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Café Paradiso – A Winter Dining Experience Must for the Whole Family!

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Perfect Kid-friendly spot for the whole family

Looking for a cosy spot, with a fireplace, that serves up beautiful, delicious food to enjoy with the whole family? How about interesting yet homely-tuscan-rustic décor? Sounding good so far, right? Well, how about it being a truly kid-friendly spot, where the charming waiters have all the patience in the world with your kids? And how about entertaining your kids in the kitchen while you get to have great conversation with your good friends? Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, it’s all yours over at Café Paradiso.

Its part of the Madam Zingara family and it really is a gem. Especially if you’re looking for a sweet little winter hangout for a special lunch or dinner with the whole family – complete with that roaring fireplace.(They apparently do story time for the kids at this fireplace after 5:30pm – call to find out!)

As it goes in this, our current, season where the tides of life seem rushed and overwhelming, Mikey and I have hardly had time to connect with many of our good friends. So it was such a welcomed night out with our darling friends the Williams’. It really was meant to be as I’d been itching to go Café Paradiso that very weekend, which has in fact been on my list ever since I featured it on last year’s Things to do with kids in Cape Town in Winter list, and so were they!

We arrived for an early dinner. And by “arrived”, I mean “arrived late” – 20 minutes late to be exact. Because crap always happens to us, even when we have all the best intentions to be early instead. Granted we’ve had a good year so far of being on time, and sometimes super early for stuff. Like so early, we’re actually at the venue before the hosts themselves. And by venue I mean their actual house. Like inside their house, before they are even home. Funnily enough, this was also with the Williams’. But luckily we’re all good enough friends for us to be able to send selfies from inside their house just as a heads up to them – don’t be alarmed, we’re only just chilling here in your lounge, without you.

(Also just to be clear, no, we didn’t break in.)

But I digress. Where was I? Yes, getting to hang with good friends. Our girls all get along so well, so after all the hugs and love, they headed straight for the kitchen, where the awesome kitchen staff took the girls through their pizza making paces.

Pax returned looking like a proper chef covered in flour (unfortunately not pictured), and they enjoyed just being with each other.

I really love this pic…’s almost like a looking glass into their future…Also, it looks like that’s their wine – so yes, pretty much like a snapshot of the possible future I guess.

And when their oven fired pizzas were brought to the table, they were so proud of their handy work and go straight to tucking in!

Our food, was brought right about at the same time as well. I unfortunately didn’t snap any of the food, but know that it was well enjoyed. Even the salad I couldn’t get enough of – and I am NOT a salad person. The whole wintery vibe, along with the cosiness and wholesome food being served up, was really making it a good night. One certainly to be repeated – that’s for sure.

After that, the kids went back into the kitchen to bake some gingerbread cookies to let their creative juices flow with what they wanted to make – thick, thin, sprinkles or choc chips, shapes or free hand. Whatever they felt like doing under the helpful hand of the kitchen staff. (and Daddies)

Of course we tucked straight into those as our dessert. Right after some brag pix were taking. However, this big beasty of mine, Morgy – I don’t get her. Hates photos being taken of her, but is totes is up for photobomb of some unsuspecting cookie models. She’s a funny like that. (note how she creeps in quickly before they even notice her):

After an easy dinner, at a languid pace, this certainly feels like a place you want to make as a regular family- friend hangout. However, the bill does tend to put a dampen on such plans. Granted, I think the dining experience – as with all Madam Zingara productions – is worth it, but it certainly won’t be a our weekly (monthly) hangout. What with school fees, life with children in general – you know, responsible choices and all. 😉

However, I cannot recommend it enough times to any parent looking for a great dining experience that includes the kids, but also enables you to just enjoy the food, and the great company of loved ones.

What you need to know:

    Tel: 021 423 8653
    Email: or
    Location: 110 Kloof street, Cape Town
    Each kitchen project for the kids is R50. As in 50 bucks for the pizza making and 50 bucks for the cookies. I believe they also have cupcake decorating as part of their kid projects. Refer to menu over here.

So if there was ever a reason to not hibernate, folks, Café Paradiso is a good one! And even if hibernation is your flavour, then this little eatery provides all the comforts of hibernation in one spot.

Cosy, cosy, cosy….Love me some Winter! X


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