love on her. Hold her and talk to her.

Although she (and sister) was/were a litte confused that unicorn’s name was “Tinkerbell”, but after a rudimentary discussion about common names (“Tracey” being a prime example), she moved on and her animal loving-self got lost in the magic of this Unicorn who came to celebrate her!

My girls’ werent the only ones mezmermized by the creature, a little boy whispered to his mommy, “that’s amazing!”, as he checked with her if it was real. 🙂

Tinkerbell kindly folded away her wings, instead gave all the little guest rides around our garden and in the park.
This was loved by boys and girls…
Although Parky may have loved it more, in that she couldn’t bare not being with the unicorn, and took a long time to come to terms with sharing her with all her guests.


They also got to groom her…

and madam just couldnt get enough of it….



And some couldnt resist checking how real that horn was…

They then got a teethbrushing lesson from the unicorn, and got to feed her…





LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! The eyes of children filled with wonder, their minds bubbling over with curiosity and simply primed to see amazing things in life – THIS is what feeds my love for parties! Its feeding their curiosity, fueling their wonder. Fills up all my tanks – I swear!





There was also a waffle bar where guests could modify their own waffles…

Granted, I was all over the place, and since my kind assistants can’t read my mind, they didnt know what else was supposed to be set on this waffle bar…So it wasnt a full smorgasboard as intended, but did the job! (Fruit, berries, syrups, icecreams, various toppings (chocolate, 100’s&1000’s, cinnamon sugar, etc)


I set up a cutie mark station too (Yes My Little Ponies had a strong influence too on my girls’ love for unicorns, so we go with it…except we’ll forget to blow up all the damn My Little Pony foil balloons I collected over two months!) I simply used a mix of pretty metalic designs and some more boy-themed kiddy tattoos:


Party packs were pretty standard this year due to
a)Me trying to keep as unbusy as possible and
b)I tidied up the week before and then couldnt remember where the dickens I put the darn party packs. (That’ll teach me to tidy up!)


I used the templates for all signs and tags freely available from oohhappyday And then just modified it where necessry for each of the signs I made.

But the real crescendo of it all is when we gather around the star of the moment, and let her feel that love, that happiness that we all share for the mere fact that she was born…(That’s also where some of the best humour of the day can be found)

This picture whilst slightly overacted on my side, sums up how determined Parker is that big sis not take any liberties on this candle blowing session.

This picture whilst slightly overacted on my side, sums up how determined Parker is that big sis not take any liberties on this candle blowing session.



A typical scene that's bound to happen at our parties: Little girls playing with action figurines, an icepack being applied to a tot, grocery shopping at all costs, with dogs constantly under your feet....Yup, every single party of ours. :)

A typical scene that’s bound to happen at our parties: Little girls playing with action figurines, an icepack being applied to a tot, grocery shopping at all costs, with dogs constantly under your feet….Yup, every single party of ours. 🙂

A day with loved ones, seeing them gathered around the birthday girl, her little friends eagerly eyeing her candles, and sharing in her anticipation and exitement as she prepares to blow them out…sharing in her joy. What a joy it is to me. What a simple joy it is. And one I am grateful for,

Here’s to many more years celebrating our little unicorns…
Here’s to celebrating life! X

my ovaries!!!

my ovaries!!!


Deep conversations

Deep conversations


Nieces and  nephews and their friends joined in straight after their hike.

Nieces and nephews and their friends joined in straight after their hike.




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  1. bless ❤ every little girl's dream


  2. Wow – how lovely! Well done mama…even on your limited energy levels 🙂


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