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Gender Reveal: Girl or Boy, you already bring us JOY!


Guys, to say that I am emotionally spent after this weekend of gender revealing (and God-parent prepping for our new gorgeous lil’ nephew), would be an understatement of note. For I surely am!! But in a good way. Absolutely in a good way! It was a bit exhilarating actually.

And it felt good to feel this way again. In fact, it feels like it’s been a while. With the exception of actually seeing two lines on a peed-on stick, the last time I felt like this was maybe for our last big USA family getaway last year (those roaring engines for take-off will always have my heart.) But seeing my little girlies so pumped about finding out about their sibling, has been priceless. So, needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this past weekend’s festivities. And truth be told, Im still processing it all – the emotions, the fun, my girls’ reactions, our future. Just all of it. So forgive me for taking my time in getting around to sharing it with all of you. These cliff hangers are not intentional – promise! Also, I promised to touch base with family BEFORE we go public.

In case you were wondering, our girls have been rooting for a boy all this time. Like since the beginning and they’ve not wavered once. The two of them have also been extra clingy on me ever since I fell preggers. And could only talk about their little brother. In fact the eldest, Morgan-Lee, could not be convinced otherwise of the gender – insisting that her “other sister will come soon, but THIS is her brother right here now”.

Anyhoo, the day started with a bang. And by “bang” I mean that we woke up with a start when we realised we all had overslept. It was 9am when we all kind of started rousing, and then panicking to get done! The party was in 3 hours and we had done exactly jack prepping at this point. There was loads to do. And by “panicking”, I mean, I begged Mike for some brekkie and a cuppa, while I went to go work on my headboard DIY project in my jammies. Because that’s the most logical thing to do when you’re overexcited and have “deadline” looming, right? Anyhoo, the incredulous look Mike flashed me as he found me by the headboard, with his hands full of the breakfast tray, was enough to snap me out of things and get the girls cleaned up.

Later, when Mike came home with that Reveal Box – the real star of the party- the girls were all over it, and wanted at it immediately. I obviously howled at them, complete with the mommy growl. (you know the one, don’t pretend you don’t.) I mean, yes, it is FOR them, but as the mother, I didn’t wait almost 22 weeks just for them to rip it open when I’m not ready…or not even looking. They got the idea, but couldn’t help but hover around that box all morning. It was actually really really sweet to see them so psyched by this – this was exactly what we were going for.

We got everything setup quick sticks – it really wasn’t fancy. I slipped on my last summery dress I had that still went over my bump well enough and we got things started.

(Can you tell we’re all excited?!)

Everyone cast their vote in stone. Or like,in khoki on paper. Even our big girl Morgy proudly came to put her name down.

In case you’re wondering, Parker was too busy chowing down her cupcakes and chips to write anything, and instead just shouted out her vote to her Dad. Like, cant talk, busy eating! (Mama’s girl!) This girl came for a party – which means goodies galore in her books.

One voter (my mom) even changed their vote completely from the one they’ve had all the time. And I don’t blame them – cause the night before, Mike and I were ticking off the old wives tales we got seriously confused. And then really technical. Like is my bump high or low? And I pointed out to Mike, after finding an old 8months preggo pic of myself with Morgy & Parky, that this bump is exactly the same now. And then all the initial signs which were for the one gender now suddenly swung to the other gender. So we didn’t know what to put down.

Eventually we were like, whatever!! The catch phrase still stands: Girl or Boy, this little one, already brings us joy. I mean, what gift from God isn’t? 🙂

Mike genuinely didnt have a posture on either gender – he was ecstatic either way. I was too. But, if Im honest, I had a hankering towards the one gender already – not that I would be heartbroken if it turned out differently though.

Then there were quick video interviews on the vote – all quite fun and sweet. Many, like my brother said they voted boy because “it’s about time”. 🙂

And then it was onto the moment of truth. (Also pay no attention to the dry garden in the background – this South African Drought is real, yo!)

Morgy was at that box long before anyone else was. (I love how in the moment she always is, how unfiltered she is and how expressionate she is. That really comes through in these pix here below. Remember, none of the actual reveal pix here below are posed – our awesome photographer, Josie, just captured things as they unfolded.)

The bubbly was ready and waiting – cause either way, we were celebrating. I of course only posed with my glass.

The “crowd” gave us a countdown…

And this pic, taken two seconds before we knew…Me, still with my eyes shut – I was told to keep my eyes shut till the balloons totally popped out….Guys, I kid you not, the excitement was palpable.

And there it is!! The first glimpse of those tell-all balloons…Just look at Morgan-Lee’s face! (I am yet to open my eyes…I wanted the full blast!)

(And look at Mike, that massive smile unchanged! Parky too…that smile stays.Although it did disappear later, but then it came back.)

