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The Torch of Family Tradition and How to Dye your Easter Eggs (the super easy way)

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If you’ve been following this blog for some time now, you’d know that it’s a Grammer family tradition to decorate the Breakfast Easter eggs before chowing down on them. There are some truly sweet and vivid memories that come with those Easter traditions of my family- and I always talk about it on here. So needless to say, I’ve ensured that, that torch of tradition keeps burning with this, our little, family.

Granted, I’ve not passed on all of my family traditions. I mean, like, I am yet to tackle hot cross buns on my own as a married woman- as much as I swear I WILL one day!. And pickled fish… well, home-made pickle fish may not find its way into my home just yet. Especially when Woolies serves up such a damn fine version of it. But come this time of the year, with the true gravity of the meaning of this holiday, I feel moved to ensure that our kids will certainly take it on. Starting with traditions…like egg decorating!( My favourite part!)

And even though it may seem like a simple part of the day, as a kid it was a very important part of the day for me. Our entire Family Easter Breakfast hinged off these fancy boiled eggs – at least that’s the way it felt to me. It was very possibly also my dad’s ploy to keep me busy and out of his hair while he got the real breakfast done. But he never made it feel like that. Instead, he attached lesson after lesson as we both (and sometimes my one brother as well) worked our way around the kitchen. Why do we use the egg as a symbol of Easter? Why are traditional chocolate Easter eggs made hollow? He’d ask. But then also quickly snapping back to check on how my creative hand was going with the boiled eggs.

And there were so many ways to decorate, I loved trying something different everytime. (For some more ideas have a look-see here) But last year, I finally experimented with some egg dying. And guys, im happy to report it couldn’t have been easier. I used to avoid it, as I thought since we don’t really get white eggs here in S.A, this would be a total bust. But turns out, our little brown eggs work just fine. Sure the colours are different to that of a white egg- duh- but still quite vivd and beautiful. Just have a look at our eggs of last year over here.

What makes it a true win is that you don’t need fancy dyes or expensive goodies to make this work. It uses ingredients you probably already have in your pantry.

So lets get cracking already!

    What you will need:
    • ½ cup boiling water
    • 1 teaspoon white vinegar
    • Liquid food coloring (about 20 drops per color)
    • Paper towel
    • Container deep enough to completely submerge an egg – I first used soup bowls but then upcycled my glass peanut butter jars for this.
    • Tongs, slotted spoon, or just a normal spoon will do
    • And your boiled eggs of course

    1. Mix all water, colouring and vinegar in the container
    2. Carefully place egg into mixture, turning occasionally if not fully submerged. Keep in liquid for 2 minutes and up to 5 minutes. However, leave in longer for a darker hue. Don’t be fooled, that colour sticks! So be super careful with the timing if you’re going for pastel colours.
    3. Gently remove the egg and set aside to dry on paper towel. Or with like coloured eggs on a plate.

(Place on paper towel to dry or on plate(keeping each colour seperate), or use a muffin pan like I did)

And that’s it! Once dry, it’s ready to be served up.

And then gobbled down as if they’re some sort of fancy pants hor’s devours, all because of that little tradition. When really, they’re just boiled eggs. Perhaps the kids enjoy those boiled eggs beause they had a hand in their resultant pazzazzness. Or maybe it’s because they know the crazy fun easter egg hunt follows soon after – a hunt which was never a part of Mike and my childhood traditions, but that we introduced as our new family tradition.

So here’s to passing on the torch of family traditions, while lighting the flame on a few new ones.

Either way, I hope your week and Easter weekend to come is filled with joy, love, plenty of breaking of bread with close ones, and traditions of old or new ones your own to make it real special.

Happy egg dunking! X


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Mother of two (and counting), pregnant with the third and have a sweet little angel in heaven. A very happy wifey, blogger, lover of life and laughter, a clumsy swimmer, loyal friend, Im funnier in my head than I actually am, I am a qualified HypnoBirthing Child Birth Educator, I get inexplicably excited about good food, baking & crafts. Although, I think baking and crafts are just trying to fill a void that my Kenpo and gym-rat days used to fill. Lastly, according to the rest of the world, I fix your printer. But I'm actually a Software Architect.

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