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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for kids 2016



…(and for tweens and teens)

As long as I can remember, I used to beg my mom to put up a mantel piece over fireplace in our family home – purely for Christmas reasons. With particular focus being placed on the Christmas stockings. But with our fireplace being more of a 70’s retro style, a mantel piece would never work. A tiny regret my mom still speaks of till today. So fast-forward to us moving into our home five years ago WITH a fire place that is stocking-hanging friendly, my stocking stuffer game came to life!

Five years in, I’d like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at stuffing that ol’ sock. But what exactly quantifies it as pretty good? Well, a good mix of medium to well-priced goods that are actually cool or interesting/fun, and not just junk that will end up on the pile 15 minutes into play. My adult stocking stuffer game still needs some work, though, but my kiddy, and even tween to teen I got waxed!

What’s also great is that most of these ideas listed here all range between R10 and R50!*

1. Magic Work from Toy Kingdom: Is it alive? The way it magically moves, it very well could be! A back story to my fascination with this stocking stuffer: Many moons ago my dad brought one of these back from his travels for me as a little girl. And whilst I was too freaked out by worms at the time, it actually kept all four of my other siblings rather enthralled. So was I, but as long as someone else was holding it.
2. Beads from Cotton On Kids: What little girl doesn’t enjoy a little bit of accessorizing? My girls certainly do, and this will be a sweet little stuffer for them.

3. Travel Hairbrush from Cotton On Kids: They have a myriad of characters to choose from, everything from unicorns to flamingos. Clearly, we’ve got a soft spot for Star Wars, and makes morning hair brushing that much cooler for dad too.

4. Plastic Gliders from Toy Kingdom: Elasticated sling shot style hand glider (with a little plastic dude strapped) will bring lots of fun and joy to the kiddums in the park. Last year the girls received similar helicopters, and still keeps them busy forever. This is definitely a going to be a win too.

5. Magic Grow animals from Toy Kingdom: We’ve all seen those little capsules you throw into the water and they expand /grow into these cute finger sized toys. However, these little buggers grow HUGE. Like proper toy size. And thanks to their recent Stingray encounter on holiday, my girls have developed a big fascination with them – so I can’t wait for the girls to see these little stingrays grow in the tub. Ps. They also have a much larger models like a Hammerhead shark.(those models are outside of this price range though)

6. Projector Watch from Toy Kingdom: So if wearing a watch doesn’t already tickle their fancy, how about a watch that can project images? Yup, pretty cool in kiddy speak. My girls still have their ones from last year, and still love playing around with them in a dark room. A year later and it hasn’t lost its appeal? Stuffing win for sure!

7. Tiny themed erasers from Mr Price: No matter your age, you cant deny the fascination that tiny little things hold. The detail, the miniature-ness…it’s too cute not to like. These erasers are no less adorable and will be much loved by your kiddums. (and everyone else in this world who has a heart)

8. Projector torch from Cotton On Kids: Torches alone have strong appeal with kids. Don’t believe? Just show your kid it’s magic, just once, and he’ll forever be enthralled. Now add shapes to the mix and you’ve got yourself a winner! Just don’t expect sleep time to happen as per normal for the first few nights. ; )

9. Match Me! Card games from Cotton On Kids: Card games are an excellent way to encourage family bonding time, and also a perfect opportunity to stimulate your child’s brain. ( and your own!) These adorable memory card games from Cotton On Kids are cute and come in a stylish tin that’ll ensure they endure many road trips, and getting thrown into the bag for a game anytime.

10. Fruit inspired mini handbags from Cotton On Kids: Fruit snack themed bags, with all the sparkle a little girl could ask for, are perfect to add to that stocking.

11. Bilip Magic Balloon: It’s like a magic goo or paste that once squeezed off ( like a dot of toothpaste) can be blown up into a balloon – whatever size you’d like. Apparently you can pierce it, but it won’t burst and punctures can easily be repaired. It’s like blowing plastic bubbles that wont burst! Fun for hours!
*NB! Price range with the exceptions of items number 8, 9, 10

Then worth an honourable mention, because I am doing it this year, but also not going full blast, here are my suggestions for tweens and teens:
1. LALA Lips lipbalm from SODA : Thanks to my sister, I’m a huge fan of EOS lip balm, but not so much of the price. The Canal Walk SODA store however stocks similar ones that are just as cute though, and much loved. The flavours are a plenty too. (not all pictured here)

2. Ice lolly pouch with manicure set from SODA: Snack- themed goods are all the rage right now, and I’m such a sucker for it myself. This ice lolly pouch with full manicure set will definitely go down well.

3. Bunny Ears Cellphone cover from SODA: Teens. Tweens. Cellphones. ‘Nuf said.

4. Buttons and pins from SODA: Hello 80’s fashion! Tweens and teens are all about putting their own spin on things and making statements – however subtle they want it. And with these pins/buttons, they can have fun doing it. Also, it’s just so tiny and cute. Who doesn’t love tiny and cute?!

And there you have it! Hope you’re feeling less stumped about what to stick on those stockings this year. Enjoy! X


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2 thoughts on “Stocking Stuffer Ideas for kids 2016

  1. Love this list! I’m about to hit the shops to find a few more gifts, so this helps 🙂 Thanks!


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