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The Easter Bunny’s Goody List 2017

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Its that time of the year again, when Easter Bunny is needing a bit of help with his Easter basket shipments. And who am I to not to step in and help the brother out.

Also, we’re only just around the corner from Easter, so if you’re like me, and leave most things to the last minute, or maybe youre just generally still struggling to think of what to fill your kids baskets up with this year, fear not, I have your back! I tend to keep ours simple. Thereby, keeping the costs a little bit more at bay and the mom nerves calmer, by having an easier time with her to do list.

For the actual basket, I grabbed a few back in September already at the Crazy Store for like 30 bucks. And Im sure they have plenty now still in stock – so go grab em while they’re still there! Yes, you only have today and tomorrow to prep for this Easter basket, but really, it’s so simple, you wont need much time. If it’s any consolation, Im at home with a terrible cold and no voice thats threatening to go full terrorist on me, and am yet to put my basket together. But Im not worried, as it really is so quick and easy to put these puppies together.
Just add some pretty floral material or even some tissue paper as your base to your basket, then start popping these in:

    1. Books-

    As you know, there’s ALWAYS books involved each year for us. And this year is no different, except unlike previously, its only one book per kid this time. So if you’re looking for more suggestions on this have a look-see at last year’s ideas.
    I’ve included “The First Easter” by Miles Kelly again, because it really is a great introduction for kids to the story Easter in a fun way – the stickers make it an absolute win. So Parker-Grace gets to have all the monopoly over those stickers this year.

    And for Morgan-Lee, because she now has the concept of Easter down, I decided to put in a fun book this year – “We’re going on an Easter Hunt”, by Laura Hughes. Which is perfect, because I actually started writing a kiddies book just for her, for her first easter, because I couldnt find an appropriate book that depicted an Easter egg hunt. Trouble was, I couldnt get the illustrations done – I need to “feel” the creative juice within me to be able to “see” and image in my mind and then draw it – otherwise it just looks ridiculous.One the major reasons I get jealous of my brother Maxwell – he’s an amazing artist that can draw anything, anytime.(and his kids have that gift as well!)

    Anyhoo, point being I think she’ll like this book.Its fun, beautifully illustrated, and has lifting flaps for her to find the eggs. Which may seem like it’s beyond her age, but truth is, shes only five! And I think she’s going to LOVE reading this book to her lil’ sister (and the new little sister on the way!)

    2. Chocolate Eggs-
    Because, duh! What’s Easter without the traditional egg…and that egg being chocolate. Woolworths delivers time after time on this for us, both on price and taste.

    3. HopScotch kiddy toiletries

    A now easy and economical staple of our baskets, some toiletries straight from EB’s personal range. Yeah, Beyonce is not the only one who gets to have her very own line of fragrances and toiletries. EB’s totally vibing with the celebs. You’re free to use the free downloads and ideas over here. I’d totally recommend it purely because it’s so easy to do!

    4. Ears –
    What is a basket without the ears? It’s like the pope without his hat. You’re spoilt for choice as to where to get yours: Crazy Store, King Cake, Checkers, China Town, you just can’t miss them!

    5. Easter Pyjamas –
    Easter in SA is synonymous with cosy time. Like, even Autumn holds back on all it’s glorious rain and snuggle worthy temperatures until the Easter weekend (well, with this current drought, Im holding thumbs)And, I don’t know about you, but in our house, cosy time also equals to soft, warm and comfy jammies. And thanks to Cotton On, your little darlings can be kitted out in the cutest PJ’s this Easter and all winter long.

    Granted, I don’t actually give these in the Easter Basket, these are part of the shenanigans of Good Friday. (And by shenanigans, don’t get it confused; we’re not out partying. Given the season and reason we celebrate, Its generally pretty chilled with quiet time, reading books (about Easter) and some prepping for the weekend itself.

    6. Trinkets:

    Woolworths also has a lovely selection of little trinkets that you can to any basket. There’s the dancing wooden Dinosaur for the dino lovers in your home, and the cute Bunny stacking rings the smallies of the home. Although, the chicken laying the eggs, is currently winning in our books.

(For PLENTY more ideas go to last year’s post over here.)

There you have it! Now go forth and fill your baskets with love, and enjoy the time with your littles and your loves!

Happy Easter Weekend, folks!


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