And, here, Im finally catching the first real view of the balloons – my eyes took a few seconds to see the colour of it. (I think I had shut them too tight)…And as you can see, I AM surpised!(but also not)

It’s a GIRL!!!!!!

Oh my freakin’ HAT!!! A girl! Another girl! Three beautiful little girls in our home! (ps. Exactly what I had wished I had as a little girl growing up. Yes, a little known secret that I used to feel super jealous that my brothers were three, and my sister and I were only two. Granted we were three girls at one point, but sadly no longer in the land of the living. So I didnt get the whole sister in stereo vibe. I mean one sister is already so freakin amazing, how would two not have been?! And now my girl get to have that! Lucky fishies!)

Also, as a young man, Mike used to ask God to be “surrounded by women“…so, now with a house of females, including a female dog, I guess He heard you loud and clear, darling! (Mike always jokes that God misunderstood that prayer of his, but he doesnt regret it.)

Morgy was totally waiting for me to release it…She wanted the movie finish to it all! (let’s just say she maybe saw one too many gender reveal videos this past week.)

(sorry hun, we’re not done with those balloons yet!)

ANd then this pic right here….that’s realness folks. Completely unposed and pretty much sums up everyone’s feelings about those pink balloons!

(But more on that later – there is SO much behind this pic. Honestly – just so much.)

Oh, baby GIRL! We cannot wait to meet you! I mean that was a given already, but now we can start on all the fun prepping!! Our home may not be ready for you yet, but Lord knows are hearts surely are! Love you my sweetness!

Hope you have a great week! I know I will, as now all the fun clothes shopping and day dreaming of nursery decor can begin. Or in my case, fun procrastination thereof, and waiting till the last minute to get it all together. At least I dont have to repaint the nursery! The shell pink can stay!

Man, oh man, another baby girl… 🙂

Photo credits go to lovely and talented Josie of Josie Photography.


Author: mommabeartrax

Mother of two (and counting), pregnant with the third and have a sweet little angel in heaven. A very happy wifey, blogger, lover of life and laughter, a clumsy swimmer, loyal friend, Im funnier in my head than I actually am, I am a qualified HypnoBirthing Child Birth Educator, I get inexplicably excited about good food, baking & crafts. Although, I think baking and crafts are just trying to fill a void that my Kenpo and gym-rat days used to fill. Lastly, according to the rest of the world, I fix your printer. But I'm actually a Software Architect.

20 thoughts on “Gender Reveal: Girl or Boy, you already bring us JOY!

  1. Eeeek! Congrats you guys! I also wanted Kari to have a little sister – I always envy groups of sister-siblings you see in movies (like Little Women). Yay for you guys!


    • Aw, thanks so much Luchae! And yes, there’s something about a bunch of girls that’s magic. And boys. So like, ‘bunch’ is the magic number here I believe. 🙂
      Ps. You can always go again you know? 😉


  2. That is just awesome news!!! Thanks for the suspense!! Made it that much more exciting.


    • hahaha – thanks Carmen!!! I swear the suspense was not intentional! I literally took some emotional time to actually absorb it all (it really was exciting, maybe a bit too exciting fr me) and then contacting my family was priority.


  3. Aw, thanks so much Luchae! And yes, there’s something about a bunch of girls that’s magic. And boys. So like, ‘bunch’ is the magic number here I believe. 🙂
    Ps. You can always go again you know? 😉


  4. YAY! Congratulations my darling!! This post had me so excited. SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU xx


  5. Huge congratulations!!!! That was soooo freaking exciting! Makes me wonder if I made the right choice in not finding out (lol but only for a moment). I was right!!! It’s a girl! Hahahaha Love the girls’ faces in all the photos.


  6. Aaahhhhh man – that’s so exciting!!! We’re three girls and my dad adores us 🙂


  7. Oh man this gender reveal is so beautiful and the pics just too gorgeous. Congratulations!!! I’ve always been so envious of sisters. Your girls are so blessed to have each other. Instant bffs for life! …and now to decide on a name???


  8. oh wow congrats 3 girls how lovely, poor dad though hee hee, loved your gender reveal


  9. Wow! Congratulations! As a mommy of three girls myself I can confirm….epic fights, but even more love for each other!


  10. Awww man! I like literally had to pace myself to read the post and not just jump ahead lol. Sooooooooooo happy for you momma bear, another princess to the kingdom 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I love this post! The reveal looks like so much fun! 🙂
    And congratulations on another lovely little baby girl!! ❤


  12. That was a super cute post!


  13. Ahh!!!! I have tears of happiness for you! Congratulations!!! We are 3 sisters and it’s awesome. Enjoy the journey and come visit for some much needed TLC!


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