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Preggo’s Log, the Wedding Edition: Week 17 and Ready to Boogie!


Guys, it’s like the veil has totally lifted…And by veil, I mean, you know, that veil of sleep and lethargy that whilst it lightened up a very tiny bit before, has now fully let go of its vice like grip on me….So any of you preggos out there wondering when the dickens you’re going to feel less like death again, then just hold tight till week 17! I’ts like I’m fully morphed back into being human again. Albeit, a rather rounder, larger human being. But a human being, none the less. Which is super awesome as it just happens to coincide with our good buddy’s long awaited holy union in the same week. Meaning I could live it up at my fave kinda event:Weddings!

Not to mention, amazeball venues: Hello, Cavalli Wine Estate! Have you ever been? You’ve got to go! And then there’s the whole spit and polish process…a rare occurrence for Mike and myself as parents.

Instagram:#momlife means when youre trying to get all glammed up, it usually entails twice the amount of time needed, three times the amount of makeup required….and infinite fun!
And I kinda love it…just the way I imagined.
Ps. My mom was behind me, opening her closet to me.

I mean, what’s not to love about weddings, right?! Granted we, as friends, all wanted to kick the bejeezus out of the moron of a man who presided over their wedding to marry them – absolute tool, he was for the rubbish he said at their ceremony. But gosh darn it, weddings bring out the proper romantic sod in me. And Mikey and I are all gooey cheeseballs on each other all day, and then for the foreseeable few days thereafter too.

Love that everyone was kitted out with sunshade accessories.

Although, it’s not like this is a phenomenon set aside for just us, its most people out there, I’m sure. And even more so, I believe for parents. And for different reasons. I mean how much do you not just love weddings?! Case in point, all our buddies at the wedding. The bride and groom gave us each a card to give our personalised take on the wedding – which was sweet. But what was really entertaining, was to read some of the answers to the question, “why you looked forward to the wedding so much.”

It ranged from Mike’s funny but true, “time away from the kids”, all the way through to “the great sex I’m going to have tonight” – which is also true. But I think all us were definitely all about the late sleep-in of the morning after, where no kids would wake you. And you could rise at your own pace. Eat your brekkie in bed without having a little munchkin spill the juice all over your crisp white sheets due to bed jumping Olympics.(obvs, only to miss them SO much again, that you race to get done and go pick them up again! Crazy parent brain! 🙂 )

So yes, weddings rock – in so many ways!

Also, I was super happy that I managed to find a decent dress for the occasion – without looking like a whale! Total score! Remember that dress shopping trip with my two little nutters in tow? Well, we reaped some fine treasure in this dress that day, in record time (I’m not a big shopper). It managed to accentuate the right bulge (gotta love baby bumps, man!), and hide the other bulges and ripples. And was simple enough to suit my tastes – I’m a big fan of clean and simple lines.

I slipped on a comfy and well suited pair of Froggie heels (dude!Dont ever knock Froggie – they are amazeballs in the comfort and support stakes and are managing just fine in the style arena. They are absolutely my goto’s when I’m preggers!) But later I braved a pair of killer stilletos for the actual party (not pictured). I lasted all night on the dance floor. And by all night, I mean most of the night – not the actual whole night, because let’s be real here: pregnant! Hello!

Anyhoo, it felt so good to be social again, after what felt like a lifelong sentence of a hermit’s life the way my preggy hormones were ruling me.

Look at me being all social and stuff!!

Isnt she lovely?

The men

Also, I feel like I deserve a medal or something – parenting gold in fact – ’cause we stayed way later than I thought I could manage. Although at that point, I officially needed to remove my shoes and barefoot it to the car. But that’s when you know had a proper night out. Almost like a real adult again 😉

Point being I’m feeling fantastic, and am loving this for I feel like I can now be fully present in this pregnancy. And enjoy it. Documenting it (both personally and a bit socially), and revelling in it. Although I know realistically that may not pan out exactly as I have it in my head. I mean, I lurrrrv all those chic and swishy instragrammy mommabears out there who somehow manage to document all the milestones in such perfectly framed and well-captioned snaps. But that’s not me. And that’s perfectly fine too. All I want is such to preserve all these wonderful times I am blessed to be given with my little family and this beautiful bump, who we now refer to as “Coco”. It’s such treasured times, and I know it is all too fleeting. So wish me luck as I go on that well known quest of trying to bottle it all up for future savouring.

Breakfast the morning after was so chilled.

Here’s to second trimester bliss…at long last!!!!!

And for those mommies still in their first trimester, struggling, and wondering what the hell hit them – just hold darlings! I know that fog is thick, but sunshine is about to bust on through!!!

ps.If you want to catch up on previous Pregnancy weeks, or maybe want to know what’s in store for you or compare notes or maybe you just want to co-miserate with someone, then have a look-see here at previous posts:

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9 thoughts on “Preggo’s Log, the Wedding Edition: Week 17 and Ready to Boogie!

  1. I was lucky that I didn’t have that preggy exhaustion this time round. But so happy for you that you’ve started feeling better. You looked amazing in that dress and your friend simply stunning!


  2. Ahhh Trace, you are STUNNING! And I love the #momlife pic, with your girls – that is me and my girl every morning. She loves pretending to wear my make up!


    • OH my hat! You get that everyday?! Then YOURE totes the lucky one here! Love it. I leave before the crack of dawn when everyone is still sleeping and never get a chance to put make up on. So when I do getthe chance my girls are al over me – and they love it! I was never a girly girl, but Im absolutely loving their girliness! Isnt it lovely???


  3. Sexy dress, sexy momma! Looks like a great getaway you had, beautiful bride and cake.


    • haha Melissa! Youre being far too generous – but thank you! This preggo will take the compliment and run! That dress was super comfy though! And yes, the bride was so lovely – and that cake had all my heart eyes popping up!


  4. haha Melissa! Youre being far too generous – but thank you! This preggo will take the compliment and run! 😉 That dress was super comfy though! And yes, the bride was so lovely – and that cake had all my heart eyes popping up! 🙂


  5. Fun post! ♡ All the best to you during your pregnancy and delivery.


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