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Captain’s Log: Preggo update week 18 to 27


Captain’s Preggy’s Log: Star date: Week 30, but devoted to eventually catching up on all past weeks here on this blog…one day. But you already knew that. So since it feels like I’m never ever actually going to catch up, I thought I’d go with a bulk update today. Yes, life has been pretty busy – hectic in fact (see why here)- but in truth, it’s also been a touch of laziness, as I cant seem to recall all that has transpired in these past few weeks. So yes, this post is spurred on by some determination, but also peppered with laziness. Lazy determination it is then. Whatever it takes, I say.

Also the past few weeks (from 18 to 27) have been a blur of goodness. Yes, just absolute goodness and awesomeness in the pregnancy stakes. Feeling fab and energised and able to move around without that dreaded Pelvic Girdle issues I get from the beginning. (more on that another time) Which is great in itself, but also exactly what I was trying to avoid. The blurred part, I mean. So yes, things go swimmingly for me once I eventually emerge from the swamps of first trimester, but then it gets so good I tend to lose focus of the pregnancy again. And I really, really wanted to try and remember all the details of this little one.

And I mean it’s also so easy to only remember the hard times right, but the good times? Thats the ones we also want to be evangelistic about! Pregnancy is a mixed bag, and what I often think can make or break an experience – any experience, not just pregnancy- is what we choose to focus on.

And so I would have liked to tell you about how great each week was *yawn*, but aside from that probably being very boring, I honestly am just not able to recall much of it. So instead of trying to make up stuff, here’s some pics of baby’s growth in that belly! (Which by the way, is more for me really. I mean, dont get me wrong, Im tryng not to come across as self-indulgent in thes posts, but there is an element of chronicling for my sake of sealing the memories for myself here on this blog. And also, because even though this is our third (fourth) time, I’m still amazed by this little miracle that happens within me.)

Ooh, but before I get there, what I can share with you is that – damnit– I’m so lazy about my skincare – I really thought I’d be better about this time around. But truth is, I’ve just not and probably have some stretch marks this time around. So there’s definitely room for great improvement there on my part. I have an oil I use that I know works like the bomb diggity on stretch marks. That is when I actually use it. But I swear by it and will most definitely share it with you all in another post. But in the mean time, do you have any secret weapons against stretch marks?

Also, it’s official, my girls are well and truly over the moon about their coming little sister. Little Coconut over here is included in all goodnight kissy rituals, and also constantly gets random hugs and kisses from both of our girls. Morgan-Lee was the first of the two to actually feel a hard-ass kick from Coconut, and her face in reaction to it all was just priceless. Ever since then, she’s been hooked to feeling my belly. Often laying her head down on it, in hopes of hearing a special message from our little Coco. She gets crazy excited about any movement heard or felt – it really is so darling.

Parker-Grace wasn’t always so lucky in the beginning with feeling any kicks, but that didn’t stop her from drawing her own conclusions. I like how she watched her sissy one night, feeling the kicks and then gasping and relaying it all to me. So when it was her turn, our little joker put her hand on my belly, and then gasped to say, “Ah, I feel a blanket”…(at first, I was like, whaaaa’t!?”)….then she waited patiently and gasped again, “ah, I feel an apple!!….MOMMY! Coconut is having a picnic in there!!” Of course all of us burst out into laughter – a classic Parkerism. But eventually when she did get to feel those punches and kicks, madam was actually speechless, and just looked at me with amazement.

And you aint seen nothing yet, kid! Hold onto your socks for when that little coconut actually gets here earthside!…
Eeeekk..I cant wait!!
18 weeks…

19 weeks…
The exact day I took stock of lifestyle at that time:

Work life has been super stressful for me for the past few weeks, so much so, I have to shamefully admit that I have not always truly been present in this #pregnancy …Ive even managed to lose count of how far along I am at times.🙈 Which is honestly and truly sad…and so NOT like me!!😢 I am an intrinsic part of a miracle that is happening within my own body right now – an honour that I know all too well is not always guaranteed. So I’ll be damned if I’m going to miss out any more of this beautiful little soul within me because of…work. This is not the best of photos, but its the only one of me at #19weeks (taken earlier in week) …almost HALF WAY, guys!!!😀 #momlife #pregnancy #workingmompregnancy

21 weeks…
This crazy fun day…Our gender reveal party

22 weeks…

23 weeks…
Our regular beach sunset picnics came to a slow down after this night, when we realised Autumn has finally arrived and brought the chilly sea breeze with her.

24 weeks…

With the lovely Robyn Sheldon of Mama Bamba

26 weeks…

This couch is getting a bit crowded… 🙂

27 weeks…A fun day at Butterfly World


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2 thoughts on “Captain’s Log: Preggo update week 18 to 27

  1. Love the bump pics!! And the “Parkerisms” are something else lol 😀 Can’t wait to catch a glimpse of your little Coconut. Almost time 🙂


    • Oh Kim, we are dreaming of her already…well not actually dreaming (the others we both dreamt of before they came and both kind of look like what we had dreamt of -weird,i know) but now, more imagining what Coco looks like. How much hair will she have, will she be chubby like morgy or petite like parky. It’s all fun and excitement right now

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