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Flashback Maternity Photoshoot: When We Three Waiting To Be Four..


By good golly gosh…I cannot believe that this shoot was taken almost fours ago already. I also cant believe I just used the expression “golly gosh”. But life is filled with unbelievable tihngs. Unbelievable and also sometimes magical. And for those of you who follow me on Instagram, would know that we’ve just recently done our official maternity shoot for baby girl number three this past weekend – which by the way, I’m suspecting was pretty magical as well. (cant wait to see it!Eek! Excuse my excitement, but it’s no secret that I love photography!)

Marysol – Cape Town’s premier birth photographer– not only captured this recent one, but also did our last maternity shoot back in 2013. And we couldn’t have been more stoked about that – she is just crazy talented at being able to capture everyone’s energy and framing it so well. So until we get to see those shots, I went all nostalgic yesterday and went through our old shoot, where Parker-Grace filled up my belly, and Morgan-Lee was only just 2 years old.

So please indulge me, as I relive this incredibly windy day and share it with you, dear reader; Where my little Morgy was still such a squishy, we had no idea if Parker was going to be a boy or a girl, and where Mike and I were floating on the high of pre-birth excitement, and having our dreams start to take shape; A dream of a busy home, filled with family. (Ps. I get totally lost when I open up old photo folders, and blogging about it was probably the only way I could pry myself away from it.)

Also, as a side note, it must be noted that I wrote this post whilst also simutaneously playing underwater-rocketship-adventure-car where I had to actively co-pilot a crazy machine made out of pillows with my three old. Therefore, who knows how this post actually reads. (Ahh, the joys of maternity leave!)

Can I just say, I LOVE making babies with this guy…

You might not be able to tell, but there was a ridiculous little sandstorm going on there. We couldnt venture too far onto the beach, lest we wanted to be sand blasted. But our little schmunchky munchkin, Morgy, stayed her happy-go-lucky self…

I really love my preggy belly…and, yes, that whole cushy “life grows within me” vibe, I love that too, and lap it up. These were taken, (i think) at 37.5 weeks – so close to the actual birth back then…

And I’m right there again, 37 and a bit weeks right now…cannot believe this part of the journey is almost over again…


Author: mommabeartrax

Mother of two (and counting), pregnant with the third and have a sweet little angel in heaven. A very happy wifey, blogger, lover of life and laughter, a clumsy swimmer, loyal friend, Im funnier in my head than I actually am, I am a qualified HypnoBirthing Child Birth Educator, I get inexplicably excited about good food, baking & crafts. Although, I think baking and crafts are just trying to fill a void that my Kenpo and gym-rat days used to fill. Lastly, according to the rest of the world, I fix your printer. But I'm actually a Software Architect.

6 thoughts on “Flashback Maternity Photoshoot: When We Three Waiting To Be Four..

  1. Such beautiful photos! Can’t wait to see the latest ones.

    I’m so green right now (and I know I shouldn’t be) but we only ever did a maternity shoot with Matthew and I wish we could do one with this baby, but alas (crap, I said alas) finances are a bit short 😦 lol

    Enjoy the rest while you’re on maternity leave. Another 9 weeks before I go (but who’s counting?)


    • Thank you Hun! We got them yday and eeeek! 🙂

      I know what you mean,but you know don’t let this time pass you by without documenting it some way. Even if it is with a tripod and self timer, or even your cell phone propped up. It’s such a special time as a family as you wait for the next member to join you, that it’d be great to capture it in some small way.

      We didn’t do a special pro shoot with Morgan-Lee,but we have a few amateur pix of our own that document my belly..and one or two shots of Mike and me at weddings we attended in that time, and those I hold close just for that time it was for us as a couple in waiting.
      And dude! Only nine more! Wow!

      Liked by 1 person

      • You’re right. I need to focus on doing that this weekend. It’ll have to be the cellphone propped up somewhere but I’m going to do it. I have a few photos of me pregnant with Ethan that I also cherish, because there are so few of them. Thank you for the reminder.


  2. Gorgeous pics! Very excited to see the latest ones too. Am sure they will be just as beautiful.


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