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Captain’s Log: Preggo Update Week 28, Hello Third Trimester!!

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…and Hello preggo insomnia! Urghhh…

Cannot say I’m pleased to see Mr insomnia again. He’s like that unwelcomed guest who thinks he’s your friend, but is too thick-skinned to realise you telling him to go away is, in fact, not some buddy-buddy joke. But here we are…staring up at that ceiling at 2am..every night.Every. Bloody. Night. Only to fall asleep right as my alarm goes off at 5am. Gotta love that right? (which, by the way, also as a consequence, has now moved on down to 5:15am, 5:20…and now 5:30am…)

I never normally get insomnia, however, this pregnancy seems to be ripe with it. But if Im honest with myself, it seems like I’ve just been neglecting my HypnoBirthing tools. Yes, I actually do have a solution at hand – silly, yes, I know. I think I’ve just been flitting around to much in my head again, and it’s time to get my head out of my butt (again), and refocus on this birth prep again. Because, honestly, if you’re really looking for a real solution to pregnancy insomnia, look no further than HypnoBirthing. You’ll thank me – trust me!

On the upside though, watching our little Coconut go crazy in my bellly is everyone’s fave right now. (Morgy’s especially!) And this little coconut really does put on quite a she’s doing the rumba or something in there. I need to get it on video – it’s just too marvellous to not document! But in typical fashion, the moment I whip out the camera she goes super chill. Am I right? I know Im not the only mom who struggles with this. Like, how does she even know what I’m doing?!

And then on the bleh side of things, I’m back to using an ashma pump – yes, I have an asthma pump…No, I don’t normally have ashthma, but I developed it very late in Parker’s (my second) pregnancy towards the last few weeks of it all. Then it went away like a week before birth. And now it seems like I’ve gotten it again, just much earlier this time. Which sucks, seriously. It makes me feel very claustrophobic, like a massive weight is on my chest, making me unable to expand my chest and just breathe…It can get a bit panicky at times. Especially come story time (oddly enough), when the girls want to sit tightly up against me, and Im already struggling to breath, it really takes a lot from me to remain calm in front of them, move away from them, remove all tight clothes and reach for my pump. All without scaring them, but also teaching them now is not a good time to jump on mommy or whine at me. (An operation in and of itself!)

Truth be told I got my hands on the pump earlier this pregnancy already due to flu with a cough that wouldn’t go away. And knowing my history, the doc got me a pump just in case. So whilst it definitely took the cough away in a few days times, I didn’t need it again. That is, up until now. I’ve had to use twice this week already, and it’s really not cool. But at least I know it’s only temporary. Have you ever developed Pregnancy induced Asthma?

But moving swiftly onto more of the fun side of things: we’re SO much closer to meeting our new little daughter!Eeekk! Can you believe it?! We really seem to get here so quickly – although technically speaking, I only realised I was even in the third trimester when I reached 30 weeks! Talk about delayed.

But best I not delay any further with the rest of the our home birth preparations. Although, I actually feel a bit mentally stuck in that department. Like I cant actually get down to business, and I think it’s because whilst our home birth is confirmed, the actual home is not. Weird, right? Yeah, I know. You see, distance may pose a problem with our own home -given that both the hospital and the midwives arent exactly close to us. Although Im also not panicky or worried in any sense about having to deliver this baby ourselves if say we were ever to be caught in the car on route, or parking lot or anything like that. I mean, it was one of the great take-aways for Mike from our HypnoBirthing class with Beautifully Born – the fact that there is absolutely no need to panic, and all that would need to be done should dad end up having to deliver baby on his own.

So, my mom’s home seemed like the best middle ground for everyone. And I figured my family home would be wonderfully special to deliver my daughter in. And my mom and everyone was on board with it. But in truth, if it’s not your own home, are you really well and truly reaping the benefits of a home birth?! So we’ll hear at our next midwife appointment what’s up, although it all seemed very positive. So fingers crossed.

In the mean time, we’re hoping to spruce all four bedrooms before baby comes. So even though recent major unplanned home repairs have caused a huge reduction in our available budget for this, and alot of our plans are scrapped, I’m sure we can still pull off some decent DIY efforts here. Now to just make up my mind on the “looks” we’re after. Im horrible at choice. But am also excited about it all!


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Mother of two (and counting), pregnant with the third and have a sweet little angel in heaven. A very happy wifey, blogger, lover of life and laughter, a clumsy swimmer, loyal friend, Im funnier in my head than I actually am, I am a qualified HypnoBirthing Child Birth Educator, I get inexplicably excited about good food, baking & crafts. Although, I think baking and crafts are just trying to fill a void that my Kenpo and gym-rat days used to fill. Lastly, according to the rest of the world, I fix your printer. But I'm actually a Software Architect.

One thought on “Captain’s Log: Preggo Update Week 28, Hello Third Trimester!!

  1. Oh I just love that photo! Sorry about the insomnia but wonderful update!


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